Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello Hello!

Katrina and David on the B.C. Ferry to Salt Spring Island
Hezi and Zev on the same ferry.
White Swans visiting Salt Spring Island.
Zev, David, and Katrina at the beach.
Zev, Elsa the dog, David, and Katrina at the beach.

Hezi, Elsa, David and Katrina at the beach on one of the only sunny days of our entire trip!
Elsa, Katrina, David (behind the tree branch), Sunny (the black dog), and ocean.

Hello Everyone!

I finally have a minute to sit down and say hello. Days have been FULL of visiting, chilly walks along the deep blue sea shore, visiting, warm chai tea with Brazil nut mylk, visiting, writing, visiting, sitting around the fire telling stories, and of course visiting. It has been wonderful to be around my brilliant, vibrant, fantastic, kookie, loopy, cuddly, loving, laughing, shining FAMILY again.

Right now we are in Victoria, on the West Coast of B.C., staying with my Dad and his lady Constanze, and my bright spark of a sister Finn, who is all of 9 years old going on 109.
We have spent time on Saltspring Island at my mom's house, here in Victoria at my sister Heather's house, and up in the town of Courtenay. We have been bed hopping (not quite couch surfing), and our backpacks are starting to get quite messy!

David's parents even came for a visit, all the way from Houston, to meet their new family in-law. Everyone enjoyed each other very much, the Hobbit Family (David's) and the Elf Family (mine). (David and I would be a Hobbit and an Elf respectively if we were part of Tolkien's world) I do have quite a large family, with two brothers and two sisters, and their boyfriends and girlfriends (soon I hope we will all start to have babies!) a Dad and his Girlfriend, a Mom and her Husband, an Oma, and a Nan, and that is just my immediate family! I love being part of a big family, I feel so blessed. Oh ya, and now I have a husband and a mother and father in-law!

The weather? Oh, I had forgotten how cold and gray it is in these parts at this time of year after a year in Arizona. I told David "It isn't that cold, it is like the Hawaii of Canada!" Ha, well, the Hawaii of Canada feels quite cold right now, and the skies are quite gray. BUT, I love it here anyhow. Trees dripping with green, saturated with life, the ocean, oh the ocean, blue blue blue! I have always been able to feel my body respond to the ocean, me being about 70% water, the water in my cells gets high on a happy vibration when around the massive mother ocean.

Today David, Finnerty, and I spent the afternoon down by the sea, first playing Frisbee and then climbing around on the beach rocks, watching the birds and the boats. It was the first sunny day we've had since our arrival, so we gratefully soaked it all up.

Juice Feasting has had a very warm welcome on Vancouver Island, and David has given 3 talks to very excited audiences. Last night he gave an impromptu 3 hour talk in a friend's living room, a friend who had attended a previous talk and loved it so much that he simply had to have David come and talk to his friends about Juice Feasting too! That was lovely, and turned into a friendly visit with new friends, many of whom are planning on joining us on the Global Juice Feast in March!

So, we are planning on heading out of Victoria this coming Friday to spend some time in Vancouver with my Oma, my mom who will also be visiting my Oma, my brother Joe, and cousin Clara, and then begin our drive down to Patagonia on Sunday. I PROMISE that once we arrive back in AZ that I will not be such a lax blogger, but really, I am giving my self a blog free zone before the Global Juice Feast when we plan on blogging for you beauties EVERY DAY, so I hope you plan on joining us then!

I hope you are all happy and well, and that your 2008 is a happy continuation of your blessed and beautiful lives.

May the sun shine in your hearts!


Katrina and David Rain

And just for fun, here is a photo of Katrina, David, Pa Dennis, and Ma Jean
And one of Ma Rineke and Katrina, visiting, visiting, visiting!


Neeta said...

Lovely to have you back blogging and thanks for sharing the pictures....
You truly glow.....

xx Neeta

Robyn said...

i wanted to extend a big THANK YOU... the talk in victoria was fantastic. everything david said resonated with me so much. ive spent far too much of my life in doctors offices, always receiving the same short, closed answers, and during that talk, and in the 5 minutes i was able to talk to david during the break, i felt like i received more honest information than i ever have at the doctors. so, THANK YOU, both of you. ive been thinking of doing a juice feast for months now and after hearing that talk, i knew there was no way i could NOT do it. im planning for february 1st &im soo excited.
i hope you guys come back to give more talks sometime- id come again :)


ps, julia &the nut mylk tree is such a darling book. !

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Hello To Neeta and Robyn!

Thank you for the lovely notes from both of you!

Robyn, we are so excited that you are starting a Juice Feast too! Let us all know how it goes for you.

With Love and blessings,

David and Katrina Rain