Thursday, October 2, 2008

A 1 Day and 114 Day Juice Feast

Hello Dear Friends!

We are sitting here watching the rain through our window, enjoying the gentle arrival of fall on Canada's west coast. My tan is quickly fading and memories of Arizona sunshine and clear blue skies are going to go a long way this winter I can tell already!

I have not yet written about how amazing it was for David and I to meet so many people during Raw Spirit who had Juice Feasted! We were floored by how many stories of grace, healing, happiness, and strength that we heard. Even those people who shared stories of what they called "failures at Juice Feasting" said that over-all it had been an amazing learning experience and that Juice Feasting was something they wanted to try again at some point in the future.

For the record, a two week Juice Feast when one has set out to Juice Feast for 92 Days is not a failure! Two weeks is an impressive length of time to go on just juice! Even if you Juice Feast and decide you never want to do it again, bravo! Juice Feasting is just part of the gentle process of continuing to spiral upwards in health, and some of us need 1 Day at a time, some of us two weeks, some of us 114 Days!

114 Days??!!! A very special young woman is breaking out of her 114 Day Juice Feast today, and we have been very blessed to have her with us on our Juice Feasting Forums.

You can read Lilly's Blog in its entirety here, but here are some of my favorite bits:

From Day 83

"This summer and juice feast seems to have passed in a blur of good vibrations. As I shed the old and welcome the new, I realize what a miracle it truly is to have nature cure my illnesses.

Today, at my colon therapist's office they noticed me smelling the flowers, and asked about my pollen allergies. I realized at that moment that I haven't had any allergic symptoms since juice feasting. None, nada, zippo. In fact, I live near a park where I walk my dogs every morning, and haven't had any symptoms since juicing. Gosh, I'm happy to be runny rose free :)

Making my green juices has become a daily ritual. I can whip up thee greenness like Rosie The Robot from The Jetson's. As for my energy level, some days I sleep soundly, whereas other days I have boundless energy and read on until the middle of the night. Throughout the day, I tend to have good energy as long as there are 6 mason jars full of juice at my disposal :)

My eczema is clearing up well, about 3/4 of the psoriasis is cleared away allowing the new "me" to shine through. It has been 8 years with eczema... 8 years of wearing turtlenecks, of becoming more shy because of my "shell". When strangers used to stop me to say hi to my dogs, I would notice them glance at my neck eczema and then back at my eyes. It used to make me feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, and shy. But lately, the strangers I have encountered seem to pay less attention to my eczema. I'm happy people are starting to see me for me, not the eczema, or fear of getting eczema.

More than my skin has evolved... I feel more calm and content. I don't crave anything or feel like I need as much. I hope I can find the right words to convey this feeling. I want less... of everything, even the juices. I may feel thirsty, but I drink the juices for nutrition, there are no cravings anymore.

My thirst to learn new things has increased. I can sit for hours, often from 6pm-midnight lost in a great book. This was not the case before the juice feast. I used to have a hard time concentrating. For example, I would read for an hour, but then I would need to do something else- like clean, play the piano, check my e-mail, etc. During the juice feast though, my mind was stronger. I can't emphasis this huge change enough. My mind has become more clear, connecting words, and ideas more easily. This was not the case before my juice feast. Curious enough... my schedule now is more hectic then it was prior to the feast. So, I firmly believe the juice feast has cleared away old matter that has clogged my body and bloodstream; leaving a more lucid and clear flowing body and mind."

From Day 100:

"Today is Day 100 of my Juice Feast. It's hard to believe a hundred days have passed and gone by so quickly. So much has happened in the pass 3 months physically, mentally, and spiritually for me. This has had a big effect on the actions of my daily life. Physically, my eczema has 90% cleared and I lost a little weight.

Mentally, I have been able to concentrate for 6-8 hours and read books cover to cover for hours. I just fall into a zone every evening. I'm amazed. Spiritually, I find myself more calm, relaxed, and wanting less. I feel content and happy with less things. All in all, this has transformed my life for the better.

