Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vitamin B-12!

Hi Friends and Juice Feasters!

If you are familiar with, my presentations, or the book I researched with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. called There is a Cure for Diabetes, then you KNOW I am an avid researcher.

Well, I am at it again. This time, it's Vitamin B-12, and the information is HUGE.

I am doing a
free webinar on Vitamin B-12 next Tuesday, May 24th, where I will present to you my latest research on this important nutrient that most of us are lacking - and that is SO EASY to fix once and for all. The Vegan community does not need to be low in this essential nutrient. You can click the video below to check it out:

Did you know: Even If You Eat A Raw Vegan Diet, You Are 80% Likely To Be Low In Vitamin B-12?

Low B-12 Means: Low Energy, Foggy Thinking, and Poor Digestion...and the research I have uncovered shows that low B-12 will actually create health conditions that can largely eliminate the GAINS you achieve by eating a plant-based diet!

Join This Free Online Training, Bust Through All The B-12 'misinformation', And Easily Raise Your B-12 Levels, Once and For All... With David Rainoshek, M.A.

Here's what you'll learn at this
live free online training:

+ The 3 ways to determine if you are B-12 deficient or not (most people have no idea)
+ The GOLD Standard for testing B-12 levels.
+ 3 Powerful Little-Known Methods to properly raise your B-12 levels and KEEP them there.
+ Which B-12 Supplements Are a COMPLETE Waste of Time (and money) and Might Actually Damage Your Health.
+ Why Your Doctor May Not Even Know Anything About B-12
+ The Most Common Signs Of B-12 Deficiency Including Ones You May Not Be Aware Of
+ Why most of the time Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Goes Completely Misdiagnosed.

Seats to this free online training are FREE, but they're on a first come first serve basis. Whether you are or ARE NOT concerned about your B-12, don't miss this, because low B-12 is so easy to miss (most people don't even know they're deficient)

...AND it's easy to fix... I'll show you how.

Click here to register!

See you soon!


David Rainoshek, M.A.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Are You On A Hero's Journey?

Hi Juice Feasting Friends,

What does the film Never Cry Wolf have to do with Juice Feasting?

The Hero's Journey!

I (David) addressed the connection at the Raw Food World Conference here in Vilcabamba, Ecuador this week in my two-hour presentation on Juice Feasting: A Modern Hero's Journey.

The film is based on Canadian writer and legend Farley Mowat's book Never Cry Wolf. The hero is sent on a government study into the arctic to study wolves - alone. It is a story of one person's solitary hero's journey of the call to adventure, trials, self-discovery, and finding perennial truths that society has forgotten.

The Hero's Journey is a going out, and a return, and during the talk I spliced in excerpts from Never Cry Wolf - the movie - to illustrate this path. I highly recommend both the short book and the beautiful film in building a knowledge and a felt-sense of what the Hero's Journey is.

If you are working to transform your life, you are on The Hero's Journey!! I have dedicated a whole Day of to this important mental / emotional / spiritual aspect of Juice Feasting and life transformation. I have a 50-minute talk on The Hero's Journey on that day, complete with an interview with Angela Stokes about her 92-Day Juice Feast.

Members can find this excellent Day here: Day 9: The Hero's Journey

You will also find a talk by Joseph Cambell on The Hero's Journey on Day 9, as well, along with a whole file I have created for you to download and enjoy.

(If you are not a member of you can sign up now and receive access to the entire 92-Day Program, with 92 Days of important files, videos, articles, information and inspiration to spur you on in your own Hero's Journey!!!)


The great psychologist Carl Jung asked himself, "What is the myth I am living by?" Jung, when he realized he did not know, wrote, "I took it upon myself to get to know 'my' myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks."

This question burns in many of us. What is the great story of my life?

If you want some help answering it, look to Joseph Campbell. The Hero with a Thousand Faces is an excellent book, and even more approachable is the series The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell presented on PBS. You can find it here:

Enjoy Day 9 of the Juice Feasting Program, and the discovery of the deep mythology and meaning of your life. You are on a Hero's Journey!

With peaceful steps,

David Rainoshek

Hanging out with my daughter Sophia between busy moments!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Raw Food World Conference!

Hello Friends!

First of all, I am so glad that so many of you decided to include this FILM in your health and wellness libraries. David and I were living and working at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center while the film "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" was being edited and we were even there for the very first viewing in Dr. Cousens' office! Very exciting to see it out there in the world doing its magic.

