Thursday, January 13, 2011

Body/Mind and the Gift of Connection.

Jump for Joy!

The January Juice Feast is now well under way!

It is always an exciting time in our lives when David is engaged in coaching a group Juice Feast, and it goes with out saying that growth and transformation never get boring to be around! I'm a sucker for a good Juice Feasting story, and I get to hear lots of them when there is a Feast going on.

While David treats his client's privacy with great respect, I have the honor and joy of sharing in some of the most amazing stories of personal development with him at the end of each day. We both share so much reverence for people's never ending journeys towards self actualization. It seems at times that there is so much to overcome and yet people persevere and move above and beyond even the most debilitating illness, hurt, loss, and trauma.

You are all superstars, every single one of you!

Something that comes up again and again for people who Juice Feast is a much deeper awareness of the body/mind connection. When you take the junk (food) out of your body, the mind really does become strong and clear. Life is much easier to navigate and more readily enjoyed with a mind that is strong and clear! Once this is an awareness that you have cultivated, it becomes much easier as well to choose to put the foods in your body that help to build a mind worth living with!

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha

I loved this email, which exemplifies the mind/body connection beautifully, from one of David's students. (Used here with permission):

"An observation: When I was out shopping for a few things for my family, I had a very different experience in the grocery store. I noticed faces more, or well, in a different way. I often notice faces...details of faces. I seemed more connected to the people who had those faces. More connected to their conversations. Last night when I was holding a bell pepper in my hands and was about to tear it apart for my juice prep, I was slightly saddened to be tearing it it was a being, and had its own being-ness. I thanked it, and was just struck by this never-before felt connection with a bell pepper. Yesterday I was looking at the dashboard of my car and noticing many details of how the designers made elements smoothly transition together, how the door lock-unlock tab looked smooth and well balanced (design-wise) when it was locked and unlocked.

Hey, if this cleansing feast allows me access to these things, and if I can learn how to access these states...awesome! It's worth my whole life just in the knowing how to connect.

And one more observation: While at the grocery store I noticed that I was able to easily slip into a quiet-mind place. Just naturally able to be there, taking in the colors of the labels of soups stacked on the shelves -- could focus in to view more specifics or adjust out to partake of the mosaic rainbow. I could have a quiet mind and walk and watch/listen ... and it was quite delightful!

Have a great night! Look forward to whatever shows up between now and our chat. I really do appreciate your guided mentoring of this process. Thank you!"

~Rees Maxwell

Founder and Lead Instructor: Whole Earth Nature School

Founder and Lead Instructor: Dancing Sol - Early Childhood Nature Education Program

Love it! Thank you for sharing Rees, many blessings for your beautiful journey!

Have a Beautiful Day!

All love,

Katrina Rainoshek

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