Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disease is Preventable

Last night David and I jumped for joy when we heard Obama say on national television that heart disease and diabetes are preventable diseases, and therefore we must do what we can to educate people on how to prevent these illnesses. After years of everyone in the mainstream media, and doctors as well, claiming that diabetes has no cure, and that heart disease is hereditary, this is a bright and shining statement in a slew of untruth! Especially from someone running for President! Just imagine, we could have a President of the US who knows that heart disease and diabetes are preventable diseases! Perhaps he will even find out, if he doesn't know already, that both these diseases, and many others, can be reversed with a plant based diet! I am visioning it baby!

Obama also scored points with us when he said that parents must start to take responsibility for their children's educations, starting by turning off the TV and video games.

Ah yes, it is the simple things.

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Kyle Ellen Nuse said...

Awww...I have such renewed hope and excitement for our future! I was thinking that we should all write Obama letters of gratitude for his keen awareness on prevention, but to also remind him that alternative medicine needs to be apart of the health care reform equation! It always breaks my heart when folks have the desire to try a more holistic approach but then can not afford to do so. Of course, if they consider how much they spend on insurance and co-pays really they can afford to go elsewhere, but I think it would help tremendously if it was made more accessible to people with health care.
Love all your last posts as usual!When I was home in Vermont a few weeks ago we made the most delicious fresh apple cider by hand. It was heavenly.....

All heart,