We are still loving the valley and so excited that our time here is lining up with The 2011 Raw Food World Conference, sponsored by Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch along with Dave the Raw Food Trucker and his dear ally Teresa. I love, love, love that this is held as a free event, opening up so many opportunities for sharing, community building, playing, learning, and loving. And what a beautiful group of people! I am so excited to be spending the next two weeks with all of you and looking forward to getting to know you much better!

David gave a talk on Juice Feasting last night, and I was hoping to go but little Sophia had other plans...such as sleep! No matter though, there are plans to create a video of his presentation soon and I plan on seeing that! (I hope!) ~Motherhood brings all kinds of opportunities to go with the flow :)~

I've created an album for photos I've taken during the event here for those of you who, like me, are passionfilled for pictures! xo (If you happen to be in any of these photos and would like a copy, please leave a message and I'll send them along!)

And, last but not least, one of the less important but countless reasons I fell in love with David...his Brazil Nut Pate Nori Cracker!

Matt says "This is by far the best raw food recipe for Nut Pate and Crackers Angela and I have ever tasted." And I say, yeah, I know!

Hope you enjoy it too!

Love and blessings,


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diabetes: Owning the Truth‏

Hi Friends and Juice Feasters,

Do you want proof? Most of us do. How about a FILM and a BOOK that prove we can heal diabetes?

You can find the goods in the powerful documentary film "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days." If you haven't yet seen this film there's something really special going on this week only that you should check out.

You can see the trailer for the film right here:

When Dr. Cousens and I released the book There is a Cure for Diabetes, we were certain that the proof was in the Green Vegetable Juice: A live, plant-based diet is the most powerful way to bring down high blood sugar and heal the health challenges associated with diabetes.

One out of three children born in the U.S. today will develop diabetes, if we maintain our current course. Wow. As a researcher and health practitioner, I can tell you that this is a precursor for the decline of a civilization, if left unchecked. OR it is an opportunity to reassess, to reorient to the Hero's Journey of healing. That is what you will witness in the film: heroics in healing.

Whether you're in perfect health or suffering with diabetes or any other health issue I highly recommend you watch this film Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. It's a powerful, emotional and educational film that is a must see for anyone who cares about their health.

P.S. - For 5 days only the producers of the film are giving away "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" and the companion "Raw for Life" 2 disc DVD set for 50% OFF the regular price in an effort to raise awareness on how to reverse diabetes and other illnesses with raw and living food

It's all part of the April 25th Reversing Diabetes Action Day celebration which is taking place this week.

Make sure to check out the trailer right away…

Finally, on, I have dedicated a whole Day 72 of the 92-Day Member Program to Diabetes, so that excellent information is available, as well!

With peaceful steps,

David Rainoshek, MA

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

South of the Equator!

Hello Dear Friends!

I am writing to you while listening to a beautiful cacophony of highland birds and looking out over big yellow hibiscus flowers to a lush green valley and hills beyond.

Yes, we are in Ecuador in the gorgeous valley of Vilcabamba!

Our decision to come was both a long time coming and very swift. Long time coming as in we've been wanting to come down for a visit ever since a friend of ours told us he was buying land down here in late 2007, and very swift as in deciding to come one week and flying down here the next!

We had everything in storage accept what we needed for daily living, we didn't have a lease or mortgage to maintain, we have very good friends who live here and who just happened to have a guest house where we could stay while we got situated, we were set! All that was left was to buy a ticket, and so we went for it.

Just half a week after arriving here, we moved into a beautiful little house tucked into a garden, right next door to our dear friends and are feeling very blessed to be here.

But, phew, what a ride the past year has been! We have been on a whirlwind tour of free-style daydreaming and the pursuit of so many different possibilities it makes my head spin! Little Sophia, who is not even two yet, has already lived in 5 different houses (if you count our tent-home of last summer as a house!) and David and I have toyed with the idea of at least 10 more. You would think we were out to break a record! Now we are off on yet another adventure.

We are here until mid-September at the earliest, gently exploring and staying open to where life will take us.

Each day it feels easier and easier to be here, the sharpness of so suddenly adjusting to a new place is slowly wearing off as we build community and explore the land surrounding us.

I'll leave you with a few pictures, and for more you can always check out our Flickr site!

Baby Rain Dancing in the Rain.

Oh, and I had the most crazy amazing juice yesterday morning. For the first time in my life I tried Passion Fruit Juice, squeezed by my love David (click on the link for health benefits of this juice!) If you really want to try a high voltage juice, this one is for you, bring on the passionate juice baby!

Sending love that you are all well and juicy,
Katrina Rainoshek

Monday, March 14, 2011

Seaweed and Seaweed for Dinner.

