Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our Ten Day Juice Feast!!!

I got to do my very first JUICE FEAST! (NOTE: David has done over 450 days of juice feasting, this is Katrina writing) David and I did a ten day juice feast from July 30th to August 8th, and yes, now I am a believer.

Here are some excerpts from my Juice Feast journal:

July 29, 2007 Sunday 8:52


Had a beautiful Sunday, and also a beautiful Saturday.

David invited me to do a ten day Juice Feast, and so we are beginning tomorrow. I am so excited, grateful, in love, and everything else positive. May it go so well for both of us, I am going to try and write every day all about it. I have never done a lengthy fast or feast or cleanse of any kind, and what better person to do it with than Mr. Juice Feast himself............REALLY EXCITED to Juice Feast, so stay tuned.

July 30th, Monday, 2007 6:42 PM


Had a really good day over all so far. David and I got up at 6:30 and made four quarts of green juice, and four of fruit (two of each, each). That took about an hour, and then we did some yoga stretching until 8:10, then went and did skin brushing and had a waterfall. We sat down together at around 8:45 for about two minutes to have our first sips of our first long Juice Feast together, then I walked to work. I finished my first quart of juice at work, greens, carrots, celery, bok choy, chlorella, pure synergy, around 10:30. Felt really good, didn’t feel hungry and snacky like I often do at work. At around 11 I started my second quart, a canteloupe juice that was really thick and sweet. Finished that around noon, and then moved on the sipping my second quart of green juice. David came to meet me for lunch around 1:30, and we walked up to the café, filled our containers with greens, and walked back down the hill. Then we sat out back in the Oasis and I drank half a quart of orange/grapefruit juice while he drank his canteloupe. It was a really nice relaxing lunch, just the two of us in the shade, watching the butterflies in the flowers and listening to the birds. Around 3:30 I drank the other half of my citrus juice. It was after I had my citrus juice lunch that I began to feel calorie deficient, and really wished I had more juice. Then, expecting that there would be juice at dinner we went up to the café, BUT, o no, there was no juice!! They did have about a quart and a half of some green juice that had wheatgrass juice added to it that was so strong it made our eyeballs pucker, so we couldn’t drink it there, so we drove home through the rain storm of the day, and added apple and carrot. It was still ridiculously strong, but I drank almost a quart. I was still feeling underfed and slightly on edge at this point. Then David, my angel, made a liquid sorbet with orange juice, and raspberry juice….for which I stopped writing…..It was so INCREADIBLE!! While we drank it we watched the Increadibles and I really loved it and want to have a family of super heros with my super hero husband, David Rain. Now we have finished watching that, it is 9:19 and just about time for bed. David may just give me a massage, which I won in a bet over how much fruit we would eat in three days.

I feel so saturated in love, and it is really the most wonderful thing I could ever imagine.

Thank you thank you thank you for everything I asked for and so much more!! Thank you for a super hero husband.

Love Katrina Marie Rainoshek. Who had a perfect first Juice Feast day.

August 2, 2007. Thursday. 7:59 PM


Well, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write every day of my first Feast. Things have just been too busy at night. Tuesday night we drove into Nogales for more produce (fruit, we have been getting most of our greens from the café), and then we went to watch the recent cut of the diabetes film with Gabriel, Keith, Robert, and Michael. We were up till one o’clock critiquing it, a long and eventful evening. Then we had to walk home in the dark, because the wash had been too full of water to drive.

Then last night was the community meeting, the third one, in which the energy was a bit low and scattered, but what we expected, and then we drove home in a torrential down pour, the worst rain yet. It kept all our roommates from getting home. They couldn’t get across the washes, they were so full of water! This morning too, I had to cross two rushing rivers up to my knees. Very exciting. Everything is getting really lush and green, doesn’t feel so much like the desert right now.

