Monday, February 4, 2008


The first ever photo of David and Katrina together, one year ago, my darling!
I just found the following post from February 3, 2007, almost exactly a year ago. My how things have changed! At that point I had only been eating 100% raw foods for a few weeks...although I had tried several times to do so in 2006 I was not yet able to eat all live foods. 2006 was the beginning of my transition into raw foods, it took me a year to do so, and then this past year has been an even more intense transition in ways WAY beyond food. 2007 was RAW for me baby! It happened so fast I almost forgot to congratulate myself, which is good I guess.

Thought I'd share this lil'ol' post with you for fun...I was doing the kitchen apprenticeship at the Tree of Life Cafe, planning on going back to B.C. to open up a raw food cafe with my sister Hezi, and look where I am now! I can remember reading people's accounts of how raw foods changed their lives, relationships, jobs, countries, and more, and I thought to myself, sure you would feel healthier, but changing countries!? Come on! Well, here I am, after having done all of that and more. Happy as a flower, basking my face in the sun, soaking my roots in the stream.
From Feb. 3, 2007:

Malcolm and I in the TOL cafe with Saturday's brunch treat cake.

So here I am, finally feeling the sunshine in my cheeks as I go to bed.

Today was a beautiful sunny, warm day. Today I had my first craving for cooked food, and had a bit of sugar crash, felt like I was going to explode with irritation unless I got somewhere where I could be alone, all by myself, silent, quiet, steady, strong......I have been spending way too much time with people I think. So that passed fairly quickly, and the irritation went away, but I still felt like all I wanted to do was to be by my sister and/or by myself.

So here I am. Am just trying to stretch myself large enough to take all that I am being offered. I just need to be clear about how much and what exactly I want to take in.

I am currently overwhelmed, over saturated, and feel like running away. Sometimes lessons are so good they are scary.

Today we ate brunch in the garden. This photo (above) is the dessert that I made yesterday to have today, and it was so very amazingly good that I ate way too much, gave myself a cacao high, and then had a cacao crash which was really similar to a coffee crash, yuck. But the raw chocolate cheese cake was OUT OF THIS WORLD. And I had lots of fun decorating it too.....Over all I had a beautiful day with lots of beautiful people. Worked in the cafe with Gina, Renate, and Malcolm this morning and we had a blast. Brunch in the garden was lovely, and afterwards we planted a fig tree with a great amount of ceremony and love while I played with and held little Onawa, the perfect hobbit baby, Malcolm and Laura's little jewel. Then back up to the cafe to do loads of dishes and melt coconut cream for the desert tomorow, and then I was done my shift. David and Hezi came to meet me and we all went for an arrollo walk.

After walking, eating and reading, we played music with me, Hez, David, and Dandilion and that was fun. Then I had a shower, and now here I am. Incoherent. Can't form words into sentences about what I am going through with David because the whole experience is out of my realm so far.......will write on it when things fall into my grasp a little more......the whole thing is really quite wonderful.

So, with love and blessings, I go to sleep.
Well, I couldn't put words into sentences about how I felt about David because I was madly, faintingly in love, and I just keep getting sicker and sicker over him everyday...
Post-script: I no longer have those terrible sugar ups and downs (one of the many reasons I went raw was because I was experiencing bad hypoglycemia complete with dizzyness, fuzzy eye-sight, tingling skin, and more until I ate again) or cacao feasts and am loving the green life.
Today's menu was oranges and ginger tea for breakfast (most mornings will find us with a green smoothie), some of those out of this world rosemary-garlic nuts from Living Intentions, a bowl of green soup (loads of spinach, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, olives and water topped off with hemp hearts), dried mango slices and bee pollon for a snack, and oranges again for dinner. We can't seem to get enough juicy, slurpy citrus here in the desert. I am enjoying my food so much these pre-Juice Feast days and can't wait to see how my diet shifts after JFing. My diet? I can't wait to see how EVERYTHING shifts during/after JFing.
It is snowing in Patagonia right now. David just went out side to stand in it and brought white, gossamer flakes back in for me on his blue sweater.
And for the grand finish, we would like to announce that is alive, up, and running and it is just quivering with excitment that YOU might be the next member. David has been working very hard at it for the past few days, and is now putting together an announcement about it that will go out over the next few days. Please feel free to join no matter what your level of interest in juicing or Juice Feasting may be, our vision is to create a supportive environment where people can inspire and love one-another into juicy wellness and abundance!
How well the circle of a year has come together on this day!
Until we meet again, enjoy your moments!
Katrina Rain

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Heidi and JS said...

You two are adorable!

Thank you for sharing your story. JS and I have our story being one that is full of friendship and adventure...and of feelings so powerful we didn't know how to express them or define them for months.

And it's great that you have photos from that time in your togetherness!!

~ Heidi