Thursday, February 28, 2008

Growing Pings and Poppies and Two More Sleeps!

Open wide, sweet poppies! There is a lot of sunshine coming in!

Good evening, how are you?

We had a great day yesterday picking up a crazy weight lifting contraption that is going to help us build some very vibrant, important MUSCLES!! We also went to pick up some produce...two grocery carts full!! Wow. For those of you curious about what David and Katrina got in preparation for their first days of Juice Feasting, here it is:

10 lbs of romaine lettuce
8 bunches of spinach (we would have got more, but the place we went to had a sad, sorry choice of spinach)
10 heads of celery
8 cucumbers
5 bunches of parsley
2 bunches of swiss chard
1 head of dandelion greens
6 bunches of kale
1 huge knob of ginger
3 heads of garlic
15 lbs of carrots
3 watermelons
6 pineapples
2 bags of apples
one box full of oranges
one box full of grapefruit

We left the grocery store with amazing looking carts! The girl in the line up behind us said "Are you guys raw foodists?" so of course we had to tell her about Juice Feasting. It is really exciting that someone would pick that up, rather than just thinking "these folks are obviously feeding a very large, produce chomping monster that lives in their basement." Raw food is getting out there!

As we packed the truck, our poetry reading, bike riding friend came over to trade some poetry for a tip, and we gave him some oranges as a poetry bonus. He told us that God had told him to come to the parking lot at that moment to see us, and that he really loves us, we said "we love you too!"

Somehow, along with the help of two coolers, we managed to fit it all in our fridge! We have a very small kitchen with a very small fridge (a little bar fridge) but lucky for us there is a full size fridge in the garage. I enjoy going out side to get my greens every morning, I think I should always keep my fridge outside, it is an unavoidable reason to go outdoors. It is much quieter too.

So is anyone feeling growing pings and poppies yet? (we used to feel growing pains, but lets not get pain mixed us with the flowering of our beautiful selves) Yes, it can feel like pain, but it is really just an expansion as you stretch to embrace the vastness and depth that is life. As our hearts open, it can feel a bit like a breaking apart. Lovely, more cracks for the light to get in!

I am feeling it, pings, poppies, openings, growing, and everything that comes with growing and opening up. It just goes on and on doesn't it?

We are getting heavy into Ken Wilber right now and just signed up for his website, An AMAZING resource, check him out! He will blow your mind, plant good seeds, hand you golden life skills tools, and much much more.

My last post I mentioned that we were going to watch some Ken before going to sleep, and we did. I had some awe inspiring dreams that night that I would love to share snippets of. Dreams have always been very bright guiding lights for me. Dreams give me access to the deeper places in me that get buried under daily stuff, my sub-consciousness that is finely and deeply tuned into the world's Wisdom.

I was in an apocalyptic moment, the world as we know it was drawing to a end, and the town were I was living was warned that the water was running out and that we all needed to evacuate, get as far away from there as possible, and go find water. I, among others, decided to stay. What we discovered as time passed, was that the water did run dry. It continued to flow from the taps, clean, clear, life giving. It was a revelation! We had been lied to! There was never any danger of the water running out, we just had to believe that there would be water, and there would be water.

I have had end of the world as we know it dreams before, full of explosions, screaming and other unpleasant things. What always happens for me though, after intense discomfort and distress, is that I am overcome with an overwhelming sense of peace. I realize that I CHOOSE to be here at this time, I wanted to be here, for whatever reason, at this exact epoch in history, and it is all well, and all will be well. In this case though, it was wonderful to realize that the end was not as real as we thought it might be. I really believe this to be the case in real life as well, lets not all go around thinking the end is near, but lets believe with all our hearts that the water will keep flowing clean and abundant, the air will be clean and fresh, the forests, the oceans, the fields, the mountains, all will be well!! When we truly believe this, we also live our lives in a way that will allow for life to flourish. I liken it to any holiday, take Christmas or Ramadan or Wesak for example, if enough of us believe in it, it happens!! What if we all woke up tomorrow morning, all of us, knowing that world peace was real? I think it will happen.

David and I had somehow ended up caring for an amazingly obese baby, it was not ours, but we were responsible for it. It was so heavy that we could scarcely lift it up, and we were trying to journey by foot to a far off village. I was thinking "what are we doing, looking after this huge baby!" and yet I knew the baby was very important, very precious, and very valuable. It had to be taken care of very well. It was a struggle to carry that baby, yet I loved it. Then, as the dream went on, the baby got smaller and smaller, lighter and lighter, until I didn't even notice I was carrying it. Oh what a precious little baby! I was so happy that I had worked so hard to bring it with us!

When I told this part of the dream to David in the morning he thought about it for a while. Then he said that the baby was signifying something new and very important to me, and at first that something was just too big to be comfortable. Then, as time passed, it became lighter and easier to carry. This is how I feel about new things often, especially important, life shifting ones. I felt this way about raw foods as well when I first started out, and now I barely notice that I eat in a radically different way than before (accept of course, I feel radically different and am in a life radically different.) This is how I feel about the information that Ken brings to the table right now, it is so huge and important I don't quite know how to take it all. So lets all carry our precious, heavy babies with love, knowing they will become easier and easier to carry as our hearts and minds grow to meet them!

The third dream snippet I wanted to share was one from David's dream:

I was here on Earth, and I couldn't find you anywhere. Then I found you, but it was just your image, and I could somehow talk to you through that image. You told me that you didn't know where you where, but that you had left your image behind!

This was really mind blowing to me because just before going to sleep I had read a bit from Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, and had been reading all about the world of form and non-form! He talks about the importance of releasing our perceived notions of importance of form in order to end ego, to end suffering, and I had gone to sleep meditating on the release of form. I didn't even mention this to David!!

I look forward to some even more amazing dreaming while Juice Feasting!

I am so glad that we are all here together, it brings tears of happiness to our eyes at least once a day.

Only two more sleeps!

With Love,

Katrina and David


hellobruna said...

Hi! I'm curious about you bill! How much did you two spend on those 2 full carts? I usually spend $115-150 every week for organic produce. Were all your fruits and veggies organic?

Thank you.

Bruna :)

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Hello Bruna!

We spent around $200 on our two carts! Everything was organic accept for the oranges, grapefruit, and watermelon.

We imagine we have about 5-6 days worth of greens, and longer of citrus, but I will post about that in future blogs.

We will also keep tabs over the course of the Feast, and figure out how much per day we are spending.

All love,


Linda in the Raw said...

Thanks for your lovely blog, website, forum, and all the wonderful info you share with the world!

I am on day 6 of my feast and had a good day today. However, yesterday was rough, rough, rough, so THANK YOU for the continual inspiration - I really needed it last night!

You guys are awesome! Happy feasting!!!