Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day Twenty Six!

I Love California!
Juice Feast Day 26

The Daily Juice Journal:

We made grapefruit garlic juice for the first time while on this Juice Feast today! Yum yum! Sounds yuck I know, you have to try it for yourself. We both realized last night that we were craving garlic, so we took care of that today. We also made orange, pineapple, and blueberry which is an OMG purple experience!





Personal Journal:

Hello Dear Friends!

How is everyone doing! I am slowly catching up with everyone’s blogs today and I am reading such wonderful stories of juicy adventures…

I did try to write while we were gone, I really did, but the days were jam packed, and my elderly old Mac just didn’t quite have the ability to pick up the WiFi signals where we were staying. There were just too many other exciting things going on!

So much to report, how can I fit it all in? We had an amazing trip, beginning with Wednesday in Tucson, finding a second hand dress for $32 (Buffalo Exchange I love you) and getting other random chores done. I felt more relaxed in the city than ever, contrary to my expectations! We slept in a hotel at the side of the I-10, woke up really early and made our juice for the drive to LA in 45 minutes (now that is speedy!) and went to pick up Cori Brackett who rode with us across the hills and open skies of Arizona and southern California, filled at this time of year with the most amazing swaths of wild flowers.

Wildflowers by the highway.

We arrived in LA around 4 on Thursday, and what glee, not a sign of pollution poisoning for David. We both felt relaxed and peaceful after the 9 hour drive and the city looked beautiful and miraculous to us! Filled with color and ideas, action and sunlight. I suffered much more thinking about what it would be like to Juice Feast while on the road and in a big city than the whole trip called for. It truly was a breeze.

We arrived at our hotel room after dropping Cori off in a trendy little part of Hollywood where it was dripping with hip, and cruiser bikes drifted along with the cars carrying kids with converse sneakers, jeans and lacy tops, looking through sunglasses that made them look like bugs. You can feel the ocean in the air.

Our home for the weekend was right downtown LA which was amazingly quiet, in a sea of sky scrapers, up on the 8th floor where we had a view and access to the sunshine. A clean old building where people live and stay for a time, an old boarding house. We set up our juicer right away and made a bunch of orange juice to celebrate.

On Friday morning we had the gift of juice delivery! As I mentioned earlier, we were blessed to be sponsored by Izo Cleanze while we were in LA. This meant that every morning we found a gallon of amazing, fresh, organic juice along with purifying teas, lemonade with cayenne, and other goodies waiting for us in a beautiful blue cooler shoulder bag, perfect for carrying around with you to work, or a film festival! Tim, WE LOVE YOU!! If you are in LA, or planning on going to LA, and want to juice, check them out!

We also had the joy of being joined by Victoria Boutenko, who shared a room with us for the rest of the festival. We enjoyed her company very much, and she immediately felt like family. Now we love her even more than we did through her books!!

The rest of Friday was spend finding a Tux for David, getting some produce (we tend to drink more than a gallon a day, and added in some citrus juices to our beautiful Izo red and green juices), and then it was off to the first night of the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival!

The whole weekend was wonderful, and we saw many inspiring films, including You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, Sweet Misery by Cori Brackett, Reversing the Irreversible by Valya Boutenko, All Jacked Up by Jennifer Mattox and Douglas Clemons, and more.

Sunday night ended with the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony with yours truly as the MCs and we had a lot of fun. It was perfect to be Juice Feasting for this, as we didn’t have to sit down and eat, but just kept right on juicing! I think a few of the high lights for me was seeing Victoras Kulvinskas awarding an award while in the full lotus position, holding himself up off the ground with his two hands, and Happy Oasis awarding an award while doing pushups, with the mike on the floor. Dorit really had an abundant evening planned, with live music, speeches, awards, dancing, and without even getting to the whole program we still finished up after midnight!

Victoras the yogi.

We ended up staying up till 3 am visiting with Victoria, and got up 4 hours later feeling refreshed and well rested. Oh the joys of juice and raw foods! After packing up all of our juicing gear, we headed off to LAX to drop Victoria off, and then we headed south to the beach. I had never driven south of LA and so I got to see the sights of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and on to San Onofre Beach where we lay naked in the sunshine and swam in the sea and drank our juice. What a beautiful afternoon.

We spent the later part of the day looking for and collecting veggie oil for the trip back home, and then started out in the setting sun through San Diego and on East along the number 8. We stopped just outside of Calexico (one of my favorite bands as well as a border town) for the night in a desert town surrounded by agriculture and dust. On Tuesday morning we woke up and made juice with what produce we had left, all fruit juice with watermelon, lemon and celery juice, orange, grapefruit and pineapple juice, and apple, ginger and pineapple juice. We also had some young coconuts that began the day. Amazingly we both felt fine on just fruit juice for the day, it must have been all the sunshine!

There you have it, we arrived home last night after stopping in Tucson for groceries happy, healthy, and juicy!

I would like to note that for me, thinking about Juice Feasting around food was far more difficult that actually Juice Feasting around food. I found myself enjoying the smells and looks of food, but did not in any way want to eat it, no problem! I was so happy to discover this. I was also happy to discover that instead of feeling more sensitive in the city, both David and I felt more at peace with it while Juice Feasting. We are now fully in the flow baby!
How did we Juice Feast while on a road trip? We brought three big coolers with us, one for our daily juice, and two for produce. We also brought along our Vitamix, nut mylk bag, and the Breville Juice Fountain. In a box, we took our Green Superfoods, bee pollen, MSM, and other goodies. In the morning we would make juice in our hotel room, which was easy as pie, done on the bathroom counter or little room table. Then we would fill the cooler with ice from the hotel, and we had a cooler full of juice for the day. We also once stopped at a Jamba Juice for fresh squeezed orange juice. It was really much easier than eating on a road trip, an hour in the morning and you don’t have to think about it again! Just reach into the cooler for your juice! Wonderful.

We will be working on our daily videos again soon, so keep an eye out for that. Thank you all for your words of encouragement and for letting us know you appreciate them! We appreciate you!!

We didn’t get many photos, but here are a few for kicks:
David on the way to LA with some wildflowers for company.
An LA Rubber Tree with flowers.
David drinking his Izo Juice on the Rubber Tree.
San Onofre Beach.
Happy Katrina knees at the beach.
A message from the cliffs of San Onofre.
Home again, home again, juicity juice!

See you tomorrow!

With love,

Katrina and David


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Sounds like a lovely trip. Glad you're back. I was missing your updates.

Penni said...

Your juice feasting family missed you! I think we all realized how much we love your daily updates and videos especially in their absence, yet I'm so glad you had such a magnificent time! Having Victoria Boutenko as your roomie and lying on the beach sounds heavenly as do all your other adventures! Glad you're back!!

Ben Kaelan said...

I know it's crazy but I missed you guys lots!! :) I live alone and having you 'come into my home' everyday with your videos and your blog kinda felt like having really cool juice roomies! hahahah! :) I've been lonely without you guys! :)

Big hugs!!! :) I'm so thrilled you had an awesome trip :)

- Ben