Friday, October 10, 2008

Apples and the Alaskan Adeventurer


Earlier this week David and I were lucky enough to go for a Fall Day Sail with the family over to an island where there is an ancient old apple orchard. I am in heaven! I am a huge apple fan, and to have access to wild grown apples is a dream come true, a moment in Eden! Nothing compares to fruit fresh off of the tree, and we all filled as many bags as we could with the glorious juicy globes!
Picnic by the ocean. Wild plum fruit leather, flax crackers with sprouted chick pea hummus, fresh tomatoes from the garden, nori sticks, grapes, and APPLES!! Oh, and raw chocolate treats from Cafe Bliss.
Happy picnic people, even Heather had a day off from Cafe Bliss!
Apple Tree and an apple fairy, no, wait, it is Heather!
Apple Orchard nap for Constanze.

One of my favorite tidbits from Raw Spirit Festival was from a David Wolfe lecture in which he was discussing the amazing levitational elements of the universe, and that when Newton wondered to himself that day when an apple fell on his head "why did the apple fall down?" he should have in fact asked the question "how did the apple get up there in the first place?"

Love it! Apples are full of levitational elements, I can feel it! And when you really think about it, it is like magic that such thing as an apple, full of fresh organic water, minerals from the soil below, enzymes, sweetness, crunch, and sunlight, could arrive suspended up in the air, just calling to be picked and enjoyed!

So, there we were in an orchard full of apples, having a picnic with an Alaskan Adventurer, who was on his way via KAYAK from Alaska to Seattle! An amazing feat of physical and mental determination, and of course the subject of food, and raw food came up as we were all sitting there adventuring in the trip of eating raw food.

He mentioned that it had been difficult to include many fresh foods in his diet during his 3 months out kayaking, and he also commented how good it felt to be eating so much fresh food! He also told us that his goal with food while on this adventure was simply to eat as many calories as possible, and that as a result he was beginning to feel the effects and had symptoms of acid reflux.

When you are burning so many calories as the Alaskan Adventurer, eating as many calories as you possibly can does not show up as weight gain, but it still does take its toll on all of your organs if you are eating foods that your body was not built to use (processed starch and sugars and animal products in particular.)

Following is a entry written by David:

One of the things I talked with our Alaskan Adventurer about was his health, post-adventure. In 1999, I walked the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and in the process of doing that seven-month adventure (the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest seventeen times), I pushed my acid reflux / toxicity issue to its max. I was eating 36 eggs in a day on some days, anything to get enough calories into me! After being sick for three years, I finally discovered plant-based raw food nutrition, and things cleared up in weeks.

I shared this story with the Alaskan Adventurer, and he said that he too was developing acid reflux during the trip. We talked about the difficulties in bringing enough fresh food to supply the 5,000-8,000 calories a day you burn on such a trip, and I passed along some of my post trip tips to him:

Make Green Smoothies
Use Spirulina-Chlorella-E3Live
Blend/Juice Celery for Organic Sodium (lines the stomach, alkalinizes)
Regain Weight using Greens, Nuts and Seeds, and if suitable, quinoa, buckwheat and rice - NOT Meat and Dairy, Soy and Processed Sugar
Move Your Center of Gravity up the Spectrum of Diet towards Raw/Live Foods
Get 1 Quart of Water with MSM (anti-inflammatory) in Each Morning, post-trip. Continue to drink enough water throughout the day.

He also knows about Juice Feasting, so if he needs a supportive cleanse post-adventure, he can do it. Needless to say, after suffering so much after my Appalachian Trail adventure, it was a pleasure to pass along the info that would have saved me three years of hell - but at least it did help me resolve my health challenges before more years passed. So, if you are on an adventure, and the foods you have access to are a little down on the Spectrum of Diet, remember these points above, or pass them along to other heroic adventurers out there! - David Rainoshek, MA

Eat your greens!

C'est tout, mon ami!

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Lisa said...

I found a book at work called the Botany of Desire
It has tons of history of the apple in the first section of the book. I'm not quite finished with it yet. I've never been a huge fan of apples, but last year I discovered Honey Crisp variety and I LOVE THEM.
Anyhow, the book is quite interesting so far, so if you have a chance you might want to give it a peek.
Looks like a really fun picnic and day.
Pixy Lisa

Courtney Pool said...

So basically, I love your life. I love hearing about your life. I love that you live your life, and that you love your life. I'm grateful for your love, your life, and being able to witness your life! YAYYY!!