Friday, September 14, 2007

10 Day Juice Feast Follow Up

Hello, thought I'd let you know how things are going post Juice Feast.

David and I are working hard to get up and running by Raw Spirit Festival, and we hope to see you there! David will be talking about Juice Feasting on the main stage at 5:00PM on Saturday, October 13th. He is speaking in place of Angela Stokes who sadly will not be able to attend. We send her our love and hope to see her soon, and you can visit her at You will also be able to visit us at our booth, where we will be with with all kinds of fun and smiles.

My mother read this blog and wrote to me

"That was an amazing 10 days you had and I'm glad I got a little glimpse of your life. I think I must be behind the times majorly because personally I would not want everyone reading my journaling, I guess I'm old fashioned."

Well, first of all, my mother is not old fashioned and is one of the most inspiring people in my life. But I did want to answer to that statement. I have been journaling in black books with ink and pencil for as long as I can remember, and when I discovered other people's on-line journals it was like discovering a treasure chest for me! Especially when I was turning my life around, and shifting into a raw food diet, I read other people's journals about their experiences going raw almost every day. I found an amazing amount of insight, inspiration, knowledge, and self-discovery through reading the un-cut literature of people's day to day musings and stories. I probably would never have realized what was possible in the way of a raw transformation had it not been for on-line journals, and to them I am ever grateful. It took me awhile to start my own, the first time I sat down to write on-line I got goose bumps, I almost couldn't bear to do it, but I deeply believed in the magic of SHARING and so I got over it.

So, I go ahead and talk about poo, enemas, skin brushing, and all that other juicy stuff because we should ALL be talking about stuff like that every day! Every one should know that they should be pooing not just once but three to four times a day, and that enemas really do work to brighten your mood if you are stuck up! And of course we can share how we discovered the most amazing smoothie recepie EVER, or how we found a way through our latest spiritual muddle, or what book has really lit us up.

Well, today, I am going to write about two things that I have been amazed at as a result of a 10 day Juice Feast. When we began the feast, I was sceptical that I would see any changes in just 10 days, and I am already very healthy to begin with. BUT, I was in for a plesant surprise, as you can read in my previous blog. The two things that have really stood out for me though are 1). my poo is perfect! I was still experiencing days of semi-constipation (going only once a day) and slight bloating, but now I go four times a day, and have not felt bloated once, even on days when I over eat nuts and seeds. I obviously blew out some old stuff that is no longer blocking me up any more, yay happy colon!! 2). My monthly cycle is lovely and brief, I have had two since the feast, and both have been a day of bleeding and then a day of very light spotting, that is it! I experienced PMS for all of about two hours before the second one, but otherwise have felt very light and happy through it all. To put that in perspective, one of the many reasons I turned to live foods was because at age 27 my PMS was becoming unbearable. I had always had very easy periods, with no cramping and very little emotional upset, and then as I became more toxic and un-healthy, my PMS turned me into an un-happy-sad-not-liking-it-all person. I did not like that. I like this.

Thank you Juice.

I have been loving making big jugs of lemonaid with lots of lemons and a little honey, very puckery and re-freashing for these hot end of summer Arizona days.

Talk to you soon!


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Katrina you are awesome!