So, the Juice Feast has been going really well, and I’ve been watching all my subtle little changes with interest. The very first day I experienced what I call JLA (juice lack anxiety), and so have been making sure that I always have more than enough juice. What I’ve found is that my need for juice has gone down. I started with six quarts, and then had five and a half yesterday, and had four and a half today. It is just something that you need to get used to, not eating. Today I began the day with a quart of green juice and lemon, and a glass of grapefruit juice. Then I had another quart of green at around ten, and another around twelve thirty. It was a really busy morning at work too.
So David came in at one thirty, and we walked up the hill to fill our containers and get our four breakfast apples to juice, and then we walked back down the hill and went to sit in the back yard for fifteen minutes until David had to go and do Q&A. I went back to work at this point because I was so busy. O yah, we both guzzled a quart of orange pineapple juice while we sat in the back watching the yellow butterflies. Went down smooth. Then, with a really busy afternoon, I didn’t have anymore juice until dinner time, which ended up being five thirty because I had some really time consuming, but very sweet, clients come in at the end of the day. They were from London and said that the Q&A David had done the week before was alone enough reason to have come all that way. After that they went on and on about him for awhile, until the wife said, well, lets give HER (meaning me) some praise too! I said, no, I was happy to hear how much everyone loves David. And that is the TRUTH!!!
So at five thirty I got a ride up the hill with Santi for juice, but the kitchen didn’t have much so I only got a quart, of which I drank half and saved the other half for David. Then I still had to close up the Dispensary, so back down I went. David came in around six from working with Gabriel, and then we walked over to the blue trailer, crossing a now stream (no longer a river) on the way, where Quinn and Levi now live with a big giant trampoline. We jumped with them for awhile and then went down to the water to play. Levi was feeling out of sorts due to their recent move, so Mickey and Michael didn’t go anywhere, but visited with us too. It was lovely, standing in the running water, playing in the mud. Then we went to park Pegasus by the dorms, and walked home because the arollo is washed out too much to drive home yet. David drove in today, and the back bumper of Pegasus (our veggie oil truck, see for more information) got full of mud from the bank as he bumped down the drop into the water.
SO, on the way home I got into a really agitated space, the mosquitoes were biting me all over and my flip-flops were heavy, wet, slippery, and full of mud, and I was carrying a heavy shoulder bag full of mason jars and a plastic shopping bag full of the same and didn't have any free hands to brush off mosquitoes. So I asked David to stop talking for awhile so that I could focus inward and move beyond my agitation….which I did quite quickly. Looking at the amazing sunset, the brilliant green vegetation, the rolling hills, realizing again that I was walking along with my soulmate who was doing a Juice Feast with me, for me, I dissipated my agitation. Once we got home I was thinking about that some more, and had a breakthrough in realizing that my agitation is not always low blood sugar. I tend to think as soon as I am in the least bit agitated that I must need to eat something, anything, quickly, to avoid agitation. But that is not true! Sometimes it is something in the environment, like mosquitoes, that are so irritating, and you don’t need to have low blood sugar to be irritated, it just happens sometimes. Sometimes you just need to centre yourself, think good thoughts, focus on the big picture around you and away from what is bugging you, and you can feel that blissful feeling of emotional peace once again. A very good lesson. I will have to remember it once I start eating again.
We went to sleep around ten last night, and got up around six thirty. I woke up feeling really well rested, tho David didn’t have a good sleep. He did an enema and then felt better. Actually, yesterday, I was feeling pretty bad around lunch time so David drove me home to do an enema and I felt 100% better. It was the first time that I’ve really noticed a difference from doing one, but what a difference! I made sure to do one this morning, but not much came out, and I’ve pooed twice today, little ones mind you, but stuff has come out, YAY!
Lets see, what else. My tongue was really coated yesterday, and I felt like I had fur on my teeth, further detox. Didn’t have much of that today though. I felt pretty fabulous all day today.
Thank you for such a beautiful life.

Love Katrina Rain.

“Because the one I love lives inside of you, I will always lean my body as close to yours as I can”

