Tuesday, July 1, 2008

63 Pounds of.....


David and I went strawberry picking with ma Rineke yesterday morning and picked, yes, 63 pounds! What a treat! I ate so many berries while picking that they stopped tasting good to me for the rest of the day, (that is a lot of berries!) but luckily this morning I was ready and eager to add some of the red jewels to my morning green smoothie.

I also got a lovely link from Jinjee's Daily Raw Inspiration for finding a U-Pick near you, click here. (BTW if you haven't signed up for this amazing daily resource, do it! I love reading what Jinjee has to pass along every day, and often discover new and wonderful things from her lovely words and links.) Check it out! Nothing tastes better than food right from the source, still warm from the sun.

Katrina in berry heaven!
Ma Rineke in her berry picking hat.
David and Katrina with the load of berries from Stowel Lake Farm.
David and strawberries.
Ma Rineke and Katrina prepare the berries for freezing. Come December these berries are going to be very special, a taste of sunshine!

We are doing wonderfully, we hope you are too! More to come on life post-Juice Feast soon! Today we have come to stay with Ayrie, Constanze, and Finny-Foo and they are planning on doing a post-Feast video, and I'll be sure to post it here once it is up and live.

Love and blessings,



Courtney Pool said...

That pic with David and all the boxes actually made me say 'Holy shit' out loud... I miss you two! Please keep us updated as MUCH AS POSSIBLE on your life!!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Holy Moly Cow! Those are some amazing looking strawberries! You all look berry beautiful.
Pixy Lisa