Saturday, February 23, 2008

If you can't have a flower shower, have a contrast shower!
Hello! I hope your Saturday was lovely.

Another short blog for tonight, as it is time to get off the computer.

New Life Practice
Hot/Cool Showers, AKA Contrast Showers. This is an excellent practice on any cleansing programme, such as a Juice Fast or Juice Feast. It is critical that we support the organs and processes of elimination, and using hot/cold treatment is an excellent and accessible, no-cost way to move lymphatic fluid and blood.

To use hydrotherapy on a Juice Feast, take a hot shower, and at the point in your shower when it is feeling like it is time to get out, begin cranking the water back toward cool, and leave it there for about a minute. Then slowly crank it back toward warm/hot for a minute, then back toward cool for a minute, and so on:

HOT shower 5-7 minutes
COOL 1 minute
HOT 1 minute
COOL 1 minute
HOT 1 minute
COOL 1 minute
HOT 1 minute
COOL 1 minute and out

Then get out of the shower, ending on cool, which is stimulating. When we do a Juice Feast or other cleanse, we usually do this with each shower as a matter of course, and have noticed that it is invigorating and is a valuable part of our cleansing reaction/healing crisis minimization, making life much more pleasant on a cleanse.

Also, make sure that you are filtering out the chlorine from your shower water, if necessary. Carbon filters are available online and at your local Whole Foods/Wild Oats. Exposing yourself to chlorine is less than the best idea, as you will learn on Day 33: Safe and Healthy Public Water.

Kitchen, Bath, and Body
Oral hygeine is really important to keep in mind not only in the morning, but throughout the day. Even your Green Vegetable Juices are a about 60% carbohydrate, so you can get a coating of plaque in your mouth if you do not rinse after drinking juice.

After you leave the shower, use a tongue scraper. During any cleanse, you will often find a yellow or white coating on your tongue, which many cleansing professionals over the years consider a reflection of your bowel toxicity. You may want to take your tongue scraper with you to work if that coating returns during the day.

Dr. Richard Anderson, in his excellent book Cleanse and Purify Thyself, has this to say about the tongue during a cleanse:

Many people notice that as they cleanse, their tongues turn whitish-gray and filmy, and the breath becomes more and more foul. This reflects what is happening in the digestive canal. As they drink fresh juice, mucoid layers will soften, and so they may notice that the abdomen swells. As more and more mucoid layers are removed, the swelling goes down, the tongue gradually becomes clearer, and the breath improves. This is a good gauge as to how clean a person is becoming, for when you are totally clean, the tongue will be shiny red (just like a newborn baby's). It will be free of all whiteness or film, and the breath will be sweet (unless we eat onions or garlic).

For more on oral hygeine and Biological Dentistry, including a discussion of Root Canals, Mercury Fillings, and Fluoride, see Day 44: Biological Dentistry and Teeth in the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program.
Today was closet cleaning day for us. What a lovely feeling! Tomorrow I think I will attack (with love) the windows.

What’s Ahead
Sunday rest and relaxation, darling, that's what!

Love David and Katrina


Jenna said...

David and Katrina,

Have been super showering like this--quite stimulating! And now on day 25, I'm finally able to get four quarts down JOYously. Hurrah!
In-joy your Sunday.

Much love and big warm smiles
Jenna xx

Ben Kaelan said...

I think those of us living in colder climates should be exempt from contrast showering! LOL. Seriously, I haven't been able to do them lately because it's so cold out... it feels like torture...which sucks cause I used to love contrast showers... I guess I should just suck it up! LOL

- Ben

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...


Jenna! We are so glad you are getting four quarts...more amazing nutrient density for you!!

Ben! Yes, it can be difficult in the cold (I don't think I even considered them while living in Montreal, even though I knew all about the benefits) Here is what you can try though, instead of hot/COLD, do hot/COOL! You don't have to go very far cool to be very far cool if you know what I mean. Also, for those of you in cold climes, end on hot, instead of cool.

Thanks for reading!