Monday, January 21, 2008

Ocean and Mountains

Vancouver, B.C.

Here David and I sit, on the 27th floor of a beautiful glass building by the sea, over looking the city of Vancouver with the snow capped mountains in the distance. It is amazing up here, I feel like a queen in a sci-fi story looking down on boats coming in and out of the harbor, seeing the sun reflected off neighboring buildings, and seeing the cars from way high up like a bird. But really my aunt Kitty and cousin Cecily who live up here are the Queens, and my Uncle Mike the King. I am the happy guest. We are staying with my Oma (that is Dutch for Grandmother) but she doesn't have Internet access, so here we are to do our work for the day.

We are here trying to figure out how to get me (the Canadian) across the border, as I was denied access yesterday. There seems to be a lot for us to learn about paperwork, and about a cross-border marriage, but we are staying positive and have high hopes that things will shift over the next few days. Seems that getting across the border as a woman who is married to an American is more difficult than we thought! It all seems a bit surreal to us still that we are not on our way back to our little, sunny palace in Arizona, but it is a good lesson in staying in the moment and remaining positive! I am visioning with all my might that I will be in Patagonia, Arizona to begin my 92 Day Juice Feast, and well before that too. Hip hip hooray!

My uncle just came in to point out the big fat moon rising above the mountains on one side of us, while the setting sun is casting its orange rays to reflect off all the buildings on the other side of us. Exquisite!

I just have to make a quick comment about all the Juice Feasting blog stars out there, and say WOW! We love you all, and thank you all for the wonderful service you are doing by sharing your experiences. I don't have time today to make a complete list of them, but please be sure to check out Melissa's Blog for a nice long list of fellow Juice Feasters, or for Juice Feasting inspiration!

Hope you are all well in Juice Land,

With Blessing and Love,

Katrina and David


Neens said...

Hi David & Katrina!

How did I manage to miss out on you guys having a blog? It is going straight into my RSS reader, lol!

Thanks so much for answering my questions the other day, I have managed to get in 4l(+) since I read that! And for bringing all this information out to the masses... for that I cannot thank you guys enough!

Lots of love from Neens

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Hello Neens!

Yay for four liters a day!

We cannot thank YOU enough for what YOU are doing!

Lots of Love right back at you,

David and Katrina

Carrie Cegelis said...

Hi David and Katrina,

I've left you a little gratitude love note on day 22 of my blog, for the amazing offering you have made in this world. And passing along the daisy chain of good vibes: the Inspirational Bloggers Award. Thanks for all that you do - the cascade of transformation that pours through your actions is truly remarkable.

Love from Carrie
Radical Living Laboratory

Ben Kaelan said...

Thanks again for the tips! :) I know it's weird, but two days in a row, the stomach pains happened after eating bee pollen... so I'll just stay clear of those for a bit.

I can't believe you're telling me to stay away from apples! They're soooo yummy and full of juicy goodness! LOL. :)

Sorry to hear about your border problems, though, there are worst places to be stuck in than Vancouver. I practically lived there (well in Richmond, but I'd go to Vancouver a lot) when I was a flight attendant. It's a beautiful city. :)

*fingers crossed* :)

mcod said...

Hi Katrina & David,

Ralph here.
I just wanted to let you know that I am on Day # 9 of my Master Cleanse and I feel wonderful.

Here's to hoping that your problem gets solved quickly


Carrie Cegelis said...

Thanks, you two!
Good luck manifesting permeable membranes on the international level...