Friday, June 5, 2009

The Growing Bliss Ball

Hello All!

Just a quick note so say that growing a baby has continued to be a complete joy for both David and me. The baby is now considered "full term" which means it could come any day now! Or, it could be another 4 weeks...we are quite happy to welcome our little beloved one whenever he/she is ready to come. We are all tucked in to a cottage on a mountain for the birth and I have been feeling myself falling deeper and deeper into the magic of it all.

Baby is in a good position (head down), my blood pressure is good, my urine is good, my iron is good (I am really excited about this iron has only dropped about 7 points and is still in a good range. Many women during pregnancy will see a 30-40 point drop in their iron causing anemia. Hooray for nettles and lots of leafy greens!), and I was just tested for GBS and tested clear of it (happy about this too as it means I won't even have to consider taking antibiotics during labor, which is what the medical world would have me do if I did have GBS. Hooray for lots of top quality probiotics and good bacteria!) We are all very happy and I am very excited about the nearing birth day!

We are very much looking forward now to meeting this beautiful being who rolls and dances away in my belly.

Here are a few growing bliss ball photos:

Enjoying Daily Juice in Austin, TX. March 18, 26 weeks.


David saying hello to baby. Houston, TX. March 23, 27 weeks.

Lilly kisses for my little blossom. April 26, 32 weeks.

A beautiful sunny spring day on the beach. April 27, 32 weeks. (Yes, I went swimming!)

Making nori stix at Cafe Bliss with Finn. May 17, 35 weeks.

Mama and Papa to be. May 30, 37 weeks.

Happy in the "Birthing Cottage", ready for baby! June 4, 37 1/2 weeks.

(I've created a pregnancy photo album on our Flickr account too, which you can see HERE.)

I hope everyone is having a BEAUTIFUL summer, and we look forward to introducing our beloved baby rain one day soon!

With peaceful steps and many blessings,

Katrina, David, and baby in the belly.