Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Secret of Juice Feasting

Mike Adams and David Rain point out The Secret of Juice Feasting and show a day's worth of juice before it has been juiced!

David waxes poetic about the magic of juice.

Mike studies one of the Junk Food Face Off contestants while David explains why Twinkies are so bad.

David and Katrina and baskets of pre-juice produce. How could you not experience health if you are drinking that much fresh produce daily?!

Well, it has been a beautiful, busy few days since I last wrote.
The event on Sunday was a big hit, and the Health Ranger not only runs an amazing website, but puts on a fantastically informative, entertaining show too! The seminar, Stop the Poison Start the Healing, began at one o'clock with Mike Adams' Junk Food Hall of Shame. This was an in-depth look at just how many crazy, toxic things are being added to our food and how important it is to eliminate them from our lives. Mike makes it clear that when you are shifting your diet towards health, you can begin with something as simple as reading labels! Just start paying attention to what you are taking into your body. Check out Mike's Honest Food Guide for more information.
This was followed by the Junk Food Face Off, a crazy competition between Mike and David to see who could come up with the worst processed food. Sadly, they both came up with infant formula as one of the top offenders. How could this be? How is it that one of the worst, unhealthy foods is being sold to us by corporations to feed our babies? The formula that they both choose was 54% straight, processed sugar, with soy protein isolates to boot, soy being one of the top ten known allergens! Now I don't hold any judgement against any mother trying to feed her baby, but I do feel a strong aversion towards any company profiting from the unethical sale of corn syrup solids masquerading as baby food. Go to Baby Milk Action for more information, and learn why 4,000 babies die every day from bottle feeding. Breast is best!

Mike generously named David the winner of the Fast Food Face Off for his Burger King mash up, in which he took a Burger King meal with a burger, fries, coke, and milkshake and dumped it all in a big, clear bowl to be mashed up. Seeing it this way makes it impossible to imagine putting all that into your poor stomach and digestive system, horrible mix of horrible food! We followed it up with a splash of Maalox, just in case the bowl got heart burn. I have to add that when David and I went to get the Burger King meal, the smell in the truck made us both feel sick! And the poor audience, I think they may have felt a little sick too, and when David asked if he should pass the mash up around for closer inspection there was a resounding NO!

After these antics, David did a presentation on Juice Feasting, which was followed up by Mike Adams sharing his favorite healing supplements. By the time Q&A was over, it was after six o'clock. I think every one left feeling very motivated to become a Health Food Super Star, and indeed the audience was filled with people with amazing transformation stories.

The Health Ranger Mike Adams also released the newly recorded Secret of Juice Feasting: A step by step guide to eliminating disease in 92 Days with nature's most powerful healing juices. This is a beautiful, 6 CD audio course in which Mike Adams and David Rain reveal the secret of Juice Feasting: What it is, how to do it, and the many ways in which this simple lifestyle change causes the body to heal itself from the inside out. It will be available to the public within a few weeks, watch for it!

Speaking of juice, I just had to brag a little bit that I made 3 1/2 quarts of green juice this morning in 30 minutes! Including clean up! So if you are in your first days of juicing and feeling like it takes an exorbitant amount of time, don't worry, you will refine your technique and get much, much faster at it. I used kale, lettuce, parsley, cucumber, celery, carrot, apple and ginger for an extra yummy juice.

Enjoy your juice and your moments!
With love and blessings,

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