Saturday, February 2, 2008

Home is Sweet!

Pegasus on the looong drive home.


Well, we are home again after a loooong drive, and YES we are happy to be here! Perhaps we had to struggle a bit to get here just to increase our appreciation of it? Sometimes it works that way, and did it ever work that way this time as we are swooning with happiness at being back in our palace on the hill. And the Sunshine! Oh the sunshine is glorious, we have been lapping it up and I can feel it in my cheeks as I write.

First of all, we wanted to thank Sarah Best over at
The Fresh Network for putting out such a great blog about Juice Feasting.

Second, snaps to
Philip and Heidi for being such Juice Stars.

Philip on Day 1o!!

Third, our friend
Ariel, who is Juice Feasting in Victoria, just got her Jack LaLanne blender in the mail. She took it over to my sister Heather's house for a Blend-Off, and with the help of Zev Roman, here is the result:

I laugh every time I see this...What do we say about the Bend-Off? We still highly recommend the Vita-Mix, but for those blending on a budget, Jack just might be your best friend. The Vita-Mix is definately higher quality, but Jack does the job and we are really happy that he is around for us to share with you.

Fourth, I just got this in an email from my little brother (not so little any more, try 6 feet five inches):

Hey Katz & David – I thought I’d send you a victory e-mail to let you know that I just bought a blender (Black & Decker - $49.99 L) and am enjoying my first home made green juice!

1 head romaine lettuce
2 hand fulls of spinach
1 pink lady apple

Little watery, but good none the less!

Question for you both – what have you heard about Glutamine? I was in the health food store buying MSM and the guy at the counter recommended that would also be something that would help me recover from working out. Any thoughts?

Love you guys!

My brother Joe is making green juice! YIPPEEEEE!!!!! Also MSM!!! Here is what David says about the Glutamine question: "No no no no, you don't need that to recover after working out. You need carbohydrates, and the best way to get those after working out is fresh fruit!" Joe does some hard core working out known as Cross Fit, and while we were home for the holidays he would go for a work out, come home and fall asleep on the couch. Like many peps who work out, he wasn't re-supplying his carbohydrate fuel tank quickly enough, either by eating a slow digesting, heavy meal, or by eating nothing. The best thing you can do for your energy levels after you work out is to eat fruit, or drink juice. The first time Joe tried this, he came home, and instead of falling asleep on the couch, he was amped about how much energy he had. He is continuing to have great results.

Fifth, we have finally joined the vibrant community at Give It To Me Raw and we love being there! We can't wait to get to know more of you this way, and can you guess which group we became a part of? Juice Feasting Enthusiasts you say? Now why would you say that?

Sixth, did I mention how happy we are to be home?

Seventh, We Love YOU!!!!

Love Katrina (and David who is working hard on the Global Juice Feast)


Ben Kaelan said...

Welcome home! I'd give anything to be in a warmer climate right now! My bus got stuck in the snow this weekend, on my way to work. That bus wasn't going anywhere; I had to cab the rest of the way to work. It was that bad!

Thanks for the tips re slippery elm bark by the way! :) Very appreciated! :)

Michelle said...

Thank you for the post about work outs. My husband has been really working out a lot lately. I will pass it on to him.

Isn't it fun to watch family members make changes. My husband wouldn't eat ANYTHING green when I met him and now people talk about him walking around with his green smoothies. :o)