Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nori Roll Lunch

David and Nori Lunch (notice his cute little table of a stack of books)

Katrina and Nori Lunch at the True Home Cafe.

Most afternoons find David and I sharing a big, giant salad, but on this day we made some very special nori rolls with David's brazil nut pate. YUM! They also had avocado, carrot, red pepper and baby greens.

I keep wanting to write about the story of the year for David and I, but I'm waiting for the accompanying photos to be put onto our computers so I can add those to the story too! Check back in a few days for our exciting news and photos.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...ah, it is so nice to live a life where I feel a deep sense of thanks every single day. My wish tonight is for everyone to realize the power of gratitude, and to indulge in it no matter what their life holds right now. I know that even in my darkest, saddest moments, as long as I could keep a spark of thanks alive for my life, joy will always flood back in. A dear friend of ours is going through a rough patch right now that is similar to a rough patch I went through as a teenager, I have been re-tracing a bit today. All I can feel despite all of it is an amazing sense of wholeness, synchronicity, and flow. Despite, or because of, our hurts we are still so amazingly ALIVE! Gratitude is powerful. You can even say thank you for this bummer of a time! By being thankful for everything, you allow much grace into your life, and with grace comes beauty.

We will be going to the Tree of Life for a big Thanksgiving feast at lunch time. They are planning on serving 300 people! We'll see how many arrive, I'll let you know. It is a potluck and we were going to bring David's Nori Crackers, but we don't have any Brazil nuts and no where in Patagonia sells them, so we will have to come up with something else tomorrow morning. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and to eating at the TOL cafe again, it has been awhile. David and I keep meaning to go up there for brunch, but then we always seem to get too busy on the weekends and end up eating here at the True Home Cafe.
Thanks for YOU!!
With Gratitude and Love,

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