Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, in beautiful HARMONY, we have had SEVEN lovely people leave their favorite juice recipes on our doorstep, and in return, we have SEVEN 30 Day Memberships to send their way! If you were one of those seven people who left a favorite juice, please send me an email at: that includes your first and last name and email address and I will set you up with a membership!

Here are the seven favorite juices, yum yum!

1. Cucumber/ Celery/ Cilantro/ Burdock Root/ Parsley/ Dandelion Greens/ Ginger/Lemon or Lime/ Red Bell Pepper/ Apple or Pear
*add cayenne after all ingredients are juiced. ~NaturallyMariam

WOW, what an amazing, full juice! Full of powerful medicine, this one will really take you places!

2. My favorite juice is what I call my "soup juice". Satisfies dinner cravings while juice feasting every time: Carrot/ cilantro/ parsley/ celery/ green onions/ spinach
Tastes like a soup broth of carrots, celery and onions..
My 16 month old, Mara, loooves my juices, too!! ~Jamie

So glad to hear that lucky little Mara is getting beautiful green juice! I loved "soup juices" too while Juice Feasting, and made a similar one to this but with tomato and basil added too! So good!

3. My favorite juice is really quite simple but oh so satisfying:1 head of greens/ celery/ apples/ carrots/ lemon ~Michelle

This is one of my favorite combos too, clear, clean, light, hydrating, and nutritious! I also like adding cucumber to mine too.

4. carrot/ apple/ celery/ ginger/ lemon ~Melomel

I've been adding ginger to all my juices for the winter too, a great way to stay warm from the inside out.

celery/ cucumber/ lacinato kale/ lime/ fennel ~Christine

I love the freshness of fennel and lime!

6. My favorite juice is made of celery/ cucumber/ kale/ apple/ lemon. Sometimes I add some ginger. ~ Lisa

Pure goodness. My sister has a juice just like this at
Cafe Bliss called Pure Green. I always get a quart of it when I am there!

7. An old, simple, favorite is one we call Sunshine Rising: 10 Carrots/ 4 Apples/ 1-2" Ginger ~Rees

That sounds delish! We need some Sunshine Rising in these winter days of North! I love it that these ingredients can be found locally at this time of year here, we've been drinking lots of carrot/apple/ginger juice in this house!

Thank you all for your beautiful juice masterpieces! I look forward to having you on and hearing more about your juicy adventures....

Sophia and I making an evening juice: baby bok choy/ cucumber/ celery/ apple/ lemon, and ginger.

With blessings and love,


Lisa said...

Thank you, Katrina and David! You guys are the best!

Raw Meeshie said...

Thanks so much!!! I will enjoy this membership!