August 4, Saturday, 2007. 9:32 PM


HI! At the end of day six. Went much better than day five. I had a bit of a rough day yesterday for some reason. I felt really tired all day, my muscles felt like they had no energy, my eyesight was fuzzy, and all I wanted to do was sleep. I still managed to get compliments on how calm I am tho, and felt fully functioning, just not ideal.
When we did get home I lay down pretty much right away and we cuddled. I was also getting near black outs every time I stood up. I slept long and hard, and had strange dreams.
So this morning we lazed in bed until almost nine o’clock. The first thing I did was an enema, but nothing really came out. Then I skin brushed for awhile, and David came in with a watermelon/strawberry juice for me. Shared a waterfall, then did house things while David worked on files, and then drove up to the café to get greens and talk to Ed and Chris about websites. Then we drove to Nogales to pick up a calendar so that David and I can stay better organized with all the stuff that is going on. We went to K-Mart, where we discovered that we had both used the same note books in university, and I had a horrible bathroom experience in a bathroom with water and toilet paper all over the floor and a smell like someone had died, the K-Mart café coming out the other end, and the water didn’t work, and there were two really chubby teenage girls, which always makes me sad cause no one should be so overweight so young. There are SO many overweight people out there, it is sad to me. Then we went to Safeway for produce, and had another smelly horrid bathroom experience. Cooked food really does smell awful coming out the other end. Otherwise it was fun.
We got 20 pounds of oranges, 20 pounds of grapefruit, 16 lemons, 1 watermelon, 4 pineapples, 20 pounds of carrots, 4 bags of prunes (for feast breaking) and I think that is all I think if we were to do this again, I would want to plan further in advance and get loads of bulk, and try to get more locally, and ALL organic. The stuff from Safeway has not all been organic.
So then we drove back to Patagonia and picked up Chris on the way home, and he and his two younger kids Coco and Kurt came over. David and Chris worked on web stuff while I unpacked the truck, and then played with the kids. We set up a slide out of mattresses in the garage kitchen and had fun counting how many times they climbed up and slid down for almost two hours. By this point it was 3:30 and we had had two quarts of juice each, plus a glass, plus an Odwalla at Safeway (pasteurized but still ok for you in a pinch, tho we no longer buy Odwalla due to its recent take over by Coka-Cola). So it was time to make more juice. We whipped up two quarts of green/carrot juice, and two quarts plus two glasses of orange/grapefruit/lemon. So I’d say all in all I had about five quarts of juice today, plus two tablespoons of honey and three tablespoons of bee pollen.
Once we made our juice and cleaned it all up we did files and set up our new pin board and calendar, and then we just had to cuddle, and ended up having a half hour nap. Then we worked on Creamy Beyond Dairy for about two hours, until David had to go meet with Gabriel at 8 to work on the final edit of Diabetes book, which is where he is right now. When he left I did yoga and lifted weights for 45 minutes, and then checked in with my Shazzie ( who is getting crazier and crazier, in a wonderful way. She has now made a really explicit movie of herself eating durian naked, and basically making love to the durian, rubbing it all over herself. Her method of getting raw out to the masses, appealing to those who would not be looking for health or raw info, but will find raw through a sexy video of her and a duriasmic time. Yes, she is good at planting seeds! I hope that one day I will be just as successful at bringing people into raw.
AND THEN!! Well, and then I came here, to you, my journal.

Tomorrow I have the whole day here by myself, as David will be writing with Gabriel. I’ve been feeling a bit on edge today, up and down actually, sometimes feeling ecstatic, others anxious, but I think that had a lot to do with going into big box stores with horrible lighting and really un-happy looking overweight people.
I am also so close to being done in the Dispensary, and it always seems the closer I am to a big change, the harder it is to wait for it. I really am about to enter the life I wished for. Working at home with my partner on bringing health and happiness to the whole wide world. YAY!!!!
I decided the other day to let my bodies wisdom decide what weight I need to be. I will continue to feed it well and get exercise, but it can decide how heavy I need to be. I don’t need to think I need to be a certain weight, and then feel bad because I am not there. I am the perfect weight for ME!!! Thank you.

O, David is home now, goodnight!

August 5, SUNDAY, 10:59 AM


Good Morning. This morning was a juiceramma for me. David and I woke up at 6, but lay in bed cuddling, and got up just before 7. He went to do an enema, and I started making juice. I made two+ quarts of green, two big glasses of canteloupe/watermelon/lemon that we had for breakfast (it tasted like a liquid jolly rancher, wow!), and two+ quarts of orange/pineapple/gojiberry, and two quarts of mango/raspberry. David worked on the book, and left at nine. I cleaned up, did yoga and pushups for about 20 minutes, did and enema, and had a waterfall, and just now finished all that.
It is POURING rain out right now, and I was going to walk to the bottom of the café hill to meet David, but I’m hoping he will come to pick me up instead because it is raining so hard.
Feeling really good today, my muscles feel energized again, and I’m not getting dizzy when I stand up. A whole bunch came out with my enema, and I just went pooh again! And yesterday I pooed twice. It is amazing that pooh can come from juice.
I am starting to feel like I want some really good quality family time. I miss them. But only in the nicest, gentlest, loving way. It does not hurt to miss them right now. I feel like I will be able to be a much better relative to them now that I am so happy and complete, and I want to bring so much happiness to their lives. It would be great if we could go up for a visit in October, but there is already so much $ spent and travel for us in that month.

