Thursday, December 3, 2009

Raw Mom Summit is BACK!!


Wow! It is December already! The Autumn Juice Feast is complete, the Autumn Liver-Gallblader Flush has rolled out the stones, and we are now getting ready for some beautiful time with loved ones over the holidays. As I write this we are in Houston with the Rainoshek family, enjoying some beautiful sunshine and our first Texas visit with our beautiful five month old daughter!

I wanted to let you know that as a special holiday gift, RAW MOM SUMMIT IS BACK!

During the 8th month of my pregnancy with Sophia, I was honored to be included in the first ever Raw Mom Summit, created by Shannon Leone and Tera Warner. It was a fabulous experience, and the interviews collected are a priceless resource for anyone with children in their lives.

I am really excited that these interviews are being re-released because they were originally aired during the first few weeks of Sophia's life and getting on a computer was the last thing on my mind at that time so I missed the whole summit! I won't make that mistake again! I've signed up and actually purchased the unlimited access to the summit so that I can fit it in to the organic flow of a time schedule that having a new baby entails.


Raw Mom Summit - The Evolution of Motherhood has arrived

From the official Raw Mom Summit website:

On December 9 The Raw Mom Summit will roll out the red carpet and invite health-seeking parents around the world to empower themselves and their families at the time of year when we need it the most.

Dear Healthy Holiday Seekers,

Mistletoe and gingerbread call to mind warm memories of the season. It's a time for family dinners and opportunities to reconnect with loved ones. When we put aside the commercial agendas, this is a time for reaching out in love and reflecting on a year of growth as we prepare for the coming of a new year.

We want to give you the best chance to inform and empower yourself before 2010 comes. Given that this season, more than any other, is focused on family and relationships and a celebration of birth, we've decided to make the Raw Mom Summit available once again.

Starting Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

What if you could gather together some of the most inspirational health leaders in the world and get them together in the same place for 9 days to discuss the subjects of nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and other family health care issues?

What if you could get YOUR concerns addressed about how to succeed on a healthy diet or how to feed your children the best food? What if you could finally get answers to your questions about:

  • What to do about Fertility, Ovulation and Conscious Conception?

  • How to prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy, Labor and Childbirth?

  • What is Attachment Parenting?

  • Which natural remedies to use when your children are sick?

  • How to feed a meat-eating partner if you are vegetarian or vegan?

  • What should you feed yourself when you're overwhelmed with cravings?

  • How to get kids excited and involved in their own food-prep?

  • What to do when our kids rebel against our healthy diet?

  • What is going on with the Bees and why is it so important?

  • How to shrink our Carbon Footprint?

  • What is Sustainability and Permaculture?

  • What Super Foods are BEST for kids?

  • Exactly what IS the healthiest diet?

  • What are the best ways to Raise Children Naturally?

  • What are the lesser-known common pit-falls of a Raw Food Diet?

  • Which foods help or hinder our Hormones?

  • What are the issues around Veganism, B-12 and Protein?

  • What do Raw children eat?

  • How to get picky eaters to crave their veggies?

  • Which foods help kids transition and stick to a healthier diet?

  • What are the other Top Lifestyle Factors besides diet for longevity?

What if you could get the answers to all these questions and a WHOLE LOT MORE while washing dishes in your pajamas and bouncing a babe on your hip at the same time?

Sound too good to be true?

Well, not if we're talking about an exciting new event that has been put together by two self-employed mothers with the spunk and determination to get these questions answered by some of the most outstanding experts in the world!



The Evolution of Motherhood Has Arrived

"Children are the Teachers. Mothers are the Seekers." Shannon 'Shakaya Breeze' Leone

For more information, and to sign up, go to!

There you have it! I will most certainly one day be in my pajamas with Sophia on my hip doing dishes and listening in on the Summit.

Little Notes:

For those of you who are interested in birth stories, I've written up The Home Birth Of Sophia Katarina: A Beautiful Force of Nature. I LOVED reading birthing stories while I was pregnant, and writing up my own was a joy.

And, for those of you who are interested in how I ate during my pregnancy, I have written about it HERE.

Keep your ears open for more information on the upcoming January Juice Feast.

Enjoy your juice!

With many happy holiday blessings,

Katrina, David, and Sophia!

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