Monday, November 20, 2006

The 92-Day Juice Feast!


Welcome! This blog will serve for announcements and links about the most exciting thing you may ever do for your health, and that of the planet:


The website is ready! It is:

This is a 92-Day Program with an MTV soundtrack, downloads on nutrition, and all instructions needed to help you determine if an extended juice program is right for you.

John Rose began using the term "Juice Feasting," because the cleansing benefits are that of a juice fast, but the amount of juice qualifies it most definitely as a Feast, which is much more fun and available to people who want to fast, but must keep going with their work/family lives. I have coached many people over the past several years in Juice Feasts, most of whom live in the city and go to stressful jobs. Not only do they find that they are able to keep up with their responsibilities, but their energy level and clarity of mind increases dramatically the more juice they drink. It is truly incredible to watch.

Angela Stokes is blogging about her experience right now with the Juice Feasting Program at:, and is off to a fantastic new beginning.

In the next post, I will tell you much more about Juice Feasting, and what it can mean for your health. In the meantime, check out my website for much more information and encouragement, and Angela's Blog to see how she is doing!

Yours in Nutrient Dense Nutrition,

David Rain
M.A., Vegan/Live Food Nutrition