Friday, February 15, 2008

Read, read, read, and your brain will exceed! (your previous expectations) (15 Days till GJF)

Julia reading under the nut mylk tree. Illustration by Katrina Rain.


I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, and that the love of this day melts and mingles with all 365 days of your year! David and I sheltered out a storm here yesterday, winds buffeting the house all day long, delivering a snow storm for today! We invented a Valentine's Day game to play while we were in the bath, a simple, lovely game, where you take turns telling the other things you love and appreciate about them....little things and big things, we got giddy with love and decided it should become a V day tradition.

With only 15 Days left untill the Global Juice Feast, lets set ourselves up with a library of excellence!

I have always loved reading, but I have not always felt so good and empowered in my love of reading as I do now. Not the fault of my parents, who always encouraged me to read as much as I wanted, but more as a result of living in a TV culture where only 1 out of 10 books that get purchaced are actually read! Give yourself the gift of reading and feel strong and proud for doing so! Book Worms are a thing of the past, you now have permission to become a Book Butterfly! Become a Book King, or Book Queen!

David Wolfe is a reader extraordinaire, and he says:

A commitment to life-long learning is an essential part of health. Positive information is to the mind what Sunfood is to the body. A malnourished body cannot thrive. Neither can a malnourised mind. A body fed by the negative energy of unconscious "hit-or-miss" food becomes ill. A mind fed by negative energy and wrong thought becomes ill. A diet based on raw food is necessary to health, but if the mind is not also given pure food the body will suffer. A mind fed evil, unkind, thoughts of destructive criticism, condemnation, hate, jealousy, fear and doubt will reproduce such emotions in the physical body, leading to illness.

Thinking of thoughts and information as nutrition for the mind is very useful. It helps us to become more aware of what we are feeding our minds, as we are also becoming more aware of what we are feeding our bodies. We can choose to feed our minds the most beautiful food ever, and you WILL be able to watch the most beautiful thoughts begin to flourish there.

When I read the following from David Wolfe, I felt like I had been handed a golden key! Explicit permission to read! All I wanted!!

"If you want to get good at something, read a book on it. Read many books on it. More is better.

The successful individual with a purpose in life makes it a business, a responsibility and an exciting and fun use of time to read books relating to that purpose. In that way, important knowledge is acquired which comes from the experiences of others who have gone before.

An idividual's reading program should be as carefully chosen as the daily diet. Reading is food, without which mental growth will stagnate.

Business philosopher Jim Rohn says, "Miss a meal, but don't miss your reading." What excellent advice! Reading a book written by a person you admire puts you in a mental and emotional state similar to theirs. Those with a purpose devour books like paradisical fruits.

We intuitively know that readers are achievers. Leaders read. Feed your mind with good reading."

So, where would you like to start? We recommend checking out the Primary Resources on for a list of excellent books.

We also highly recommend a membership to where you will find hours and hours of reading pleasure, enough stuff to saturate you in everything you need to know to create the best Juice Feast possible for yourself. It includes not only readings on nutrition, but on life transformation, personal excellence, spiritual growth, and more. We even have a day dedicated to alternative fuels! As David always says, we are not going to get the best results possible if we change our diet in a we encourage health and growth in all areas of life. We have chosen what we feel is the cream of the crop from the cream of the crop, in other words, the best bits from the best books!

Another jem to read of course is Miss Angela's A Juice Feaster's Handbook, and also check out the other juicy books she has listed in her Juice Feaster's Epicenter.

For a very personal read, blogs are a wonderful source of information and inspiration. We can all learn from eachother's experiences and support each other along as we inter-dependantly c0-arise! You can find a list of Juice Feasting blogs on the right of this blog.

"Properly, we should read for power. Man reading should be man intensely alive. The book should be a ball of light in one's hand." ~ Ezra Pound

Another thing to start thinking about is juicing gear...have you ordered your Vita Mix yet? Nut Mylk Bags? Have you got your skin brush? David and I are working on a very succinct Getting Your Juices Flowing, 14 Days of Juice Feast Preparation for your Juice Feast, and we will begin to post that tomorrow. Forgive us if we end up repeating stuff we have already posted over the past few days.

Enjoy your reading dear butterfly! (Nutbutterfly! Coconutbutterfly!)

Love Katrina and David

ps. I personally know many wise people who do not, or cannot read and I will never forget the importance of experience! But for me, books added to experience make a magical combination, and I feel that books have the energy in them to fast forward you in your personal growth in ways that you cannot even forsee! Books are like magical conduits into some of the most beautiful minds and visions, allowing your own mind a rich firtilization.

"Reading furnishes the mind only with material for knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours." ~ John Locke

SPECIAL EXTRA: David's recent interview with Kevin Gianni is up and available! Listen in for some great information on Juice Feasting. David did this interview at 8 am after arriving home in Patagonia at 3:30 am, after driving ALL day (and much of the night) on our way home from B.C. He must be a raw food superhero, I say! Go to this link, scroll down the page, and click on the MP3 attatchment.


Heidi and JS said...


Reading is so important. JS and I have found that the people we resonate with the most are those that are avid readers.

If you aren't a reader, it's hard to connect with us. It's as if one who does not read is not connected with the infinite wisdom of the Universe.

~ Heidi

Carrie Cegelis said...

You two are heart-flutter-butterflies! I love your game....
Books are the best!
I think I could build a house with all the books I've devoured in my life - they really are the fruits of paradise - the germinated seeds of so many brilliant minds, condensed and made into delicious morsels for our enjoyment - such a delightful way to appreciate the gifts of those we may never meet.
Love to you,

Poppy said...

Sweet bath play, very touching!I love your blog Katrina for such openness and giving. I totally concede that the gift of juice feasting is a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon and consume knowledge in tune with your needs. I do not usually have the time or energy to read so much so its such a pleasure to develop this now. Love, Poppy

Jenna said...

Dear David and Katrina,

Thanks for advice on filling my tummy with juicy goodness. Your blog has truly Paid it Forward and everyone who touches your site seems to be paying it forward as well. I must second Suki: you should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. If the rest of the world reflects the peace/gratitude/love that overwhelms me, there's reason to celebrate.
Re: Reading: this time of simple feasting seems the perfect time for knowledge feasting. Many blessings for your inspiration and gifts so far.

Here's to ravenously devouring those fruits of paradise--cheers!

Jenna xx