Ok, I am supposed to be at the bottom of the hill right now. Dear David, this is a message from the air, come home to pick me up! Thank you, love Katrina.

I was wanting write down a new list of 100 goals for myself, but I think I want to do it in my black book first. Perhaps then I will move it over here to the computer journal.
But lets see, what are my goals for today? To finish story boarding NMT, and make one drawing to scan in to the computer to photo-shop. To look into staying at Green Gulch while we are in California next time. To find my mortgage papers. To write up 100+ goals. To remain peaceful and calm like I am right now all day. To read.
David came to get me. We went up to the café to fill containers. We came home to drink juice and be love sick over each other. He went back to write.
I am really craving food on and off. It will be REALLY NICE to eat again, as much as I am enjoying this juice feast. Wonderfully I am craving salads, big juicy salad with olive oil, salt and pepper, loads of tomatoes and sunflower sprouts, or a big green salad with spirulina dressing, or a big creamy salad with guacamole, olives and tomatoes, like the ones we made on our California trip. I’ve had a few cravings for fried stir-fry noodles, all oily and salty and warm….STOP, it is making it worse to write about it. I should go and draw now. I just wanted to write down what I had been craving as a point of interest, that is all. I just gulped down a quart of orange/pineapple/goji juice. That should satiate me for a bit. The orange juice always goes down the fastest. I almost inhaled it!

8:43 PM

David came home for about an hour and a half, just left.
I went for a walk this afternoon and picked a bunch of wildflowers that are now sitting on the table next to my laptop. I saw the donkeys down the road, and thought of the donkeys on the top of Goudie Road that Sam and I used to go and visit. There is also a llama in the field with donkeys here, and they have a much nicer field to run and play in than the poor donkey in the mud square in Sooke. What am I going to do for the rest of the evening? I am tempted to watch a movie. I know I should work on my book. I know I should do some yoga. But I feel all of a sudden like a fragile flower. I almost just want to go to bed and sleep, can’t take in even a movie.
Ok, at least I have to go and switch the laundry over. And I think that will be all for today.

Love and many blessings, and all my thanks for such a beautiful life.

Katrina Rain.

August 6, Monday. 7:51 PM


I just had one of the best weight lifting sessions of my life. My muscles felt so super charged, and I was so flexible, I could get my fingers under my toes all the way to the first knuckle while touching my toes. And I SWEATED!! Listened to my favorite work out album, Debut by Bejork, and did yoga, lifted weights, and did floor mat stuff, sit ups and push ups. Don’t know why, must be all the juice. Felt pretty good all day.

Ok, gonna run! Love you endlessly,

Katrina Marie Rainoshek.

August 7, Tuesday. 8:37 PM


Wow! I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last juice day! It has gone by really quickly. The closer we are to finishing, the more I want to eat it seems, I am craving all kinds of things, nori crackers, cacao d’arco Rain, banana walnuts, all the salads, deserts, smoothies, ANYTHING!!
Something really good came in today, and that is that B has found a lender so that he can take over the mortgage. He sent an email asking me to sign a title transfer to send to the lawyer. It has sent me into a little bit of a tailspin, but it is also exactly what I asked for. I really want that part of my life to be over, and it feels that this is the last of it. I am seeing that it will be absolutely no problem, smooth as cacao butter baby.
I also called my mom and had a nice chat with her. Thank you for such amazing parents.
Yes, it is emotional for me, but getting less and less so as I write, and it feels like such a relief really, a release, I will really truly be able to move into my new life with David now, no more energy going to thinking and worrying about that property. I will be able to move on completely.
David and I have an amazing life together, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is the most precious thing in the world, and I know that we will have many amazing homes together, with lush gardens and orchards and cozy woodstoves.
So that was my big event of the day.
Drank about 5 quarts of juice. Walked to work. David picked me up around 4:30 cause I couldn’t bear to sit in that room any longer, and we drove to see if I could get the transfer papers notarized, but they were closed, so will have to go back tomorrow. Then up to the café for juice and greens, then home again home again. We cuddled and talked for almost an hour, then I cleaned out and vacuumed Pegasus in preparation for our Taos trip. Then David and I went on an evening dusk walk down to the barb wire fence and back, and I did some yoga and pushups and then had a quick shower, and now I sit here writing.
We talked about the book on our walk, which David has been working on all day and continues to do so, and our wedding. I can’t wait to be David’s wife! He is already the best husband in the world, and we are not even married…thank you thank you thank you!!

