Friday, February 8, 2008

Let's GOOOOOOOO!!!! 21 Days Till GJF!!

Let's add to our tool box of Life Practices!

Yes, it is true! Only 21 Days until we start out on our Global Juice Feasting Journey!

Today we are going to begin a series of pre-Juice Feast Blogs, so dive right in if you are looking for some fun and lets get READY!

Now, to begin, like any journey, you are never really ready until the ship leaves the dock and at that point you are ready no matter if you are ready or not because the ship is on its way! All you can really be is ready to take things as they come in. You may be someone who will pull everything together the day before embarking on your Juice Feast and then figure it out as you go along, and that is fine, it is a wonderfully andventurous way to travel and it works for many (I tend to travel in this manner).

But, if you want to prepare a little or a lot for your Juice Feast, lets get together and talk about what things you can be doing to make your journey as smooth and as plesant as possible (now in this regard we are talking about purely technical stuff, emotional stuff will flood in and out for you no matter how well you plan, juicers will break and juice will spill and enema kits will leak and your grocer will run out of your favorite spinach, BUT, if we at least know a few simple things we can deal with all this Hero's Journey stuff with much more grace).

We will start off today with something that follows in the footsteps of yesterday's blog: enemas. Lets practice doing one! Like Angela said, they are not painful and are no big deal, but if you are on your first day of your Juice Feast and have spent over an hour making your juice and cleaning up, and you still want to jump on your re-bounder for 10 minutes, skin brush, have a hot/cool shower and get dressed and out the door for work, doing an enema for the first time can seem a little over-whelming if you have never done it before. So, lets practice doing one while we have lots of time and we haven't just done 5 or 6 other things that we are not familiar with doing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Day in the Life of a Juice Feaster may seem like a lot at first, especially if there are alot of new elements for you. Take a deep breath and remember that in time all of these things will seem like second nature to you. This morning while David and I were skin brushing before our shower he said "You know, I think it might be easier to incorporate all the great things we suggest on Juice Feasting into a life than it would be to just incorporate one thing." I said "How so?" He said "Because you are really switching your life around. Rather than just trying to add in exercise while still eating a heavy diet and watching lots of t.v. people are doing all of these great things that enhance each other and support each other! We are making these shifts in the context of a greater life shift, so every Life Practice we are adding in is supported by the others." So, get excited about all the healthy things you are going to add into your routine because they really will make you shine!

Enema Kit Experience

Read the blog from yesterday and follow any links that call to you.

Set a time with your enema kit when you will not be under stress to be somewhere else and when no one will be knocking on the bathroom door. Let your house-mates know that you are booking the bathroom! The morning is the best time to do an enema - this is when you should do them on a Juice Feast - but they can be done any time of day.

Set up the bathroom so that you will feel comfortable. Make sure it is clean, warm, and lay down some towels to lie on and even bring in a pillow for your head if you like. Turn on some relaxing music or enjoy the silence.

Now, take your kit out of the box it came in and assemble it according to the directions. Say thank you to your kit for coming into your life, and for being there to support you through your cleansing journey. This Little Red Kit (LRK) is really a gift.

First of all, sit on the toilet to see if anything comes out vountarily. If it does, great, if not, great, on we go.

Fill your LRK with luke warm water (making sure to clamp off the hose first) and hang it from the shower curtain or some other sturdy, elevated thing.

Take the wee cup of coconut oil that you brought into the bathroom with you, and thank the coconuts that gave you their oil. Now, you should be naked at this point (at least from the waist down) so you can put some oil onto your bum (rectum) and onto the tip of the LRK (make sure you have used the enema pipe and not the vaginal pipe, some kits come with both).

Now, the most succesful way to take in the water is to get on the floor (on to your nice soft towels) on your hands and knees. If you don't feel comfortable doing it this way, or you have health challenges that prevent you from doing so, you can recline in your bathtub with your knees drawn up, or you can sit on the toilet and lean forward slightly. These methods do not allow for as much water to enter or as much colon cleansing, but they will work.

Once you have choosen your position, insert the lubricated enema pipe into Uranus (relax, breath deeply, and you should barely feel this at all)

Now, holding the enema pipe in place with one hand, release the shut off clamp with the other and the water will flow gently into your colon. Depending on your health realities, the water from your kit will empty quite slowly or rather quickly, don't worry. If you can't take all the water in at once, don't worry about it. Clamp off the hose, remove the pipe from yourself, sit on the toilet and relase what you were able to take in. Repeat.

