Thursday, December 6, 2007

Juice of the Day

Hello All!

Another Arizona day coming to a close....we are still experiencing computer troubles but they will (we hope) be over very soon! We contracted a virus while trying to watch the latest Harry Potter movie, and are still trying to re-sort everything out. That naughty Harry. It has really made us realize how much we value our computers, thank you for good computers!

We just had a lovely visit with Cain and Julie, who are working at the Tree right now. They drove over in their little golden bug (VW), and they borrowed the cat! Yes, that's right, our cat is in high demand, he must be the most well loved cat I have ever known. He is the only cat I have ever known to have his own human visitors (while we were in Houston we hear he had a very busy social schedule, with Tim and Michella, and Cain and Julie all coming over to our house to spend time with him.) So Seneca has gone to spend the weekend with Cain and Julie to see if he can sort out their mouse problem for them. I think he will do just fine.

In other news:

Win A 30 Day Membership to!

So, we are working at putting a Juice of the Day on every day of our 92-Day Program....if you have a recipe you would like to contribute to be forever eternalized in the pages of Juice Feasting, please let us know! We like juices with lovely names and little stories about the juice, how you came up with it, where you were when you first tried it, why it is your favorite juice, etc. Please email your juice recipe to with "Juice" as the subject and David and I will pick three lucky juicies to be added as members to the site. If you are already a member and would like to contribute a juice anyways, please do! We love your juicy creations, and you will be helping to create a very juicy experience for all those following you on the Juice Feasting path.

We will announce the juice winners on this blog next Friday, December the 14th, so be sure to get your entry in before then!

One of our favorite juice recipes: What-Amazing-Right-Now-Wheatgrass! Take some fresh, Hippocrates grown, (or your own seaponically grown) baby green wheatgrass and put it through the juicer. Don't bother with a cup, drink right from the spout, it really is that good! We have never had such sweet wheatgrass!

Ok, David has just made my favorite tomato/basil/garlic soup for dinner so I must go and join him at the True Home Cafe.

All my love to all you loves,


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