Today's menu at our house included lots of spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, miso, kelp and dulse. In light of the recent meltdowns at Fukushima in Japan, I hope all of my friends and loved ones are filling their beautiful bodies with similar foods!

Anti-Radiation Foods:

Blue/Green Algaes
Spirulina (5-10 grams/day)
Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae (Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae

Bee Pollen (2-5 Tablespoons/day)

Sea Vegetables
Sodium Alginate (naturally present in kelp, arame, wakame,
kombu, and hijiki)

Chlorophyll-Rich Foods



Siberian Ginseng

Miso Soup

Reishi, Shitake, Maitake, Agaricus, Lion’s Mane
Mushroom Complexes

Hydrated Bentonite Clay shakes
Edible Clays

Liquid Zeolite

Potassium Iodide to protect thyroid (only in a nuclear event)

For more information please check out:

the book Conscious Eating by Dr. Gabriel Cousens: Chapter 29: “How Diet Can Protect You from the Dangers of Radioactive Radiation” (593-622)

and this article has some great info on kelp: Kelp: A Prophylactic Protocol for Radiation Emergencies.

That is all for now, going to bed to send dreams of love and healing to all of creation.

In love,


Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring 2011 Juice Feast!

Its that time again! Spring cleaning!

Check it out here and join us for a rockin' good juicy time coming this March.

Love, juice, and inspiration,

Katrina Rainoshek

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home From Houston!

We're home from a busy few weeks in Houston!

While we were there we:

~Celebrated our Mom and Dad Rainoshek's 50th wedding anniversary.

~Enjoyed a few sunny days in the midst of an unusual winter storm that swept across Texas.
Sunshine for our little sunshine.

~Drank juice every day made with the original Sampson Juicer that David used to cure acid reflux when he Juice Feasted for the first time in 2003.
Sophia says: Thank you little Sampson for a healthy, happy Dada!

~Drove a lot (I am so glad to live in a pedestrian friendly city!)

~Played at the Houston Museum of Natural Science where I found the Hall of Minerals most fascinating. (Although the dinosaurs were pretty amazing too!)

Houston Museum of Natural Science

~Listened in on The Great Health Debate every night. (If you missed it, it is still up for purchase at the event price until this Friday!) While this event has made a lot of people hot under the collar, I really enjoyed listening to so many different views on health and diet. I haven't had a chance to listen to every talk yet, but one of my favorites thus far was the conversation that Kevin Gianni had with Donna Gates of The Body Ecology Diet. I can certainly vouch for her views on probiotics and fermented foods, as I've been eating some form of sauerkraut almost every day and am thrilled with the happy digestive tract that I have right now. Happy gut = happy brain = happy me! For a great little video to get you started with making sauerkraut, check out Sandor Katz.

~Explored giant abundant grocery stores where the word "local" is becoming easier and easier to find and the juice bar is fully stocked.

~Watched this show at the planetarium which put me in an altered state thinking about the fact that we are all made of stardust, literally.

~And more.......!

It was a wonderful trip, and watching Sophia and her grandparents playing together is dearly special when we live so far apart.

Back in B.C., spring is just starting to peek out from the gray of winter. Snowbells are filling our front yard and I saw the first daffodil buds today on our walk home from the library.

Hope you are well and keeping it juicy!

With love,


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Closing the Feast!


We've come to the close of the January Juice Feast! Today was the infamous "prune day," the day when solid foods begin to slowly come back in after an extended time of juicing. For more information on closing your Feast, be sure to check out Breaking The Juice Feast!

And, for a little inspiration, here is my favorite Feast Breaking video:

After her epic 92 Juice Feast in 2007, the beautiful Angela Stokes-Monarch shared her first prune and inspired many to embark on Juice Feasts of their own. Here she discusses her Juice Feast, just prior to breaking the feast with her first meal in three months... Recorded live on Feb 20th, 2007.

Read more about Angela's juicing and raw journey at

Congratulations to all who joined in on the January Juice Feast, may your adventures continue with blessings!

All love,
Katrina Rainoshek

Wednesday Thoughts From Kyra and Baby Smoothies

I enjoyed this beautiful passage today, borrowed from the pages of The Green Room (our membership forum) :

January Juice Feast. Day #6

"Yesterday I was very much enjoying and deeply appreciating the arrival of the longed-for sensation of peace and relaxation that Juice Feasting brings ... one of its greatest gifts. I've done many Juice Feasts, some long, many short, and this is the first time I am consistently incorporating an easy and effortless daily meditation and deep breathing, and what a difference this makes. It is a boost into the stratosphere of feeling wonderfully empowered about life, bringing a peaceful feeling that anything and everything one desires can be manifested via focused attention and allowing. I love how Juice Feasting facilitates new thoughts, sweeping away the limitations of yesterday, and building a momentum of positivity that grows day by day."

