Saturday, November 3, 2007

Red Mountain

The Hike Of The Day Off

Today we decided that it was a day off (sort of). So we went for a hike up Red Mountain. Now the sun has set, and no we couldn't stay away from to computer ALL day so here we are. We are trying to take at least one day a week is much healthier than not having a day off ever!

David is talking to Blair right now, who is now in Spring, Texas. We got to visit with him as he was on his way across from L.A.,and he is doing great. Go say hi to him here!

It feels so good to have spent most of the day outside. I love the feeling of sunshine in my cheeks. We didn't get out of the house until around noon, and so walked for the most part in the hottest time of the day. It being November, that was OK, and we were in the shade of Red Mountain scrubby trees for much of the way too. We had a gorgeous picnic up at the top of oranges, raisins and cashews, looking out over the sea of Arizona hills.

When David and I first did that hike, we had just fallen in love... so it was really sweet to re-hike it even more in love than before!

Enjoy your juicy moments,

love Katrina.

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