Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Closing the Feast!


We've come to the close of the January Juice Feast! Today was the infamous "prune day," the day when solid foods begin to slowly come back in after an extended time of juicing. For more information on closing your Feast, be sure to check out Breaking The Juice Feast!

And, for a little inspiration, here is my favorite Feast Breaking video:

After her epic 92 Juice Feast in 2007, the beautiful Angela Stokes-Monarch shared her first prune and inspired many to embark on Juice Feasts of their own. Here she discusses her Juice Feast, just prior to breaking the feast with her first meal in three months... Recorded live on Feb 20th, 2007.

Read more about Angela's juicing and raw journey at

Congratulations to all who joined in on the January Juice Feast, may your adventures continue with blessings!

All love,
Katrina Rainoshek

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