Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hello Everyone!

While Katrina and I were at Cherie Soria's Living Light Expo in Ft. Bragg, California last month, I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with Kevin Gianni about the latest work that I am doing on The Spectrum of Diet, which is my work on looking at nutrition as a line of human development. The long and short of it is, it takes time to move up the Spectrum of Diet from processed food to Raw/Live Foods, and Juice Feasting is a Life Practice that can help us move up the Spectrum more efficiently.

Kevin got the whole 1 hour talk on video, and is broadcasting it free, along with 1 hour interviews with other leaders in the plant-based/raw/live community

For those of you who don't know Kevin, he is the co-creator of the Raw Summit, and has been busy putting together something that's never been done before.

For those who aren't familiar with the Raw Summit, it was an online teleseminar event that brought thousands of people together to learn more about raw and living foods.

What Kevin is up to now is even bigger and better...

He's spent the last month putting together an event called "The Rawkathon."

This is a collection of candid, one-on-one interviews with 15 of the top raw and living food experts on the planet and it will be broadcast for you to watch or listen to in a few short weeks.

The interviews--from what he's said--are like no stage presentation or "how-to" DVD you've seen before.

Not only do these interviews cover how to stay raw, how to stay motivated, and the best ways to do so--Kevin has also said that they capture the true essense of each expert. Almost like you were there in the room with them as the interview was being conducted.

So when you're a part of the event, you get to hear 15 amazing interviews that really have never been created before or likely never again.

As with all of Kevin's events, to get involved, it's 100% fr@e, and this totally jives with our approach of making Raw/Live Food Nutrition and transformation not only available, but accessible to everyone.

It costs nothing for you to watch or listen to these interviews.

Kevin has made it easy to register now and you'll be sent information on how you can be a part of raw food history...

The Rawkathon (2008)

Right now the project is set to release on October 19th and only is broadcast for one week, so I have let you know about this event early so you are ready.

There is an opportunity to get all the interviews in a digital or hardcopy package at a special price with special bonuses, that won't be up after the event starts.

So please go ahead and register now...

The Rawkathon (2008)

With peaceful steps,

David and Katrina Rainoshek, JuiceFeasting.com

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Mark said...

This is going to be great. I'm glad that David is involved this year.