Beautifully in line with what we hope for all those Juice Feasting: an awakening into possibility and a loving boost in personal growth!

And, just for fun, some smoothie pictures with the little one!
Snowdrop and smoothie and little one dancing, waiting for her lunch.Serious smoothie drinking. She drank down all 8oz of this one, it is a keeper! (Apple, spinach, blueberry, and banana.)
The smile she gave me when I said "smile for the camera!"

Enjoy your moments!

All love and light,
Katrina Rainoshek

Friday, January 21, 2011

An Afternoon at Bliss.

My days have been full....of family! I am thriving on living with the impromptu community that has assembled in this old family house. Currently under one roof: six adults, a 12 year old, and a 1 1/2 year old.

To add to that, 3 of the adults are men working from home, and 2 of the adults are moms with kids/babies at home. Very busy house!

We are all in transition, between phases, on the move, and we have all come to rest temporarily together. Believe it or not, it is working out beautifully.

AND, one of the adults living in this old house right now is my beautiful sister of Cafe Bliss! The cafe has been a popular destination for all of us, a good home away from home when a little more space is needed.

And hey, it doesn't hurt that we get served the best food ever! A few photos from a recent afternoon at Bliss:

Chai tea with almond mylk, banana coconut pie, and chocolate orange pie. All raw, all vegan, all YUM!

Sister time for me, auntie time for Sophia.

And one last one, for all of you Juice Feasters:
David with a Pure Green (celery, cucumber, and kale), me with a Green Gingerale (apple, celery, spinach, lemon, and ginger), Sophia with a Finnerty Island Smoothie (apple, banana, blueberry and lime.)

Enjoy your Juice!

With peaceful steps,

Katrina Rainoshek

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Body/Mind and the Gift of Connection.

Jump for Joy!

The January Juice Feast is now well under way!

It is always an exciting time in our lives when David is engaged in coaching a group Juice Feast, and it goes with out saying that growth and transformation never get boring to be around! I'm a sucker for a good Juice Feasting story, and I get to hear lots of them when there is a Feast going on.

While David treats his client's privacy with great respect, I have the honor and joy of sharing in some of the most amazing stories of personal development with him at the end of each day. We both share so much reverence for people's never ending journeys towards self actualization. It seems at times that there is so much to overcome and yet people persevere and move above and beyond even the most debilitating illness, hurt, loss, and trauma.

You are all superstars, every single one of you!

Something that comes up again and again for people who Juice Feast is a much deeper awareness of the body/mind connection. When you take the junk (food) out of your body, the mind really does become strong and clear. Life is much easier to navigate and more readily enjoyed with a mind that is strong and clear! Once this is an awareness that you have cultivated, it becomes much easier as well to choose to put the foods in your body that help to build a mind worth living with!

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha

I loved this email, which exemplifies the mind/body connection beautifully, from one of David's students. (Used here with permission):

"An observation: When I was out shopping for a few things for my family, I had a very different experience in the grocery store. I noticed faces more, or well, in a different way. I often notice faces...details of faces. I seemed more connected to the people who had those faces. More connected to their conversations. Last night when I was holding a bell pepper in my hands and was about to tear it apart for my juice prep, I was slightly saddened to be tearing it it was a being, and had its own being-ness. I thanked it, and was just struck by this never-before felt connection with a bell pepper. Yesterday I was looking at the dashboard of my car and noticing many details of how the designers made elements smoothly transition together, how the door lock-unlock tab looked smooth and well balanced (design-wise) when it was locked and unlocked.

Hey, if this cleansing feast allows me access to these things, and if I can learn how to access these states...awesome! It's worth my whole life just in the knowing how to connect.

And one more observation: While at the grocery store I noticed that I was able to easily slip into a quiet-mind place. Just naturally able to be there, taking in the colors of the labels of soups stacked on the shelves -- could focus in to view more specifics or adjust out to partake of the mosaic rainbow. I could have a quiet mind and walk and watch/listen ... and it was quite delightful!

Have a great night! Look forward to whatever shows up between now and our chat. I really do appreciate your guided mentoring of this process. Thank you!"

~Rees Maxwell

Founder and Lead Instructor: Whole Earth Nature School

Founder and Lead Instructor: Dancing Sol - Early Childhood Nature Education Program

Love it! Thank you for sharing Rees, many blessings for your beautiful journey!

Have a Beautiful Day!

All love,

Katrina Rainoshek