Saturday, December 11, 2010

January Juice Feast.

Hello Dear Webworld Friends!

We are all tucked in for winter, and David is gearing up to coach yet another exciting group of people on their own Hero's Journey.

His most recent client just finished months of one-on-one coaching, and I thought you might like to hear about her experience first-hand (and there is an upcoming coached Juice Feast in two weeks!) Here is her experience in her own words:

"August 2010, I signed up for a 30 day coached juice feast with David Rainoshek. To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but my original intent was to nourish my body, lose a few pounds, get my blood pressure and cholesterol in check and balance my life – everything in my life was out of balance, I needed help. I'm a wife, a Mom to 2 small boys, employed in the high tech industry - I was wiped out and checking out of my life.

The first 30 days, I felt like a sleeping child whose Mom gently woke them up every morning – David prodded me - get up, it's time to wake up. Wake up? Where are we going today? I’m tired, I’m really tired. Wake up! Where do you need to go? Somewhere else. I was overwhelmed and eager to learn and do and change all at the same time. I learned how to meditate, big mind practice, bring my vitamin D level to normal, balance my intake and include essentials like fish oil, integral life practice, being mindful, read a few books, and started feeling my life again. Strangely enough, for the first 30 days when David & I skyped during our daily sessions, it was never about my juice, it was waking up my mind. And, wake up I did. I’ll add that I did lose a few pounds and my blood pressure and cholesterol are in the normal range – a good juice feast does wonders for nourishing and normalizing the body. But, my mind, oh my mind was going bonkers – I was thinking and being and living and smiling. David the entire time listened – sometimes I babbled, sometimes there was nothing to say, sometimes I just listened to David the coach giving me things to try, to experience, to do. I loved the fact David met with me every weekday– it allowed me to work on the challenges of day to day life.

I have to say that being coached wasn’t easy for me. During the process, I once wrote in my journal – David isn’t my friend, he is my coach. I’m glad he is brutal and honest, however I don’t like being coached anymore because it makes me feel ugly. I’m talking about and changing the things in my life that I don’t like about myself and that’s really uncomfortable. Instead, I’d just prefer to keep hiding. But…

For some reason my mind tells me to keep plowing ahead and even better things are going to happen in my life. David kept listening, offering guidance and I kept changing. David stays on as my coach for another 3 months. I quit the juice feast after 60 some odd days, I quit counting. During some conversation with David, he decides to tell me about somebody that died of smoking related causes. I drop the phone. It all resonates with me and a dagger is put into my back and twists so hard I am lost for a moment – yes, I smoke. I have smoked for 30 years. Quitting smoking wasn’t part of the coaching plan, or was it? It wasn’t. I’m mad, I’m angry, I confess that yes I’m cleansed from juicing but not cleansed from the toxins of cigarettes. Where do I go. David let me decide. I decide to quit smoking and David coached me through my journey.

I have to stop here and smile because as you read this you must know that I truly believe David invested some serious time into my life as my coach. We had a few extra talks on the weekend, he researched smoking, my ailments and detox symptoms, some of our scheduled 30 minute conversations went overtime, it was obvious the journey was more important than just being "a day job", he did more research, we laughed as my meditation brought on Harry Potter daggers into my forehead, he listened to me cry from physical withdrawal, also cry because I was so overwhelmed with happiness I couldn’t mutter any words, he offered more advice, gave more mindfulness practice, pushed me hard and 2 months later - I emerged. As a non-smoker!

I don’t know how to end what I’d like to pass on to anyone about coaching with David – perhaps I’ll just simply say – if you allow yourself to be coached, David might take you on a journey of discovery and change too –

I love my life,

If you are ready for this level of coaching, we look forward to hearing from you!

The January 2011 Juice Feast begins in two weeks! As I write this post, there are just three more spaces available in this amazing 30 Day Program! Here is the info:

January 2011 Juice Feast with David Rainoshek, MA

Have a dynamic, meaningful final few weeks as we move into the New Year.

All Love,

David, Katrina, and Sophia


JR said...

I just signed up for the 1 year subscription for the Juice feast. I want to juice feast for 92 days. How different is this from having the coaching? Will there be any support with the 1 year subscription? I must admit, the juice feasting website is a bit overwhelming, and I really don't know where to begin. What supplements or tools will I need? Is there a recipe guide? I would love coaching, but I thought the 1 year subscription would be good enough. Now, I am lost and not sure what to do.

Callie said...

Hi you guys! I just started my first ever juice feast a few days ago! I feel great so far! I am aiming for 60-75 days. I was wondering if there were contraindications for surgery during fasting. I had read that juice can be a blood thinner. Thanks for the great information about feasting!