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20 Days till GJF, Lets Brush Up!

Brushes (not quite the kind we're talking about today)
Hello !!!

Have you penciled in a time with your LRK yet?

Today we are going to add something to our Life Practices Tool Box that is really very simple, enjoyable, easy, and you don't need to practice at it but you will be so happy to do it that you will be gald you did (practice, I mean).


Here is something that you will want to add into your days long after your Juice Feast is over, so why not add it in now?

Following is a excerpt from Jack and Jill's Juice Feast blog:

The best things that I want to keep from the Juice Feast are: first thing in the a.m. quart of msm lemon water. This has been great; prioritizing hydration and including msm, which for some reason we'd never gotten into. I also want to have green juice every day. This is something we were generally doing before, but I want to amp up the quantity even more - this is something I CRAVE now - so funny since I thought I was getting tired of juice. We have decided to include a 1-day-a-week juice feast going forward in order to rest and cleanse. And daily skin brushing and daily rebounding are things I see no reason to discontinue.

Jack and Jill just finished a 30 Day Juice Feast and as you can tell they are not falling down the hill! They are doing awesome, and we are so glad that they have taken all of these great things and plunked them in to their tool box and go Jack and Jill GO!!

In case you haven't yet read about the magic of skin brushing, here is a bit from our site on the topic of silky soft irristable glowing healthy skin:

Before you get into the shower, use a dry skin brush to support your organs of elimination. At first, it may be a little scratchy, but give it a few days, you will come to crave it! One of the best statements on skin brushing comes from Dr. Jensen's Guide to Better Bowel Care:

Your daily regimen should begin with skin brushing for a period of three to five minutes. I believe skin brushing is one of the finest of all "baths." No soap can wash the skin as clean as the new skin that you have under the old. You make a new top layer of skin every twenty-four hours. Skin brushing removes the old top layer and lets this clean new layer come to the surface.

The skin is one of the five main elimination channels of the body, throwing off about two pounds of toxic material each day in the form of perspiration. The skin has been called the third kidney because of its ability to rid the body of toxic waste material. Do not hinder the skin by using oils, cremes, or other noxious glop that serves only to clog it in the name of beauty. Instead, see what regular skin brushing can do for you.

Skin brushing is accomplished using a natural-bristle brush with a long handle to reach those hard-to-get-at places. The whole body (except the face) should be brushed one-half hour after rising and prior to the morning bath or shower. You may wish to skin brush again before retiring for the night. Note the powder that comes off your skin as you brush. These are crystals of uric acid and other dried waste products that came out with the perspiration.

Always brush the skin when it is dry, and never expose the brush to water. Although the bristles may seem a bit stiff at first, this is because the brush is new and your skin is not yet used to the brushing. If you find the brush is too stiff, you may, just once, hold the bristles in hot water for no longer than one minute and no deeper than one-half inch. This will soften the bristles a little. However, it will not be long before you desire a stiffer brush! Your skin will love you for brushing it regularly, and you will love the way your skin feels and looks, too.

This is a great life practice! Please continue to skin brush each morning after the Juice Feast!

And why not start right now!? This will get you into the habit of fitting it into your morning routine and will begin to help your skin to be the best little (although it really is the biggest in size) organ of elimination that it can be! You will be opening and clearing out the pores so that they can better detox, and you will be stimulating your lymphatic system which is also very important to the process of detox.

Here is what Terilynn has to say on the subject:

I'm discussing the sensuality of dry skin brushing.

Have you tried it? OMG. It is an experience and a half. Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymph system, which enhances the body's natural detoxification processes.

Pretty simple and clinical, right? But it's doing good things for your body.

But have you ever done it on a daily basis?

Have you felt the natural, coarse bristles roughly penetrating the largest organ in the body while still wanting more?

Have you ever given yourself a sensual massage from toe to top every morning and starting your day off with the softest skin imaginable? Skin like silk?

The power of touch is an amazing thing.

It can make your mood lighter.

The more touches you give or receive, the better you feel.

Touching is a necessity for a healthy life and what better way to get your touch on than dry skin brushing?

Well, I can think of better ways but, I'm trying to keep this PG-13.

Inspired to start brushing it up? We certainly are!

I also just recently read an article in the autumn edition of Get Fresh! that brushing your facial skin can be of great benifit. This was new to me, as everything else I've read on the subject of skin brushing says to avoid the face. Tonya Zavasta encourages us to do otherwise:

I believe that face brushing is just as important as body brushing. Dead skin cells accumulate on the face, just as they do on the body. Some will slough off naturally, but these flaky, dehydrated cells need some help to "get lost." Body brushing and face brushing are essential components of a health and beauty regimen, and should be done daily.

And can you guess what kind of brush Tonya uses for her face? A shoe polishing brush!

After having met her at Raw Spirit Fest this past October, I think I will take her lead on this one. Her facial skin is AMAZING!
Alright, we'll see you tomorrow for.....lets make it a surprise! (AKA I don't know yet.)
All Love and Blessings,
Katrina and David Rainoshek

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gypsi323 said...

Looking forward to begining the Green thing. Question.. Can you give suggestions on how to plan for the greens?? Do you buy every day or like two heads of romaine and this will last all week?