Thursday, February 7, 2008

We've Got a Brand New Red Kit (Bag)!


A few mornings ago, David and I woke up and somehow the first thing we started talking about before we got up and on with the morning was......dunt dunt dunt dah......enemas!

We have been receiving a lot of questions in this area, and it seems that there are many of you out there who are still having trouble getting your heads around doing them.

We are fully compasionate to any feelings of trepidation in this regard. The first time I heard about doing enemas I went "WHHHHAT? you put what IN where and then FILL it with what?" But I can say I also had that reaction at age five when I finally figured out how the baby got in the belly, and I am so glad I got over that one. I am also so glad I got over my initial reaction to the Red Bag.


One main concern we have been hearing is that enemas are not "natural" and therfore we should be able to get by without using them. What helps in this case is to consider "natural" as something that helps the body along in what it is trying to do to keep you in a state of health and vibrant happiness. Your body naturally pushes old waste matter and toxins into the colon to be excreted, and it also naturally puts water into the colon to help waste move out faster when something needs to be gotten out quickly (this is called diarrhea).

Therefore - and this is very important - your colon and water are not strangers, and your colon as an exit for waste is not un-natural. We strongly encourage you to give an enema a chance, and we are sure you will be happy you did!

What is un-natural is all the years of strange foods you may have eaten, that your body has not known what to do with. Your body can end up storing waste mater and toxins in your cells and lining of your intestinal tract and colon, and so because of this un-natural practice of eating franken-foods we use a little water to help things out in a timely manner when we do a cleanse such as a Juice Feast. Funny that people have no problem putting the body of another animal or its milk down there, but plain water, waaaait a minute!

Here is an excellent summary of enemas from our Juice Feasting colleague Angela Stokes for more enema information:

Enemas are very simple and not painful - nothing to worry about ;) You can even see videos of how to do them on YouTube ;) They are discussed to a degree in my book 'Revealing the Physical Changes', which you can see HERE.Colon cleansing is EXTREMELY important while Juice Feasting - you won't be getting anywhere near the amount of cleansing benefits without doing some form of colon irrigation. Most of us are SO toxic and have so much to release - if you're not keeping up with that through internal cleansing, you can easily run into issues. Use a simple lubricant like coconut oil to help the process, take it slowly and I'd recommend some of the writings of either Dr Norman Walker (Become Younger, Colon Health) or my partner Mr Monarch (Raw Spirit, Raw Success) - you can also read many informative articles for free on Matt's website - see and go to ‘Articles’.If you really can't face the idea of enemas by yourself, maybe doing a PROFESSIONAL colonic would appeal more? Or use more Cascara Sagrada to keep things moving out of the system, or use other herbal formulas (e.g. 'Intestinal Movement Formula' by Healthforce), to move stuff is imperative to keep things moving in some way though, for optimal cleansing...Mucus is just clearing out of your body as a result of the DETOX you are triggering by Juice Feasting - DO AN ENEMA and you'll find this clears MUCH quicker - your body is just taking the opportunity to throw out stuff that's been building up for YEARS... Other things to help: do a sauna, sweat, exercise, tongue scrape, dry skin brush etc - just help your body RELEASE every way you can... ;)

Very well said, and please do help your body to release! There are some excellent resources listed here, so please follow up on them if you are unsure how to do and enema. You will find that the technology of enemas is a true gift and you will wonder why you ever squirmed at the thought.

While we are on the subject, David and I just got a brand new red kit in preparation for the Global Juice Feast. Have you got yours yet?

I tried my first ever enema only about a year ago. Constipation is something I have had on and off for years, depending on my diet at the time. When I first began eating 100% live foods I was eating LOADS of nuts, and of course I got stopped up. One such day I was headachy, antsy, bloated, and I really just wanted to go (now I had days like this before while eating cooked food, it wasn't raw food creating it, but I had always just waited it out) SO, I got out the kit and after all was said and done I felt like a new person. You know how wonderful a nice cool shower can feel after a long, hot, sweaty day? Well, imagine that but on your insides, leaving your whole body and mind feeling fresh and clean.

Just for clarification, David and I do not make a regular practice of enemas but we DO use them while Juice Feasting. For awhile, before my first 10 Day Juice Feast, I was doing an enema on any day that we traveled, because sitting and traveling always slowed things down for me. I am happy to report that post 10 Day Juice Feast I have not needed to use the kit for anything! My digestive system is working WELL baby!
As said on Day 4 of the Juice Feasting Program,
The bowel feeds every organ, every tissue, every cell in our bodies. When the bowel environment and function has become contaminated or inefficient, the cells and organs in the rest of the body will reflect that contamination and dysfunction. A toxic and acid bowel means toxic blood and lymph, toxic organs and cells, and poor health.

So you really do want to keep it, or get it, clean down there.

For more information on enemas, check out the Kitchen, Bath and Body page on our site here and scroll down the page till you find the kit, or go to Day 4 of our program for the download on enemas!

That all for today folks, enjoy your evening!

With Love and Blessings,

Katrina and David Rain

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