Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Golden Eyed Coyote

Beautiful Coyote

Hello Loves,

Not too many mornings ago, while David and I were going for our morning walk, I all of a sudden thought of all the beating hearts that are on the planet right now. I looked at a bird, and it hit me that it wasn't just a bird I was seeing, but that I was seeing a creature's heart in animation. Somehow this expanded my heart into an enormous space, feeling and loving every single heart that is here on Earth today. Every little mouse, rabbit, wolf, sparrow, eagle, horse, panther, dolphin, whale, person, we ALL have beating hearts! Just think of how many hearts are all beating together RIGHT NOW, and then imagine how many creatures you have seen with beating hearts, and how many you will come into contact with in the future...there are so many hearts, so much capacity for love.

Then, that afternoon, a beautiful golden eyed coyote walked across our porch, and paused in front of our french doors and looked through the window and gazed into my eyes. WOW! David and I sat in awe for quite some time after it had slid off into the bushes.

We hear the coyotes calling and singing almost every night, but they are very rarely seen, they seem to slink and slide, smoothly disappearing after you catch a glimpse of blond fur. So this was an extra special heart to heart.

In this high dessert land of cactus, mesquite trees, amaranth, agave, ocotillo, and golden grasses, we see deer, roadrunners, javalinas (a strange pig-like creature with spiked course fur that puts off a terrible smell), rattle snakes (I heard my first rattle snake ever the other day, and then saw it laying across the road), coyotes, grasshoppers, and the pecan trees along our road are filled with big black chortling ravens. Rabbits bounce off into the bushes. I opened the door to a gigantic tarantula the other night. And there are cows with wide sweeping horns that walk the arollos and graze the national park lands.

The sky is huge and at night is bursting with stars, and the air is filled with crickets. Like right now. I can hear the crickets outside.

Have you all heard of Codex? If you haven't, please check out this web page now, and visit David and I went to a lecture on Codex last night in Tucson, and it is very important that we all get together on this one! In a nutshell, Codex is a monster wearing the mask of "consumer protection," fueled for the most part by the "illness" industry (aka the "health" industry) as a way of controlling and destroying our food quality so that we become even sicker and even more dependant on their drugs. Sound not so good?

The food we are eating is already killing us!

One thing that is important to remember is the cause of this cycle of illness and dependency on drugs, which has lead to the Pharmaceutical Industry being the most profitable, powerful, and wealthy in the world, more so than the Oil Industry, more so than War. This cause is the loss of the family farm and the industrialization of our food supply. When we lost contact with the soil that our food grew from, we lost control of our health. It is time to go to the land! Lets stop giving our money to an industry that benefits from a sick and dying population, and start paying our organic, local, friendly farmers a premium for the nutritional gems that they are growing!

You can also go and watch the woman we heard last night, Dr. Rima Laibow M.D. to see her discuss Codex and the history of this bad apple. Please watch this talk, it is excellent and Dr. Rima is very well researched and wise.

See you in the garden!

With my heart beating to yours,


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