Monday, September 29, 2008

Full Time Festival Continues!


Well, here we are, long been home from the fantastical, amazing love fest of raw spirits down in Arizona where we literally wandered around in fairy dust and bliss the whole time.

Such amazing things are happening on this beautiful blue planet right now, I can hardly catch my breath, my head spins, my heart races! Are you in?

I know it is quite easy at this time to be tuned into the opposite side of the spectrum, and while it is important to take all things into account, the more that we do choose to tune into the love the bigger indeed it swells, personally and globally.

Like Neo and Smith in the Matrix, as good becomes stronger, so does evil, (remember as Neo became more powerful, so too did Smith, in a force of seemingly endless Smiths!) we have to choose what we believe in and make a full time job of it! It may sound like a platitude, but look around and see just how REAL it is! The full time festival continues!

One of those magical, Neo-like forces, is beloved Angela Stokes, recently taking the world by storm with her charm via the networks at CNN. Remember, the worse it gets, the better it gets, and it seems that in response to 20/20's discouraging piece on "orthorexia" (a non-term if you ask me) the universe has provided us with CNN's piece on Angela.

I was very lucky to spend some time with this woman right after Raw Spirit Festival (in the continuing festival of never-ending moments) and I can tell you my faith in love and magic was taken to the next level.
Angela is a beautiful example of the magical transformation that we are all capable of if we believe in ourselves and in love enough. When we choose to embrace growth, love and beauty, we experience a re-birth in to a new and more meaningful life, where emotional, spiritual, and mental transformations are just as poignant as the physical ones. They in fact go hand in hand in the trinity of body/mind/spirit. Angela is a TRUE POTENTIALIST and she lovingly, by example, is teaching us what is possible with our own growth and transformation.

I know that I used to find myself fascinated with people's before and after photos, and would reference them frequently as inspiration! I realize now that the even more dramatic and meaningful changes are those that we can't photograph, those that we ourselves forget about as we begin to feel comfortable in our own skins, and to enjoy our lives. Did I really used to wake up every morning feeling agitated with the words "I hate my life" in the front of my brain? It feels like another life time now.

In a nut shell, what I am writing about today is PERSISTENCE!! KEEP GOING!! Even if you are already at a place where you wake up with a smile on your lips and words of grace in your mind, stay the course!! We are living in a time where the edges of good and evil are being expanded exponentially, so keep on pushing out on your limits of love baby!

Oh, and I'm sure most of you have seen this already, but if not, please check it out! Angela's CNN interview: (which was filmed in my Papi's garden! A garden built on "juicin' energy")

And here is the text version of the story!

How about a few of our RSF photos to end the post?

For a true photographic experience of Raw Spirit Festival, check out the Flickr account of the extraordinarily lovely Suki Zoe, and for a great run down via the written word check out the blog of the ever prolific and goodies Heidi and Justin.

Hope to see you soon at the festival!

With much love,



Mark said...

Fun. I wish I was there.

Courtney Pool said...

YAY! Great pictures! I love that one of you and I! I love you both!!

New Horizons! said...

thank you gorgeous!
i look forward to taking many more of your lovely self very soon x