Gosh, I went into the juice feast looking to ease my eczema a bit... but I found so much more. Life is truly a blessing. I'm so happy to have been able to heal my health. It is very freeing to take control of your health. I'm continuing to juice feast one day at a time until my eczema is more clear. I'm almost there. And it has been great to have the loving support and supervision of some amazing colon therapists.

Thank you to the people that have done this before me, that have lead the way, that have provided answers for the future... you have helped me today and I am grateful.

Blessings and love to you,
Lily flowa" Before and After Photos

Goodness! Sometimes (oftentimes) this whole business makes me rather teary eyed! Congratulations Lilly and many blessings to your journey onwards and upwards!

If you don't feel like 114 Days of juice is calling you just now, let me share a little story from ~n~, who just recently did a 1 Day Juice Feast:

"I'm very pleased to say that I made it through an entire day yesterday on juices (yes, it really CAN be done!). Officially, I guess I did a one-day juice feast! :) I made a lot of juice in the morning so that I would be able to just get something whenever hunger struck throughout the day. I made different mixes of kale, celery, beetroot, romaine lettuce, carrot, apple, and plum juices (nice rainbow, eh). I feel really good about the amount of greens that I got into me.

In Dr. Walker's book he says that kale juice, like cabbage, can cause gas to bubble up in the intestines as it allows the waste matter to release and be carried out. I don't know that I could actually drink a glass of it straight (but what he says is quite true)!

It was amazing to me, that even just one day of juicing could cause such massive change in my body - not only the effect of the kale juice, but also the mucous that came pouring out (sorry if that's tmi)... I couldn't decided whether it was the cold I thought I'd been fighting off or a detox symptom. I'm quite sure it was detox though because the odd thing is that there was a little sleep coming out of my eye corners (during the day) and my sinuses were quite plugged by the end of the day, but fine this morning (and if it was a true cold, I'd expect it to be the opposite).

Monday night I stayed up until 3:30 making travel plans. I simply wasn't tired and felt invigorated after having a pink bath (which aids in releasing anger and aggression, helps to build compassion and loving kindness) with rose essential oil and rose petals - sounds extravagant, doesn't it! And despite staying up half the night, I was up at 8 without too much struggle. Last night, however, I slept solidly from 10:30 until 8:30 this morning - a solid 10 hours. Usually I'll get 8-10 hrs of sleep, but it'll have been disturbed at least once, between the children & the dog. It felt wonderful to have an uninterrupted sleep of that length. I used to have issues with sleeping in (thoughts like "what a waste of your day! get up and get going!") but I have since learned to see it as very restorative and important for good health and well-being, and I must admit I live a rather pampered life that I rarely get up to the buzzing of an alarm clock.

I haven't yet "broke the feast"; this morning I'll be having some cantaloupe juice to start the day. Maybe I'll just keep going on this fast for the time being. Just taking it one moment at a time..."

~n~ you are absolutely right about sleep being a very important part of your day! Thank you so much for sharing and congratulations on your 1 Day Juice Feast! To read more of ~n~'s blog, follow this link.

What juice did YOU have today? David and I both had half a quart of cucumber, celery, kale, bok choy, beet, carrot, apple, pear, lemon and ginger juice for breakfast. WOW, talk about yummy nutrition! A little on the sweet and complex side of things, but a nice breakfast juice treat.

And, because we are not Juice Feasting right now we also had a bowl of chia pudding magic with blueberries, strawberries, maca, bilberries, and noble mushroom powder. Yum.

With much love and blessings for a beautiful day,

Katrina Rain


Honkey said...

The superhero Rainoshek family is helping heal people around the world, and I am one of them :)

Bless you,
~lily flowa

~n~ said...

I am honoured that you mentioned my blog on yours, Katrina & David! Since that first day, I've included juices most days and am gradually building up to a longer juice feast (30-45 days). Knowing I could make it through one day has given me confidence and helped me to be more fully present in each moment. Many thanks for your support, ~nicole~