If you are able to take in the whole bag of water, excellent! Now, clamp off the hose, remove the pipe from yourself and lie on your back and gently massage your colon area. Then, lie on your right side, then your left, then your back again putting your feet up in the air. Ultimately, try to hold each possition for 3 minutes. This is the super duper enema dance as we learned it from Dr. Gabriel Cousens, but if you don't have time for this, don't worry and just hold the water in you for five minutes.

"Woah! I'm getting funny feelings down there and I don't think I can hold it for nearly that long! I have to release RIGHT NOW!!"

OK! First try breathing your way through it. What you are feeling is paristalsis, the colon is getting ready to move stuff out which is great! Often it will pass after a little bit, so if you haven't had the water in you for five minutes yet, try to breath through the first waves of paristalsis. If you really can't, don't worry, get on the toilet and let it out!

We recommend keeping the water in for five to eight minutes.

Let it out!!!!! Your body will not release the water all at once, so sit on the toilet, or get up and skin brush and see if you have another movement that comes on.

Now, you can skin brush and hop in the shower.


Your Life Practices tool box just grew in very important ways!

If you don't feel all the wonderful things that people claim to feel after enemas (clean, clear, sparkling), don't worry. Just wait, you will when the time is right!

Most important: Don't worry!!

End of enematic discussions. For a different version of this, see A Day in the Life of a Juice Feaster!

Tomorrow lets talk about the importance of skin brushing!

Enjoy your juicy moments!

Love and Blessings,

Katrina and David Rainoshek


Ben Kaelan said...

I agree! Enemas rock! Especially cool to go shopping for different things to put up there; burdock root tea, cat's claw tea, organic coffee. Hehehe!

I'm so happy because, by my calculations, the eve of the global juice feast will make my halfway point through my own juice feast! So... I'll still have tons of mutual juice feasting time with you guys! :)

- Ben

Hanlie said...

I'm on Day 9 of my feast and loving it!

I am too scared to try enemas, since I'm so fat (over 300 lbs)that getting off the floor while "ready to blow" would just not work for me! So I go for a colonic once a week and I take Herbal Fiberblend daily. So far so good!

This is the best thing that's ever come my way, apart from my DH. It's the bridge that I've been looking for between my old, food addicted, binge-eating lifestyle and the way my husband and I want to live and raise our children. We are unable to conceive, so this is also a journey to parenthood for us. He's not juice feasting, but he's eating high raw.

Thank you for sharing all this information. It is changing lives all over the world - even here at the southern tip of Africa.

britanie said...

Thanks so much for this post on Enema's. I have been wanting to do them for awhile but I had a horrible reaction from trying a Fleet Enema like 5 years ago after suffering from severe IBS with Constipation. After using the Fleet Enema, I was in horrible horrible pain and ever since I have been turned off to enema's. Is there a DIFFERENCE between enema's with just warm water and enema's like fleet and other brands?? I would love to try my own but am worried I will have another reaction.... could it be that I had the pain from the chemicals in Fleet??? Thanks so much!

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Ben, we are really glad that you will be juicing with us too! And thanks for the encouragement of enemas.

Hanlie, Congratulations on Day 9! We are so glad to have you with us all the way from Africa! May we suggest doing your enema in the bathtub? That way when you blow, it will blow into the tub and can easily be washed down the drain (which is where it all goes anyways) Sounds like you are doing well with weekly colonics, but just in case you want to ramp up the healing, this is something you can try.

We are sending blessings to both you are your husband for a rich and wonderful Juice Feast and Raw time!

Britanie,Great question, and yes there is a difference between Fleet enema kits and a do-it-yourself re-usable water enema kit. We are sorry you had such a bad experience with that, but be assured that pure water should not cause you the same result. With IBS, we would recommend that you take it very slowly at first by letting only a small amount of water flow at a time and assesing how it is feeling to you. Also, you can Google enemas and Vitamin E. If you add Vitamin E to your enema water, this can be very healing for IBS. Look in to it!

With Blessings to you all,

David and Katrina