Monday, October 22, 2007

The Power of Juice

David working hard on!
Hello Juiciest Juicers,

Last night I made a SMOOTH, amazing green juice for dinner that I had to tell you about. No, we are not Juice Feasting right now, but green juice still makes a lovely dinner. This was it, celery/cucumber/cilantro/parsley/carrot, yum. I drank a whole quart in about ten minutes (yes and I chewed it too), and then we went out for an evening walk. A perfect light way to end the day, with a sunset to boot.

On our morning walk today there was a cold wind blowing and it seems that warm Arizona summer days are drawing to and end. With the wind came all sorts of memories of last year's season change, my arrival here in Patagonia, and of an Island far away where lives my family. I find shifts in the season to be memory triggers, similar to smells, music, those things that pull on the subconscious where emotional memory lives. Magical. I love this fresh cool air.

Another thing I wanted to share was someone who I found out about on Her name is Kris Carr and she has done amazing things that you can find out about right here! I don't know much about her yet, but just a minute with her work lets you know that this person is going places, good places! There is so much light flooding on to the planet right now it blows my mind.

David is coaching Fasts again at the Tree for now, and so I went in with him this morning to say hello. I got to give Courtney a big hug and she is shinning. Well, Courtney always does shine anyways, but she is doing really well on juices. She was drinking an apple/coconut water juice when I saw her, YUMMY! Also got to visit with other happy Tree of Lifers, and I was even able to share our new children's book with some of them as we were on our way to the post office to mail them.

OK, I think that is all for now. Love to all of you and juicy juicing!


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Courtney Pool said...

Yay! Coconut apple juice and hugs from the Katrina Goddess!!!