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By David and Katrina Rainoshek © February 2008

In the Hero’s Journey of Juice Feasting, your aim in the beginning is to re-establish health, but upon completion you recognize that Juice Feasting is more than a means to physical renewal—it is the actualization and realization of your highest potential as a human being. The Journey is Awakening itself. You become a modern hero – not in an ego-centered way, but as an individual who, with great compassion born of experience through the trials, transformations, and insights from your own Journey, hears the cries of the world, and offers a way out simply by the virtue of your deep, vibrant, and conscious daily life nourished by food eaten as an Act of Love.
– David Rainoshek, M.A.

IT IS NOT OFTEN IN LIFE that one receives a Call to Adventure as strong as Juice Feasting. Few adventures in modern life contain the possibility of such a substantial, positive, long-lasting reorganization of one’s being – physically, dietarily, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially… Particularly outside the confines of any one of the major world religious traditions, a round-the-world sailing trip, thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, having a child, or any of the many other life-transforming experiences in which we may partake.

This moment – this time – is very important in your life, and the decisions that you make now are to dramatically effect not only your present moment, but your future and that of people you have not yet encountered.

By taking up the Call to Adventure to Juice Feast, heal yourself, find your archetypal self, and discover the limitless possibilities lying dormant in your being, you become one of the most important people on this good earth at a potent hour in our history.

You are aware of our challenges: overweight/obesity at near 75% in the U.S.; millions die each year from heart disease – entirely preventable by diet; one out of three children born today will develop diabetes; hypertension and high cholesterol pharmaceuticals top the list of most prescribed drugs. The diet and lifestyle that has created these, and a multitude of other preventable and reversible conditions, is also leading to the destruction of our finite resources: arable land, clean air and water, and with these losses go flora and fauna.

Juice Feasting, as discovered by John Rose, and developed by David and Katrina Rainoshek of, is designed to be THE DOOR through which we can walk to address all of these challenges in one beautiful synergy, without guilt or shame, while cultivating the greatest potential in ourselves as individuals and as a society.

“Juice Feasting is an Act of Love.” – David Rainoshek, MA

For any adventure, it is important to be well-prepared, and a competent guide can help you with the initial exciting weeks of discovery. I (David) have been practiced periodic fasting over the last 12 years, and have been Juice Feasting since 2003 when I met the discoverer of Juice Feasting, John Rose. To date, I have Juice Feasted on three major occasions, my longest Feasts being 65 and 92 Days. Over the last 5 years I have educated thousands in the practice, and have personally coached hundreds of individuals in their own personal Feasts.

What Katrina and I are finding is that as we have developed the preparation side of our 92-Day Juice Feasting Program (which includes the aspects we will discuss below), our students have, understandably, been far, far more successful in transforming their health challenges, meeting and exceeding their goals, and with a joy and enthusiasm that we have the great privilege of hearing about on a daily basis.

Getting Your Juices Flowing is designed to augment the free Juice Feasting Intro on into a daily, progressive format. We are going to give you some priceless ideas, and water seeds in you that will support this beautiful transformation you have drawn into your life. Never before has answering the Juice Feasting Call to Adventure been such an abundant, exciting, understandable, and engaging direction to take one’s life.

Time. You have two weeks that we have created for you to prepare for your Juice Feast. You may be new to all this information, and it is crucial to understand that you do not need to take everything in all at once with perfect recall. This ain’t high school or graduate school. Establish now the practice of returning to information in a relaxed and open manner multiple times to help your conscious and subconscious mind assimilate what you need. We have made this preparation fun, and engaging. You are going to make new friends, and learn things that most people do not know – but should. We, as your coaches, understand how personal food and health is to you, and how deeply the feelings about these things can be. Juice Feasting is a beginning anew for many of our students in this regard. We are creating time for you, for this to happen peacefully and from a place of strength.

Space, Peace, Stillness, Quiet, Pondering. This is a non-violent process. Remember that the life you have been living is a form of seed watering, like taking care of plants in a garden. A good gardener is mindful to water and nurture the plants that he or she wants to maintain; to allow the plants that no longer serve to die back, and to ever and always plant and cultivate new things. Establish peace around the shifts and new things you are inviting in, and honor – not regret, bemoan, or feel guilty about any seeds you have watered or cultivated in the past. Everything in your life has had a reason, which has brought you to this beautiful moment now, to create the amazing future you are establishing in the present. We will offer you some practices to – with peace – honor and release so that new things, experiences, people, and synchronicities can flow into your life.

An Invitation to be Outdoors. When you begin to feel better emotionally, when your hair is lit on fire by the new ideas and people in your life, and your body begins to perk up from eliminating toxins and drawing in the most nutrient-dense life-affirming foods possible, you are going to want to go outside! Walking, biking, rebounding, Frisbee, golf, tennis, kite-flying, etc. We are meant to move and breathe clean air. What is more, the sun is a healing element, and once you read the data on sunlight, Vitamin D, and reduced rates of breast and prostate cancer, the outdoors will be calling you, and you can just ease on in – or out!

