Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Very Happy News!

Hello Dear Friends!

Wow, it has been quite some time since I last wrote, and quite a time too!

We hope that the year of '09 has been treating you with as much love, joy, and happiness as you can handle!! (I mean LOTS of goodies and abundance!)

We had a wonderful Christmas in Victoria with family and it was truly a special Christmas for David and I as it will be our last one without a BABY!!! Yes, we are having a baby, a great happiness for us both! Off on the next big adventure of life.......

The little one is due to arrive and come out to play sometime in June. Due date is summer solstice, June 21 for our sweet little summer strawberry baby.

Happy 4 1/2 month old baby in the belly!
I am now well into the second trimester and feeling great and loving the magical process of creation that is evolving! As many of you who have been reading this blog for awhile know, one of my main reasons for Juice Feasting back in March 08 was in preparation for Baby Rainoshek. I am thrilled that this little soul has now joined us and is letting me know how happy and strong he/she is by bumping all about in my belly! David was able to feel the movement from the outside for the first time last night, what magic. (Click HERE for a jump back in time and to read my personal reasons for Juice Feasting on Day 2 of my 88 Day Juice Feast!)

I have to admit that being on the computer is not my favorite thing right now, along with all other left brain activity, as my delicious pregnant dreamy right brain seems to take over!! So, hence the lack of blogging....but I do hope you are all well and look forward to hearing from and sharing with you in the near future!

With lots of love and sweet wishes to you,

Katrina and David and growing Baby Rainoshek

Enjoying a snowy winter day....


nashima said...

Congratulations Katrina and David, what wonderful news! Wishing you many, many beautiful pregnant moments : )

Jill said...

How awesome!!!
what an amazing bebe the 2 of you will have, she/he will be a shining light :)

Kyle Ellen Nuse said...

Awwww.... I have goose bumps! I am so happy for you both (three) and can't wait to hear how everything progresses and grows. I am also so interested in hearing how pregnancy being raw has been for you Katrina and if you plan to raise your child eating raw.
SO much love to you during this amazing time!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Oh I'm so happy for you guys! Baby will be so much fun for you. Congratulations!
Pixy Lisa

cherry blossom said...

congrats on the baby in the belly lol, this will be an amazing journey and an added blog all about raw babies lol

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Congratulations! All the love in the world to your beautiful family.

Solar Oven said...

I regularly stop by to gaze in awe at the pictures of your sister's cafe, but until now I've never said 'hi' - so 'hi'! The happy news of your pregnancy warranted an actual response rather than yet more silent gazing on my part - congratulations to all three of you!