Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts From Kyra and Baby Smoothies

I enjoyed this beautiful passage today, borrowed from the pages of The Green Room (our membership forum) :

January Juice Feast. Day #6

"Yesterday I was very much enjoying and deeply appreciating the arrival of the longed-for sensation of peace and relaxation that Juice Feasting brings ... one of its greatest gifts. I've done many Juice Feasts, some long, many short, and this is the first time I am consistently incorporating an easy and effortless daily meditation and deep breathing, and what a difference this makes. It is a boost into the stratosphere of feeling wonderfully empowered about life, bringing a peaceful feeling that anything and everything one desires can be manifested via focused attention and allowing. I love how Juice Feasting facilitates new thoughts, sweeping away the limitations of yesterday, and building a momentum of positivity that grows day by day."

Beautifully in line with what we hope for all those Juice Feasting: an awakening into possibility and a loving boost in personal growth!

And, just for fun, some smoothie pictures with the little one!
Snowdrop and smoothie and little one dancing, waiting for her lunch.Serious smoothie drinking. She drank down all 8oz of this one, it is a keeper! (Apple, spinach, blueberry, and banana.)
The smile she gave me when I said "smile for the camera!"

Enjoy your moments!

All love and light,
Katrina Rainoshek

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