Ok, I’m going to go and make David some of our tea.

Thank you for such an amazingly blessed life.

Yours truly happily, Katrina Marie Rain.

August 8, Wednesday. 9:34 PM

Juice Feast Day 10/10

Just got home from a grocery trip to Nogales. I am so excited to eat I can’t even say! I was even degenerating into cook food cravings for, of all things, a camp fire roasted hog dog on a bun with ketchup. Probably because we were in Safeway surrounded by crazy wierd foods. And yes, I had the most fatless ten days probably of my whole life so far, and am craving fat and salt like mad. Not so much right at the moment though. I feel good and ready to go to sleep and that is about it. I had a beautiful day with David, my hard moments reminding me even more why I am with him, me falling more in love with him than ever. He is so perfectly present with me, so able to give, so loving, and everything I ever wanted and more. It was a perfect way to end my first Juice Feast, a massive release, a full release, the big let go.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Yours ever in gratitude, Katrina Rainoshek.

August 9, 2007, Thursday. 8:03PM

Amazing Grace.

Me about to make orange juice this morning.

I had one of the most amazing days EVER today!! I am sold on Juice Feasting, wow, it has really shifted my life. As John Rose says, if you are ever bored and need a shift, just do a Juice Feast!! I wasn’t bored, but stuff definitely shifted for me. I lost 8 pounds in 10 days, my skin looks amazing, my mood is high, and probably most importantly I released my house happily and fully, and due to that I feel more blissed out in my present moment than ever. I signed the papers today, and sent them off, with freedom from worry about whether or not I will see my money or not. My life, my happiness, and my present moment are far to precious to me to worry about something as trivial as money, and David and I are so rich in love that I feel bigger in my heart than I ever have before. That is what really matters.
Thank you for such an amazing experience, thank you for the grace to move into something more authentic and abundantly more beautiful for me, and therefore for the whole wide world. The more of us that follow our bliss and have the strength to stay on the path during the hard moments along the way, the better and better the world will become. Amen.
David and I began our day with soaked prunes and nectarines. Then we went over to the Oasis for David to meet with a client, and for me to make sure I didn’t have to work, then we went to get my papers signed. Then we made two huge batches of nori pate and made nori crackers that are now out in the dehydrator drying in to sublime deliciousness.
Then we went to the café for our first REAL CHEW FOOD!!! (NOTE: we did not take long to break out of this Feast as it was only 10 Days long. Please see for directions on how to appropriately break your Feast) O, and we had a half quart of green juice and a quart of orange juice between breakfast and lunch. I had a really good salad that I could not finish, and I chewed really well, and it felt and tasted great. Greens, tomato, cucumber, sprouts, zucchini, with olive oil, ground flax, salt and pepper with chopsticks, under the warm Arizona sunshine at a private table under a tree with my David. We sat and watched yellow butterflies dance across a thick black storm cloud. The storm hit just as we finished eating, it began to rain, and so we ran to Pegasus, and drove down to hill for David to do Q&A.
Then we went to the post office and mailed my house away!! Then we came home and I did yoga and weights while David worked on websites and books, and then I cut David’s hair and we had a waterfall, and then cuddled, then made an amazing strawberry, orange, blueberry, banana smoothie and sat and drank it while listening to Chet Baker.
I can and can’t believe that this is my life all at the same time, it is too good to be true, but of course it is also good enough to be true.
David is working on projects and I am writing here.

This is happy me at the end of my first Juice Feast with smoothies made with love.

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