Information. There are over 350 files on nutrition, food, and life transformation that we have for you as part of our 92-Day Program, along with hundreds of videos and websites. We will be referring to just some of these while you are getting your juices flowing, so that when you return to them during the Feast, your mind will have already pre-loaded some of the information and will be ready to absorb it at a new level.

Community. Five years ago, you could not find a community of Juice Feasters. In fact, the online community of Feasters did not make a significant leap until late 2007, after we alerted many of the top live foods bloggers about Juice Feasting, and invited them to take for a spin. They started talking – and blogging – and Feasting – and as of March 2008 there are over 30 well-known successful Juice Feasting Blogs available, making it the most blogged about Raw Food subtopic at this point. There are discussion groups and forums with hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of Feasters. What this means to you is that a loving, authentic, knowledgeable community of people from all over the world are available to you who have been, or are on, the same Hero’s Journey as you are on now. They have taken up the call, learned about themselves, and eat and live as an act of love. I do not think there is one of us out there who is not grateful for this beautiful community of people. We are going to link you in.

Non-Fear. All of this is designed to give you the gift of non-fear – to cultivate solidity in you. This is one of the greatest gifts anyone can offer another. Know that you are not alone. The answers that you have been seeking: they are found through the door you face now. A loving and knowledgeable community awaits you. Joseph Campbell said it best:

We have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us; the labyrinth is thoroughly known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero path. And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.
– Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces

Consultation. In addition to the aide of this guide, please consider contacting a Certified Juice Feasting Consultant at We have established a stellar crew of some of the most switched on, authentic, genuinely compassionate individuals to guide you through the entire Juice Feasting journey from start to finish. These Consultants have trained for years in the practice of nutrient-dense nutrition, life transformation, are avid learners and adventurers themselves. Working with any member of our team will add significantly to the efforts you are making now.

What Each Day of Feasting Prep Provides

Introduction. Read your new introduction every morning, and this will help you pre-load (read: vision) in your mind with how you are going to create your day.[1] Our 92-Day Juice Feasting Program has been designed to keep you engaged in exciting new information, experiences, and opportunities, and now we have expanded our Program to include these beautiful and important days leading up to your Feast. By deciding to Juice Feast and draw in abundant nutrition and life practices, you have consciously chosen to be a self-directed, self-actualizing person in a dynamic new way. Use each day’s introduction to help establish the Life Practice of visualizing your day – of watering the best seeds possible in yourself so that you can realize your potential in every moment of your life.

New Life Practices. We adopted the term “Life Practice” from Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, in which students are taught about integrating practices that engage them in every aspect of human life.

“Our most successful Juice Feasters do not view physical health transformation as something that can happen in a vacuum, but is best experienced in the context of a greater life shift.”
– David and Katrina Rainoshek

They practice what Integral Philosopher Ken Wilber calls “spiritual cross-training,” in which consistent practices of self-development that are seemingly unrelated work synergistically to improve performance of one another. Research has found that people who want to excel in one particular area do better if they incorporate practices that build their abilities in other areas of the human experience. In other words, you will be a better writer if you spend less time writing, and more time also adding in meaningful exercise, spiritual practices, cultural activities, nutrition, and so on.

People like to joke that there are so many wonderful things we can engage in to realize our potential that we can give ourselves what he calls a metaphysical hernia. So we want to be gentle about this process, and incorporate Life Practices over time, as a natural, organic, enjoyable flow.

As a Juice Feaster and one who is looking to eat a nutrient-dense, plant-based live food cuisine, you will be more successful in this endeavor if you also draw in abundance and seek your potential in other avenues, such as reading, conversations, your career, sports, your relationships… In Getting Your Juices Flowing and into the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program, we will be introducing skillful Life Practices so that you can cross-train, and not find yourself trying to access live foods and physical transformation in isolation, with the rest of your life in some form of stagnation or unsupportive role.

The way you eat – how you Juice Feast, is an indication of the level at which you are looking to actualize your life, and this is supported by skillfully cross-training. In that interest, we will gently introduce you to Life Practices that will help you open to your potential.

Through cross-training and not just hyper-focusing on our diet as part of our personal evolution, we recognize that shifting to a diet of nutrient-dense plant foods is not an act that exists by itself, but part and parcel of a larger determination to acknowledge who you are at a fundamental level and to live your authenticity to the best of your ability. In 1984, George Orwell coined the word doublethink to describe the act of knowing one thing and doing something else. When it comes to something as fundamental as your foods source, shifting to a non-toxic, life-affirming, worldcentric diet of nutrient-dense live foods encouraged by Juice Feasting will inform and support your choices in every avenue of your life. Those who are most successful at this draw in with purpose the best persons, information, events, environments, and experiences possible – and this makes the challenge of moving into live foods easier, as it is just one aspect of a greater life transformation. While live foods may be your first shift towards the amazing life that your deepest inclinations compel you, please view it – and make it – part of a larger Act of Love for yourself and all beings.

