Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day Eighteen!

I Love Bees, Flowers, and Pollen!!
Juice Feast Day 18

The Daily Juice Journal:

We have gone back to using our Vitamix for green juice, after a very honest attempt at using the lovely Hippocrates Green Star for three days running. A great little juicer, but when you are trying to make 6 quarts of GVJ in an hour, it just didn’t quite make it. And then there was the clean up time! Phew! This morning we happily made 7 quarts of GVJ, and 4 quarts of citrus juice in less than an hour! That is 5.5 quarts of juice each, wonderful. Nice to have you back in the game dear Vitamix.





Personal Journal:

Woke up feeling so peaceful and energized today, and that feeling has persisted throughout the day. I had been experiencing some JLA (Juice Lack Anxiety) over the past few days, as we have run low on produce, made juices that I wasn’t really enjoying, and didn’t have enough produce in the morning to make all of our juices for the day. This morning it was such a good feeling to put 11 quarts of juice in the fridge, and to drink my first quart of GVJ to find that it tasted like yummy milk of the earth. Blissfully yummy juice.

I have also realized that I need to stop drinking straight fruit juice. I knew it all along, but couldn’t seem to resist it. BUT, it has been throwing my blood sugar off, causing me to feel dehydrated and hungry and in general making me feel lower energy. So, from now on I am a GREEN MACHINE!! I will make sure to add some green to each and every fruit juice and see if I can get my energy to balance out a bit. I am still having low days, then high days, which is due to the nature of cleansing as well, but I am ready at this point to come back to balance.

I am feeling quite joyful about the fact that layers are being shed, as I realize I do not always need to eat to feel satisfied, to feel feed, and to feel alive! Becoming more intimate with the SOURCE as we clear away those things we felt dependant upon for our sense of self.

We are getting all packed up for our trip to the big city! We are going to head into Tucson early tomorrow morning to spend the day there harvesting vegetable oil for our winged horse Pegasus the vegetable oil truck, getting a dress for me to wear for the Gala Dinner on Sunday night, and doing other little city jobs. Then, Thursday morning we will head across the land toward the SEA!! I can’t wait to see her dear, stormy blue grey face again, beloved ocean my love. When I was a child I used to dip my toes in the ocean and realize that I was connecting to all things through out all time. Everything flows to the sea. In my young mind I thought to myself, my Grandfather peed, and his pee in the end would have ended up in the ocean, so right now my toes are in the same water that was once in my Grandfather who was now no longer alive. It made me feel so happy and peaceful, and I realized that there is never any true loss. We are always all right here!

It has felt like that for me today, dipping my toes in the moment, connected to all, swimming in love. I feel so drippy I could be sappy, but it feels so strong it can’t be anything close to Suzy Cream Cheese, but instead like a great giant Cedar Tree, rooted in the ground and reaching for the stars.

I will do my best to write and let you know how the road tripping goes, and how staying juicy in the city works out for these two country mice. I will have to polish up my muddy clogs, shake out the moss from my hair, and brush the twigs from my pant legs. I will take a giant lung full of fresh, mountain air, and bring it to the city to share with everyone!

Sweet Dreams and happy juicing!

Katrina and David


Terilynn said...

Tag! If you were already tagged, you can ignore this tag. Otherwise... YOU BOTh ARE IT!!!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Have fun on your travels!

Kristi said...

You sound very Juicy Katrina, so connected and fairly blissed out :)

I love the pictures on today's post and the video. Bee's bring me to my knees :)

I just got my internet sped up today, so I am just starting to watch the videos, they are so great!

BTW, it was day 12 for me when I realized I could no longer drink straight fruit juice, it just started to taste way too sweet.

Greens all the way Baby!

Happy Travels....

Penni said...

You will both be in my thoughts and prayers as you journey to the sea and to the big city! Hopefully we'll get to see pictures of the two of you in your formal attire!
Love & Safe Travels...

Linda in the Raw said...

I just watched the day 17 video. I work on the retail side of Premier Research Labs! Long live Max Stress B!!

Have fun at the film festival!


S. said...

Come back to us! I miss hearing Kristina's peaceful voice on the daily vids. It was always a great way to wrap up the day... with some good ol' fashioned education!