Monday, March 31, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 31!

I Love My Sister!! (photo from March, 2007)

Juice Feast Day 31

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning we got up and made five quarts of GVJ with parsley, cucumber, celery, romaine, spinach, carrot, and yam. We also made two quarts of orange and pineapple, two quarts of orange and blueberry, and two quarts of watermelon and lemon.







Added to juices: MSM, bee pollen, Vitamineral Green, Hemp Oil, Flax/DHA oil, Maca and Kelp Granules.

Also taken: NCD, Vitalzym, MSM, Antioxidant Extreme (we are LOVING this stuff!), and water.

Personal Journal!

YES!!! 31 Days, the eve of April, KISS KISS HUG HUG to all you beauties who are juicing or not juicing, but who are here with us while we ARE JUICING!! We love you all.

Can you believe it is April tomorrow? I had such a beautiful closing to March today, a day full of sunshine and bliss. Did I mention LOVE?

A busy day, we went into Nogales to do chores and get more produce (we neglected to put in our order for greens with Red Mountain) We are also looking for a couch and so we went into a part of Nogales that we have only been to ONCE in the whole time we have lived here, such hermits are we! It is really the best part of the lovely little border town, and I am embarrassed to say that usually when we go into to Nogales we only attend the outskirts where there is a Safeway and the bank plopped in with all the other horrible big box stores. It was like going to an exciting new town, full of new discoveries and enchanting corners. Downtown Nogales, where it feels like a Mexican town complete with the central park where every bench is full with resting and visiting beautiful people of all ages, colors, and shapes. We checked out several thrift shops but didn’t find the couch of our dreams BUT we found a BIKINI for me.

My Bikini Story:

After my whole life of feeling uncomfortable in a bathing suit (well, I most likely didn’t when I was 10 and younger, but I was mostly an Island girl skinny dipper for those years) I put on a BIKINI today and felt FANTASTIC!! Not too long ago I hated wearing even shorts and tank tops because of the condition of my thighs and upper arms. This is truly a gift, for a time I honestly believed I would never want to wear shorts again, let alone a bikini.

So, at the beginning of this Juice Feast I told David how I felt about bathing suits and he said “well, if you want we will go and get you a really nice bathing suit at the end of the Juice Feast.” That sounded nice. But I didn’t have to wait until the end, and the best part, my new bathing suit cost $1.50!! I didn’t even try it on in the store, figuring for a buck fifty that it wasn’t much of a risk, and lo and behold it fits perfectly! I love thrift stores!!

Other wonderful things to report: I had three BMs today!! No enema but stuff certainly came forth! I discovered a file on David’s computer containing many of the photos that died with my old hard-drive, including the photo above of my sister and I. We are getting so many wonderful stories from all the Juice Feasters out there! I was able for the first time in a year and three months to listen to my music from my previous life, life before David, without it making me feel very, very sad and nostalgic. I got to have a long visit with my sister Heather on the phone tonight, and feel so close to here despite the distance of land between us. I LOVE Arizona!
We found a new grocery store where citrus is dirt cheep (although it is not organic, and does not taste nearly as good as organic, so I don’t know how often we will be going there).

Full Disclosure: I have been ODing on bee pollen. How much? Oh, about 5 TBS per day!! Too much. I have also been getting very bloated in the afternoon and evening, and I finally noticed yesterday that it was almost right after I ate bee pollen (with out putting it in to a juice, about 3 TBS at once) that I began to feel painfully bloated. So today I decided it was time to stop eating bee pollen on its own, and I only had 1 TBS in a juice, and voila, no bloating! I feel SO much better!! This does not happen to me with pollen when I am eating, so I think that is why it took me a while to catch on. I am Juice Feasting right now, not pollen feasting!!

I have been having really good results with adding in green superfoods (mostly Vitamineral Green) to my fruit juices, feel much more balanced. I have also been taking the Flora Flax/DHA oil daily and have had nice, juicy WET eyes every morning since starting that! I don’t know if I have mentioned it yet, but I have had painfully dry eyes in the morning for quite some time. Sometimes it is better than others, and it is definitely better eating RAW than it was pre-rawification, but oh how nice to wake up with WET, comfotable eyes!! DHA is very good for eye health. I’ve also been adding MSM to all my citrus juice, getting in 3 TBS a day and I feel very good on this dose. Flexibility and yummy skin are the most noticeable.

"The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off."
~ Gloria Steinem, Journalist and Activist

I think that is it for the March round up, I’ll see you all tomorrow!!

With love and peaceful steps,

Katrina and David Rain


Michelle said...

Hi Katrina, It's wonderful to have you back and spreading your joy and love.

I have a little something for you over by my place. Please stop by.

xo Michelle

Penni said...

Stopping in to show some love your direction! I feel like with both of our travels I've been out of sync with you and David, but want you to know how much you both have come to mean to mean. Thank you so much for your daily blog encouragements and videos...they truly keep me moving forward with fresh inspirations.


Bronwyn said...

David and Katrina -- you couls sense the juice feasting community's anxiousness with you guys away! -- welcome back!

I'm not sure if you noticed my forum discussion about protein...but my protein levels are sinking really very, very low -- to the point of starting to make my medical caregivers worry (and in turn this is making my white blood cell count and platelet counts go down). None of them asked me to stop juicing to their credit, but they were encouraging me to introduce eggs. As I don't want to, but my health situation is precarious), what do you think of the option of me supplementing with a protein powder -- maybe hemp? This was the compromise I came up with...what are your thougts and suggestions?

Thanks guys, love Bronwyn