Kitchen, Bath, and Body. Everyone loves getting new kitchen appliances, and updating their kitchen, bath, and body comfort. In your JFP, you are going to give yourself some wonderful gifts whose benefit will be limitless. After years of research and personal experience and coaching, we are bringing you tried and true elements in this area that will find you happy for years to come, and will benefit you and your family immensely.

The elements in your kitchen, bath, and what goes into your body has a dramatic effect on your being. For many of us in western society, this has not been an entirely positive reality. There are over 65,000 different industrial and agrochemical toxins in the environment, and a fair number of them can come in before you go to work! Randall Fitzgerald writes in his well-researched book The Hundred Year Lie: How Food and Medicine are Destroying Your Health:

Over the past three decades, chemical companies have provided the EPA with health data for only about 15 percent of the tens of thousands of new synthetic chemicals that have been introduced to the marketplace, according to a 2005 report by the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress. “EPA does not routinely assess existing chemicals, has limited information on their health and environmental risks, and has issued few regulations controlling such chemicals,” the report charged.

When it comes to chemicals added to cosmetics and many other personal-care products, the FDA knows about as much about their safety as you do. Under FDA regulations neither cosmetic products nor cosmetic ingredients are reviewed or approved by the FDA before they are sold to the public. Every consumer uses an average of nine personal-care products containing 126 separate ingredients each day, Estimates the Environmental Working Group, and at least one-third of these ingredients has been identified as causing cancer or other serious health problem.[2]

There is a lot to be concerned about out there, but we are not going to water that seed of fear in you, because that is not what Juice Feasting is about. Instead, we are going to create awareness that knows no fear, because an educated and self-empowered person, instead of reacting in fear, knows how to respond from a place of understanding and solidity.

Therefore, we are going to educate you in how to move out the things from your kitchen and bath that are less than helpful to your health challenges and goals, and move elements into your life that are life-affirming.

Supplements and Superfoods. The most important thing you are doing on a Juice Feast is drinking 3-4 or more quarts of fresh juice each day, and supporting your organs of elimination through enemas, exercise, skin brushing, hot/cool showers, and adequate rest.

Supplements are add-ins. Some are very powerful, effective add-ins, but they are still additions. We are not supplements fanatics. Supplements are useful, particularly for re-establishing balance when less than the best diet and lifestyle has been practiced for some years.

But supplements can be pharmaceuticalized.

What we mean by that is that many, many people use supplements like they use pharmaceutical drugs: to mask symptoms or to make up for poor diet and lifestyle. There is no substitute for a healthy diet and life. We are going to teach you through the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program how to access the most abundant life possible, that does not require heavy supplementation but creates well-being through drawing in the best foods, thoughts, conversations, and experiences.

That being said, we have very carefully chosen some very specific and powerful supplements and (super)foods to add into your Juice Feast to help your body more effectively CLEANSE - REBUILD - REHYDRATE - ALKALIZE. Some of these items will break up scar tissue, others reduce inflammation, or pull agrochemicals and industrial toxins from every cell in your body, and a few are just extremely mineral dense to make up for deficiencies established over the years.

We are going to review what these goodies are, and the potential benefits to you. We will cover what professionals suggest as a recommended amount for these supplements and (super)foods, and the amounts that we use when Juice Feasting.

Exercise. We are meant to move. However, your health challenges may make it difficult or painful for you to exercise. After being in terrible pain with the complications of dehydration, over-acidity, acid reflux disease, toxicity, high blood sugar, and inflammation, the only exercise I (David) could access besides slow walking was yoga. We are going to start there, and move on to walking, rebounding, and weight training. Your mobility, stability, strength, and energy is going to improve during your Juice Feast – in many cases, dramatically.

Multimedia/Internet. Wow there is a lot available to us now. Nietzsche said that we live in the age of comparisons – that the wisdom of all the ages is available to us. Ken Wilber writes in The Integral Vision “Knowledge itself is now global. This means that, for the first time the sum total of human knowledge is available to us—the knowledge, experience, wisdom, and reflection of all major human civilizations are open to study by anyone.” Katrina and I are readers, and we scour multiple resources and have many colleagues and friends who keep us well informed about the latest happenings in the world of health and personal transformation. We are making this knowledge available to you, through this Guide and far more in depth on our 92-Day Program on (some of the links in this Guide are only available to members of Expect to learn multiple new things every day, to be entertained, inspired, and transformed in a joyful and engaging way. You are never going to be bored again, let’s put it that way.

What’s Ahead. We will say a few words about what lies ahead for you in various aspects of your preparations for the Juice Feast, to help you pre-load and prepare.

And with that, we bid you a goodnight! More to come tomorrow!! We will more than likely repeat some of what has been said in most recent blogs, but this Juice Feast Preparation file is currently a work in progress, so bear with us and eat your greens!!

Many blessings,

David and Katrina Rainoshek

[1] For more on creating your day/visioning your life, check out The Secret movie, and the excellent – perhaps superior – precursor to that film, Neville Goddard’s The Power of Awareness.
[2] Fitzgerald, Randall. The Hundred Year Lie. Penguin Putnam, London: 2006. Pg 23. You can visit Fitzgerald’s website at

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