Monday, March 2, 2009

2008 Global Juice Feaster's Reunion!

Hello All!

Well here we are in March of 2009, and thanks to some inspiration from Bronwyn, all of us now in Victoria who did the Global Juice Feast in 2008 got together for a little reunion.

As you will see in the video I was working behind the counter at Cafe Bliss and missed hearing everyone's Post-Juice Feast story...I just now watched the video and was so excited to hear everyone sharing how well they are doing! Continuing to spiral upwards in the never ending flow of growth!

If you are planning on joining the 2009 Global Juice Feast, starting this coming Saturday, March 7, be sure to watch these seasoned Juice Feasters (David, Bronwyn, Constanze, Ayrie, Robyn, and I) for some wonderful inspiration....oh the joys of fresh, raw juice!!



Katrina (who is still loving her Green Vegetable Juice!)

Feeling yummy!! 5 1/2 months!!!


Linda Salas said...

so beautiful!!! I wish you the best time!

Penni said...

You couldn't be anymore lovely!!

Kyle Ellen Nuse said...

Awww...Katrina, is it possible that you could be any glow-e-er? :) I am so thrilled for you all and can't wait to hear more about being pregnant and being raw!! Do tell, do tell! Hugs, kyle

radish_queen said...

loved the vid. soy messed up my digestion too but i'm doing the global juice feast to try and fix that. Best of luck with the baby and thanks for all the info!