Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vitamin B-12!

Hi Friends and Juice Feasters!

If you are familiar with, my presentations, or the book I researched with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. called There is a Cure for Diabetes, then you KNOW I am an avid researcher.

Well, I am at it again. This time, it's Vitamin B-12, and the information is HUGE.

I am doing a
free webinar on Vitamin B-12 next Tuesday, May 24th, where I will present to you my latest research on this important nutrient that most of us are lacking - and that is SO EASY to fix once and for all. The Vegan community does not need to be low in this essential nutrient. You can click the video below to check it out:

Did you know: Even If You Eat A Raw Vegan Diet, You Are 80% Likely To Be Low In Vitamin B-12?

Low B-12 Means: Low Energy, Foggy Thinking, and Poor Digestion...and the research I have uncovered shows that low B-12 will actually create health conditions that can largely eliminate the GAINS you achieve by eating a plant-based diet!

Join This Free Online Training, Bust Through All The B-12 'misinformation', And Easily Raise Your B-12 Levels, Once and For All... With David Rainoshek, M.A.

Here's what you'll learn at this
live free online training:

+ The 3 ways to determine if you are B-12 deficient or not (most people have no idea)
+ The GOLD Standard for testing B-12 levels.
+ 3 Powerful Little-Known Methods to properly raise your B-12 levels and KEEP them there.
+ Which B-12 Supplements Are a COMPLETE Waste of Time (and money) and Might Actually Damage Your Health.
+ Why Your Doctor May Not Even Know Anything About B-12
+ The Most Common Signs Of B-12 Deficiency Including Ones You May Not Be Aware Of
+ Why most of the time Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Goes Completely Misdiagnosed.

Seats to this free online training are FREE, but they're on a first come first serve basis. Whether you are or ARE NOT concerned about your B-12, don't miss this, because low B-12 is so easy to miss (most people don't even know they're deficient)

...AND it's easy to fix... I'll show you how.

Click here to register!

See you soon!


David Rainoshek, M.A.

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