Saturday, November 10, 2007

Staying, Walking, Writing, Playing.

David on an afternoon walk
David on an afternoon walk along Emily Lane.

Katrina on an afternoon walk along Emily Lane.
Katrina on an afternoon walk above Native Seed Search Fields.

David doing push ups in front of our little palace on the hill.

Well, I wanted to tell you all that after much debate, David and I have decided to stay here in Patagonia. There are many reasons behind our decision, including walking, writing, and playing.

The first reason, walking, is that we live out in the country here, and we love our morning and afternoon walks.

The second reason, writing, is that we work very well here in our quiet little house on the hill. Which, by the way, is now ours and ours alone! For 8 months we shared this little house with two lovely friends, and we had the front room, they had the back room. So we have now gone from living in one room with a sheet in the doorway to having two rooms! We felt that living in a small space was very good practice for living on a boat, which we both want to do one day soon. We managed quite well, if I may say so myself, living and working and sleeping and eating all in one room! Of course, we had the wide open Arizona sky to stretch out under, and we happen to be soul mates, so living in small quarters was really cute and lovely. And very easy to keep clean!

The third reason, playing, is that we are near to all of our dear friends at the Tree of Life here, and we like that. And, well, it is great to live in a sweet little town where you can have social hour every time you hit the post office or health food store, bumping into familiar faces at every turn. Being a small island girl, I really like that.

So what does that mean for the Global Juice Feast, headquarters in San Fransisco? Well, we are working on that one. We will live there one day, I promise myself (I love that city and the ocean calls me), but for the moment we are planning on spending the first ten days of our 92-Day Global Juice Feast in SF holding juicy workshops, and then coming back to AZ. With the Internet at our fingertips, we could really be anywhere, and so can you! We are planning on doing daily vlogging, so that we can all stay in touch. It is going to be so much fun, I can't wait!

I recently read on the blog of a young woman who is Juice Feasting up in Canada right now how she felt that she was Feasting in part as a way of cleansing her body for growing babies! AHA! David and I were both really excited to read that, because it is one of the main reasons that I want to JF, as a gift to our babies. We want them to enter the world through a door with the most life force possible, to be welcomed into the most nutrient dense embrace, and to be nourished by magically high vibrations. It really is a blessing, to be able to begin looking after my children before they have even been conceived, to be loving them with everything I eat, and everything I do. Yes, David tells me that everything I eat is an act of love for our children, and this is true. It is something we can all be doing, regardless of age, gender, status, and wealth, is to eat for the love of our world's babies. Your life affects so much more than just yourself, and it is such an expansive, healthy feeling to realize this. It also makes it much easier and more joyful to engage in something that can be challenging at times, such as eating a live food diet, or as Juice Feasting. You take it out of the personal, and engage yourself with the massive community that we are a part of, you are eating not just to feed yourself but to feed the human race. You are choosing to not eat dairy not just for yourself but for the whole world.

There is a lovely book called Me to We by two brothers who have made it their life's work to remind people that our greatest joy comes from being loved and being free to love. From their site: "The book that’s showing the world that one person can make a difference is now a New York Times Best Seller! Me to We is a philosophy, a manual, a manifesto and a movement. It's about finding meaning in our lives and our world by reaching out to others.

Authors Marc Kielburger and Craig Kielburger, founders of Free The Children, uncovered this philosophy through their work in more than 50 of the world's richest and poorest countries and with some of the greatest spiritual, political and social leaders of our time. And in this best-selling book, they make it relevant in today's modern world."

I read bits and pieces of this book about a year ago, just before I moved to AZ, and it made a big impression on me, gave me courage to act as though the whole world depended on my success (because the world depends on every single one of us), and reminded me to act as though I was a very important part of the human race. When we all position ourselves as members of the planet, wonderful, wonderful things start to happen, and we are not alone. Your failures are not yours alone, and your achievements are shared by all. I don't know about you, but I find this helps me enormously whenever something not so positive is nagging at my sub-conscious, even something as small as say, oh, a piece of pizza. We can all access a vast amount of support to make wonderful decisions for ourselves when we pause to remember that the whole world is there at our side, affected by every last little thing that we do. Oh, and also remember that the whole world is there loving you when you are doing those things that are not the best, as long as you are doing your best and making movement towards excellence. We all start walking from where we stand.
"You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!"
-Eckhart Tolle

OK, we are getting ready for David's talk in Tucson tomorrow with Health Ranger Mike Adams! Looking forward to it, should be TOF (tons of fun, an acronym from childhood). I'll let you know how it goes. Time for me to make lunch, will be a salad, but we did have juice for breakfast just to feel connected to all you Juice Feasters out there, yes we got nice and sticky this morning and tuned into the Juicy High!

All my love,


Courtney Pool said...

This is such a beautiful post! We are sooo overjoyed you are staying, although you know we'd be excited for you no matter what you choose! You two are the best!

rineke said...

Katsie - I love that you are taking care of your babies with such love before they are born, reading this made my heart soar with joy. Love your ma who cherishes you deeply.

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

AHA, see, my mom is not old fashioned at all! Leaving me notes on blogger, such a clever mom! I love you too mama.