Monday, March 3, 2008

Day Three

David on Day 3 Making GVJ.
Katrina on Day 3 Drinking the GVJ!

Juice Feast Day 3

The Daily Juice Journal:


MORNING WATER: 1 quart water with lemon, with 1 capsule Vitalzym

JUICE # 1 : 8 AM 1 QUART GVJ with romaine, dandelion greens, Swiss chard, parsley, celery, cucumber, carrot, Jerusalem artichoke, and ginger.

JUICE # 2 : 8:30 AM 1 PINT orange juice

JUICE # 3 : 11:30: 1 QUART fruit juice with orange and grapefruit, with 1 TBS Chlorella.

JUICE # 4 : 1:30: 1 QUART fruit juice with orange and pineapple

Water: 1 QUART

2 TBS bee pollen

JUICE # 5: 7:00 1 QUART GVJ (same as above) with 2 TBS E3AFA and Phenalmin flakes.

TEA: 8:00 16 oz Ginger, lemon and honey


Detox helpers: Morning enema, skin brushing, walking, tongue scraping, rebounding

Exercise: Morning Walk 30 minutes, resistance training 15 minutes, rebounding 10 minutes


Morning Water: 1 quart water with lemon with 1 capsule Vitalzym

JUICE # 1: 8 AM 1 QUART GVJ with romaine, dandelion greens, Swiss chard, parsley, celery, cucumber, carrot, Jerusalem artichoke, and ginger.

JUICE # 2: 8:30: 1 PINT orange juice.

JUICE # 3: 11:30: 1 QUART GVJ (same as above) with ¼ tsp kelp granules, 1 TBS hemp oil, and 1 TBS Chlorella.

Water: 1 QUART

JUICE # 4: 1:30 1 QUART fruit juice orange and pineapple

2 TBS bee pollen

JUICE # 5: 7:00 1 QUART GVJ (same as above)

Water: 1 PINT

TEA: 8:00 16 oz Ginger, lemon and honey.


Detox helpers: Morning enema, skin brushing, walking, tongue scraping, rebounding.

Exercise: Morning Walk 30 minutes, Rebounding 10 minutes.

Rainoshek’s Daily Tips:

~Salt water swish out!! After you drink your juices, be sure to swish your mouth out using water. This will clear out all the digestive juices from your mouth and prevent them from damaging your teeth. We really like using salt water. Just mix some Himalayan crystal salt or sea salt in water in one of your handy dandy quart size jars to have at the ready for some salt water swishing. This will also prevent you from getting sores on the inside of your mouth, which can pop up as a sign of detox. If you are already developing detox sores in your mouth, start swishing baby!

~ Brush those teeth, scrape that tongue! Have you got fur on your teeth yet? All part of the lovely process we know as detox! Yesterday I must have brushed my teeth six times (gently, so as not to hurt my gums) and my teeth still felt fuzzy! Today is much better on that front, and my teeth have been feeling clear all day. You will also notice a white film arriving on your tongue. More detox! Scrape that off using a tongue scraper, by the end of all this you will have a beautiful fresh, pink tongue like a baby.

~ Drink your juice!! Did you get at least 4 quarts today?

Your Questions:

Oh David and Katrina! RIDICULOUS DISASTER!

I’m having a hard time, technically speaking. I am only doing greens, no fruit (I have psoriasis & candida), and I really hate the Champion. It gets all backed up and I have to scrape all the green fibers off the Champion's teeth like, 4 times a session. And the machine gets HOT. Jamming the plunger so hard now my back hurts. This is a new machine as of last yr. Then there is SO much foam I had to transfer the juice from the bowl under the machine to a glass measuring cup with a pour spout and filter the juice 3 times thru a metal sieve until the pulp was out.. TOTALLY LABORIOUS
So I made 1 SERVING (a liter) today and it took 2 hours NOT including clean up. And it was a fat mess spread all over the kitchen. And I was 45 min late for work. And this is day three. And I wont have the other 3 servings today. Ill have burdock tea and lemon juice and Natural Calm drink. I don’t know how I’m gonna manage. :-(
The Vitamix I have is the 3600 and to get the greens homoginized I have to add what seems like too much water / lemon juice. Also, it seems SOOO expensive!
I am not a complainer.OR a whiner (I lived in NYC for 8 yrs, Im a tough cookie)! I dont know how people do this, and exercise, and work,, etc...
Kinda desperate...Tips please!

We say:

Hello Mish!!

Oh dear!! We are so sorry to hear about your
ridiculous disaster!! But please don't worry, this
is not a ridiculous disaster, this is a learning
curve. You are growing, that is challenging
sometimes. We like to call what is happening for
you the trials of a hero's journey. So, here is
our suggestion to you: until you can find a way to
afford and make yourself at least 4 quarts of
juice, please wait to Juice Feast!
The four quarts a day is very, very important if you are going to do an unsupervised cleanse of any length.

We recommend selling your Champion, your stove,
your microwave, anything!!! and get yourself a
Vita Mix 5000 for yourself. It will serve you not
only for your Juice Feast but for years of
nutrient dense living afterwards. You will also
get more juice out of your produce, thus lessening
the cost of each juice. Also, look into ways of
getting yourself produce that you can afford.
Perhaps in bulk, or creating a Juice Feasting
buying co-op...there are several people that we
have noticed who are Juice Feasting in your area,
see if you can work something out with them!! You can also check out the forum on Global Juice called “Tips for Juice Feasting on a Budget.”

