Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day Four, Juice it up Some More!!

Bring on the garlic!!
Juice Feast Day 4

The Daily Juice Journal:


1 quart water with lemon, 1 TBS MSM with 1 capsule Vitalzym

JUICE # 1 : 8:30 AM 1 QUART GVJ
with romaine, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, carrot, lemon and ginger.

JUICE # 2 : 9:30 AM 1 PINT orange juice

JUICE # 3 : 12:30: 1 QUART GVJ
(same as above)

JUICE # 4 : 2:30 1 QUART fruit orange, grapefruit, and lemon

JUICE # 5: 6:00 1 QUART GVJ
(same as above) with 1 TBS hemp oil and ¼ tsp kelp granules

JUICE # 6: 8:30 1 QUART yam and carrot with 1 TBS Chlorella

8:00 16 oz Good Earth Original with honey


Detox helpers: Morning enema, skin brushing, tongue scraping, rebounding

Exercise: 20 minutes resistance trainings, 10 minutes rebounding


Morning Water:
1 quart water with lemon and 1 TBS MSM with 1 capsule Vitalzym

JUICE # 1: 8:30 AM 1 QUART GVJ
with romaine, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger. (notice no carrot? I am liking it GREEN!)

JUICE # 2: 9:00 1 PINT
orange juice.

JUICE # 3: 11:30: 1 QUART fruit with orange, grapefruit and pineapple. Water: 1 QUART with 1 TBS Vitamineral Green (phew, I had to balance out all that fruit juice!)

Juice #4: 1 12:30 QUART GVJ
(same as above) JUICE # 5: 2:30 1 QUART fruit with orange, grapefruit, and lemon

JUICE # 6: 5:50 1 QUART GVJ
with tomatoes, spinach, baby greens, dill, red pepper, garlic (WOW, this was a strong yummy juice. David doesn’t like tomato juice all that much, so I got it all!) with 1 TBS hemp oil and ¼ tsp kelp granules.

Water: 1 PINT
TEA: 8:00 16 oz Good Earth Original with honey

Water: 1 PINT


Detox helpers: Morning enema, skin brushing,
hot/cool shower (first one of the Juice Feast so far, felt amazing!!) tongue scraping, rebounding.

Exercise: Rebounding 25 minutes.

Rainoshek’s Daily Tips:

~What did I re-learn today? The power of the hot/cool shower!! They make you feel so glowing and alive. One of my favorite books is Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins, a whacky, kooky novel about a couple who has discovered the secret of eternal life and one of their many tricks is hot and cold treatment! Maybe not such a far-fetched crazy story after all. Oh, and another one of their secrets is to make love, of course. Starting my day with one of these babies (the shower part) has left me feeling fantastic all day!!

~ Sleep and rest are very important on a Juice Feast, especially in the initial weeks. Your body will tell you how much rest you need, so listen to it. A lot of your energy is going inward to do deep cleansing and healing, and adequate sleep and rest are ways of optimizing this process. Why do I say this? Well, because it is true, and also because I needed to remind myself of this. We have not been getting enough sleep, and we are feeling it today. Take full advantage of what you are giving yourself, this Juice Feast, and sleep like you mean it!

Here is a bit from the
A Day in the Life of a Juice Feaster on winding down for sleep:

There is a line in a favorite song of mine that says "you spend half of the morning, just trying to wake up. Half the evening, trying to calm down."

No longer!
Just as you will no longer need a stimulant to get you going in the morning (such as coffee or a sweet bun), you will no longer need to dull your mind with television or random web surfing at the end of the day. Because you are no longer putting toxic foods into your body, you will also notice that you are much more aware of protecting your mind from toxic information, images, suggestions, stories and even music.

You can cleanse your mind the same way you are cleansing your body, flood it with nutrient dense, beautiful, life affirming information, and the old stuff will be swept out. Draw in the best things possible!

Quite possibly a large amount of time has opened up to you during your evenings. Depending on your energy level, these are a few suggestions of things you can do to wind down at the end of your day, while also adding to the depth and quality of your life (TV does NOT do this!):

*relax with a book
*go to a health lecture
*attend a personal development workshop or class
*go to a yoga class
*sit with a loved one and a warm mug of tea and really listen to each other
*go for a stroll in the setting sun
*write in your journal, or blog
volunteer for a Community Supported Agriculture Project
*grow some sprouts for your juices
*have a loved one give you a massage (to help your body flush out toxins!)
write a letter
read on JuiceFeasting.com
*sew yourself a new shirt
*take drawing classes
*learn how to play an instrument, or play your instrument
sing, join a choir

This is an excellent time to grab a hold of your passion for creativity, and as you clear out any old, stagnant, or negative mind patterns, your mindscape will be flooded with beauty and positive thoughts! Just remember to water your possitive seeds and with care and attention, they will bear beautiful fruit with even more possitive seeds for the garden of your mind!

You will notice that "winding down" and preparing for sleep is very natural when you are taking only natural things into your body and mind. A sense of calm in the mind follows a calm body that is not being flooded with strange foods, chemicals, caffeine, and excitotoxins all day. If you do not feel this right away, don't worry, as you coninue to cleanse and to feed your mind positive, healthy vibrations, you will reach a mental clarity that makes the end of the day a very enjoyable, peaceful, and creatively abundant time.

