Saturday, May 7, 2011

Are You On A Hero's Journey?

Hi Juice Feasting Friends,

What does the film Never Cry Wolf have to do with Juice Feasting?

The Hero's Journey!

I (David) addressed the connection at the Raw Food World Conference here in Vilcabamba, Ecuador this week in my two-hour presentation on Juice Feasting: A Modern Hero's Journey.

The film is based on Canadian writer and legend Farley Mowat's book Never Cry Wolf. The hero is sent on a government study into the arctic to study wolves - alone. It is a story of one person's solitary hero's journey of the call to adventure, trials, self-discovery, and finding perennial truths that society has forgotten.

The Hero's Journey is a going out, and a return, and during the talk I spliced in excerpts from Never Cry Wolf - the movie - to illustrate this path. I highly recommend both the short book and the beautiful film in building a knowledge and a felt-sense of what the Hero's Journey is.

If you are working to transform your life, you are on The Hero's Journey!! I have dedicated a whole Day of to this important mental / emotional / spiritual aspect of Juice Feasting and life transformation. I have a 50-minute talk on The Hero's Journey on that day, complete with an interview with Angela Stokes about her 92-Day Juice Feast.

Members can find this excellent Day here: Day 9: The Hero's Journey

You will also find a talk by Joseph Cambell on The Hero's Journey on Day 9, as well, along with a whole file I have created for you to download and enjoy.

(If you are not a member of you can sign up now and receive access to the entire 92-Day Program, with 92 Days of important files, videos, articles, information and inspiration to spur you on in your own Hero's Journey!!!)


The great psychologist Carl Jung asked himself, "What is the myth I am living by?" Jung, when he realized he did not know, wrote, "I took it upon myself to get to know 'my' myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks."

This question burns in many of us. What is the great story of my life?

If you want some help answering it, look to Joseph Campbell. The Hero with a Thousand Faces is an excellent book, and even more approachable is the series The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell presented on PBS. You can find it here:

Enjoy Day 9 of the Juice Feasting Program, and the discovery of the deep mythology and meaning of your life. You are on a Hero's Journey!

With peaceful steps,

David Rainoshek

Hanging out with my daughter Sophia between busy moments!

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