Until you can do the 4 quarts a day (which you will be able to do, there are just some things that need to fall into place first for you), you can be drinking as much juice as you want, and enjoying smoothies, salads, and raw green soups.
Don't worry, we will still be Juice Feasting right
along side of you when you start up again!!

You are going to be one well prepared Juice
Feaster, we can feel it!!

For everyone reading: Please don't feel presure to begin your Juice Feast before YOU are technically and emotionally ready. The Global Juice Feast is on, but darling, it will always be on. Also remember that 92 Days is not for everyone!! Depending on your physical health and emotional health realities, you may want to go for one day a week, or ten days, or 30, or 60!! Please use your incredibly valuable self knowledge and go on a journey of self discovery to see where you are at and what role Juice Feasting can play in your life.

This is from Lissa:

I'm deciding that for now Juice Feasting is not for me, but I plan to revisit this in the future when I am more prepaired and ready.My goals for now are adding at least a liter of green juices to my raw diet a day and making a goal to avoid added sugars in my raw diet. I also plan to do day juice feasts.So...that's where I'm at! I will be back when I am ready.

We say good for you Lissa!! We really do not want to see Juice Feasting be an overwhelming emotional struggle for people. Ultimately, this is about personal exploration, self knowledge, and self love! So, if Juice Feasting is not right for you right now, that is OK! We do encourage you to start adding in more juice to your diet (Feast on Juices!!), keep it mostly raw, eat your greens, and as you move further down the path towards your health and healthy relationships with the food that nourishes you, you may want to consider a Juice Feast again!

Personal Journal

I still can’t quite believe that I am Juice Feasting. I have wanted to for over a year now, ever since I began to follow Angela’s journey, before I even met David! I am in a constant state of gratitude and awe over all of this.

It has been such a transformative, immense year for me already I almost can’t imagine things shifting all that much more. But bring it on baby! It was just in January 2007 that I packed up my things, sold my house, left my relationship, my job, and came here to Patagonia. Things just keep spiraling up and up! That old saying that says “jump and the universe will catch you?” It is true.

Thank you dear universal net of love!!

~I am feeling a little detox today! How? Just a little woozy and sleepy feeling, I can feel my energy going inside and doing wonderful things. I have also been feeling cold all day. I was still able to work all day, walk, rebound, and go get water with out it being a stretch, and it is now 10 PM already!! (How does it get so late so quickly?) Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could somehow see what was going on in there, in the magical workings of our bodies? If we could get a little note from in there letting us know “Hey, it’s ok, you might feel a bit rough out there but in here we are so BUSY doing wonderful things for you. Just let us have this extra energy for now dusting things off in here, and then we will give it back to you ten~fold! Right now we are totally upgrading your liver!”

Then again, maybe not. That is what intuition is for.

I also have my first big spot in a long time, right on my cheek.

Day three’s enema was amazing! I can really feel the difference even after three days, things are much clearer down there. Day one I could barely take all the water in, and had to release it RIGHT AWAY! This morning, zip, it all went in, and I could scarcely feel it! It didn’t have any competition for space from other STUFF.

My stomach feels so nice and spacious!! I love the feeling. I haven’t yet made the time to do yoga since Juice Feasting, but I imagine it will feel so good to have such a clear core while stretching.

Global Juice
is really getting vibrant! Thank you to all of you who are putting your juicy love into creating such a supportive and loving community!!!

We’ve also been finding more Juice Feasting blogs popping up. Such treasures! Check out the blog list along the side and visit our juicy new friends Bronwyn, Loulou, Linda, Penni, and Kyle!!

More breaking news in the Juice Feasting world is that the juicy Madonna hip raw mamma over at Inspiration:Life, Terilynn has added the famous prunes after 93 Days of a beautifully done, inspirational, well documented and epic Juice Feast! She has even promised us a Feast Breaking video, so keep your eyes pealed for that. CONGRATULATIONS Terilynn!! Thank you for sharing your Juice Feast experience with all of us, we have loved following your journey.

May you all have a beautiful day on Day 4!!

With love and blessings, David and Katrina


Rachel said...

Hi David and Katrina,

Thanks for your super-inspiring blog! My name is Rachel and I'm from vancouver Island in BC. There are several of us in town who have joined you on the 92 Feast. In fact, I was so inspired last night that I started a group on Facebook called 'Global Juice Feast 2008 - 92 days of juice feasting!' I just wanted to let people know about it who have a facebook account so we can gather our thoughts and ideas and help support each other.

Your positive attitudes are so helpful! Thank you.

Penni in Tulsa said...

Just stopping in to send some juicy love your way! Day 4 is going beautifully and I hope it is for you two and the rest of our global feasting family!


S. said...

Hi guys!

I am a newbie feaster and I have a question I was hoping you could address...

I have a history with eating disorders and although I am doing extremely well now (it hasn't crossed my mind to starve myself in quite some time : )...) I am worried that the weight that I might lose on the feast might make me wary to eat again for fear of weight gain.

I know that I am a much stronger person now, and that I really want to continue feasting... but I can't help but have that little thought pop up every now and again. I just really don't want that to happen... and I don't want to live in fear of the weight that I will gain back after coming off the feast.

Thanks so much,