~ Drink YOUR JUICE!! Have I mentioned this yet?

Your Questions:

I started to have major cravings for nuts at about Day 8. To be honest, twice I've had a handful of raw cashews from the freezer (where they were intended to rest until spring) and then felt calmed. Not sure what is causing the cravings ... But in response I tried juicing roots - yams, Jerusalem artichokes, and even burdock - to feed the craving but it didn't work. The Jerusalem artichoke a little ... What else can I try? I was thinking Miso but don't think that is on the feast ... Also, how detrimental are the nuts to the effectiveness of the feast or the state of my body? Thanks. Amy

We Say: Amy, have you tried adding a pinch of salt into your juices? If not, please do try this as we have found that it helps people who are experiencing cravings like you are. Miso is not included on a Juice Feast as it is not fresh and raw, and will arrest your beautiful cleansing. Don't forget to use sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt, NOT iodized table salt. Nuts are also detrimental to your cleanse, so please stay away from them. They are mucus forming, acid forming, and will arrest your cleansing. When cravings arise, try out some positive diversions to shift your mood and release the pressure caused by your cravings. Check out Day 5 for the Positive Diversions file. If you find that your cravings for nuts are causing you too much suffering, and that you are unable to avoid eating them, then perhaps you should consider breaking your Feast for now, go back to eating (Four Means to Get Your Greens, baby! Day 83), and return to Feasting at a time when you feel better equipped to stay the course! If the salt seems to do the trick, HOORAY!!! For everyone reading: We all experience cravings and "tough" emotions on different levels while doing something such as a Juice Feast, and we all learn to work with and through them in different ways, so be kind to yourself. If you find yourself "eating" while on a Juice Feast, do not work with guilt, but instead work with growth. Also, don't forget to chew your juice!

Amy said:
You are an angel! Thank you so much for the Himalayan or sea salt recommendation. I put a pinch in my juice and it killed the craving for nuts. I NEVER would have thought of that. Thanks! Happy day!

Personal Journal

I am feeling GOOD today! I love my juices, I love my clear mind, I love the feelings of love I have. I’m not sure what the difference is from yesterday, perhaps just the elimination of “stuff”, or perhaps I feel better because I drank more juice today than yesterday. I had an extra quart of amazingly strong juice with GARLIC!! It gave me ever so brief tummy rumbles, but once those were over I could feel the power of garlic all through me. That is one magical bulb.

It has been a very busy few days for us, we are trying very hard to be done and off of our computers by 10 tonight rather than 12. We are finding our rhythm with all of it though. I feel much stronger in this Feast so far than I did when I Feasted for 10 Days.

We had to go grocery shopping AGAIN today! We brought a cooler full of produce over for the Global Juice Feast Kick Off Party, and so we ended up needing to go sooner than expected. A quick drive to Nogales, and two more shopping carts full of beautiful produce solved the problem. We are very close to the Mexican border here, and so most of the people in Nogales are of the beautiful dark skinned family, with melted chocolate eyes!! I haven’t been across to Mexico since being here because I am a renegade Canadian with no proper papers yet, but as soon as I get them I would love to do a drive down to the land of coconuts!

OK juicy ones! That is all for Day 4. May Day 5 be full of great things for all of you, and we will see you then!!

With love and juicy blessings,
David and Katrina

PS. David and I cannot stop laughing about our daily video today. We hope you enjoy and that no one is offended LOL!!!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Can you post how you get tomato juice? I tried putting tomatoes through the green star, and got a lot of pulp and not much juice. Are you using a certain kind of tomato?

Penni in Tulsa said...

I look so forward to reading your daily blog each morning! I am eager to see the Day 4 video that you have coming...especially now that you are laughing about it. I will love it, I'm sure!

Thank you for your energy!

Love to you both....

stephanie said...

Hey David and Katrina!!
thanks for everything you guys have been doing!
It makes this so much fun and theres alot of support!
Yay its day number 5!!! and I'm feeling great!!
last week I was eating alot of spirulina with coconut oil, stevia celtic salt and cinnamon!! really tasty! def hooked!!
I was wondering if its ok to start eating it like this again or if its impt to just be mixing it into my juices? i did however drink water before and after this snack so it wasnt like a glob in my bely...I also did this today but with the vitamineral green powder
Also yesterday i made this concoction minus the spirulina and used slippery elm powder instead, (which i bought for my herbal teas) I know it sounds strange but it was really good!! what do you guys think about this? I def dont want to be doing anything that can hold me back on this feast in any way.
what about eating tocotrienols as a snack?
my final question is in regards to the coconut oil, I believe you say on your site 1tblsp a day......I heard today from someone at the Rawfood world that you are to eat 1tblsp every 3 days......just thought i'd double check and clear that up....
thanks again for everything and dealing wth my strange questions..haha
i look forward to your next blog!!

Ben Kaelan said...

I am just going to vouch here for the power of Himalayan salt in juices; totally nuked the cravings I had for pesto in the early days! :)

I just want to thank you for these daily videos; guess what I listen to in the morning now while I prepare my juices? You guys!!! :) It's sooo awesome to integrate this into my morning routine. You've totally knocked Mazzy Star off her top stop in my morning-listening juicing playlist! *giggles* That's some talent! :)

Love you two juicy angels! We are all so blessed to have you watching over us during this magical life-changing time in our lives.

- Ben