Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New "Juice Feasting" Emerging as Phytonutrient-Rich Disease-Fighting Nutritional System

Leap for Joy!

Hooray! We are so excited that our friend Mike Adams loves Juice Feasting as much as we do!

Check out what he has to say about it here:

And be sure to listen to his podcast about his experience with the magic of juice. We are just listening to it right now and it is fantastic, entertaining, and very, very smart if we may say so.
Get really excited people, juice is gonna soak the place, and oh what a delicious, sticky, HEALTHY, yummy cup of bliss we will all be in together then!
OK, after another long day in Tucson, it is cuddle time. It has been snowing intermittently all day, yes, even Southern Arizona gets snow!
Juicy Love,
Katrina Rain.


Katherine said...

Am very interested in "juicefeasting' as a lifestyle. Have never juiced on a regular basis but am familiar with the Hallelujah Acres protocol. One thing I wondered - would it be ok and healthy to eat some of the pulp with the juice in a puree (created using a Vita Mix) kind of like baby food? Wouldn't the fiber be good for you? Isn't it a waste to throw away all that pulp?

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Hello Katherine!

It is definately important to include the fibre in with your diet. If you read Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko, she encourages you to include fibre, and yes fibre is very important in the long run. So it would 100% be ok and healthy to do so.

Having said that, we feel that juice also plays a very important role in health, especially in a long cleanse such as what we present on JuiceFeasting.com. When you are Juice Feasting, one of the most important things you are doing is giving your body physiological rest, which then enables it to do some serious house-keeping, AKA HEALING! Your body is basically a giant juicer, and uses a lot of energy extracting the juice from the fibre in whatever you eat, so if you can do that job for it, your body will do amazing things with all the energy you are saving it. Plus, you are feeding it stellar nutrition, nutrition it has most likely never accessed before!

Is the pulp wasted? We think that taking into account everything that juicing can heal, no, it is not wasted. Most of what your body can use such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, chlorophyl, and more has ended up in your beautiful juice, and what you are left with (mostly)is the fibre. If you compost it, it will go back to the earth and feed more plants. If you have a dog, you can feed it to your dog! Have you ever noticed your dog eating grass? Well, give him some veggie juice, he'll love it!

If you are looking to add juices to your daily diet without doing the Juice Feasting cleanse, this is also excellent. You will be bathing your body in amazing nutrition. We like drinking at least a quart of green juice every day!

Hope this helps,

Love Katrina.