Friday, March 14, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day Fourteen!

I Love Celery!!
Juice Feast Day 14

The Daily Juice Journal:


MORNING WATER: 1 quart water with lemon, 1 TBS MSM with 1 capsule Vitalzym

JUICE # 1 : 9:30 AM 1 QUART GVJ with romaine, spinach, kale, parsley, celery, cucumber, apple, tomato, basil, cilantro, and carrot.

JUICE #2: 11:50 1 QUART orange and grapefruit with 1 TBS Chlorella, 1 TBS bee pollen, and 1 TBS hemp oil

JUICE # 3:00: 1 QUART GVJ (same as above) with 1 TBS Chlorella

JUICE # 4: 6:00 1 QUART orange, grapefruit, and lime with 1 TBS bee pollen and 2 TBS Vitamineral Green.

JUICE #5: 7:30 1 QUART GVJ (same as above)


Detox helpers: morning enema, skin brushing, hot/cool shower, tongue scraping, rebounding

Exercise: 10 minutes rebounding


MORNING WATER: 1 quart water with lemon, 1 TBS MSM with 1 capsule Vitalzym

JUICE # 1 : 9:30 AM 1 QUART GVJ with romaine, spinach, kale, parsley, celery, cucumber, apple, tomato, basil, cilantro, and carrot.

JUICE #2: 11:00 1 QUART GVJ (same as above) with 1 TBS hemp oil and ¼ tsp kelp.

JUICE #3: 1:30 1 QUART orange, grapefruit, and lime with 1 TBS bee pollen

JUICE # 4: 3:00: 1 PINT watermelon and lemon with 1 TBS Chlorella.

JUICE #5: 4:30: 1 QUART GVJ (same as above)

JUICE #6: 6:30 1 QUART orange, grapefruit, and lime.


Detox helpers: Morning enema, skin brushing, hot/cool shower, tongue scraping, rebounding, yoga

Exercise: 20 minutes rebounding, 20 minutes yoga

Rainoshek’s Daily Tips:

We spoke about ginger the other day, and mentioned that it is good for nausea. Nausea is a common thing to feel as we detox, especially if we are toxic.

Another reason for nausea can be that our digestion is weak or if we are low in HCL (stomach acid) For more excellent information on the importance of stomach acid, please check out Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko. Basically, HCL is essential for health. Without it, nutritional deficiencies inevitably develop leading to disease because we don’t have the stomach acid to break down the cell walls of the foods we eat, which is necessary for exposing the nutrition inside. The natural level of HCL decreases as we age, especially after age 40. Also, overeating, especially over consumption of fats and proteins, wears out the parietal cells of the stomach that secret HCL.

Juice Feasting is an excellent means to reversing this, through re-hydration and re-supplying the body with organic sodium (celery,) which will re-line your stomach walls, making it able to re-create strong HCL!!

You may want to try supplementing with digestive enzymes and HCL while your digestive system gains back its strength!

If you feel that low HCL is not the cause behind your nausea, and that it is detox, try using ginger tea, which will cause the stomach to flush, and then follow it with some peppermint tea, which is soothing to the stomach!! Licorice tea also works to sooth an unpleasant stomach. Also try keeping your juices fairly simple.

Your Questions:

What do you think is a safe amount of time/days for a first time Feaster?

We Say:

Hello Sheryl,

Great question, and unfortunately one that does not have a blanket answer. So, get ready for a looong answer!!

Each and every one of us is so very different, and so will have different health challenges, different emotional states, and different day to day situations and the need/readiness to Juice Feast for different lengths of time. We recommend that people learn as much as they can about the technology of Juice Feasting and cleansing, work with their health professional, and then choose for them selves a time that they feel is appropriate. We know people who have never, ever fasted or Feasted, have eaten SAD, and can move right into a 92 Day Juice Feast. Others like to do shorter Juice Feasts to begin with. Still others choose to add more juice into their daily diet and take it from there. It is really up to you!!

This is from the Juice Feasting FAQ section of our website:

Q: How long should I Juice Feast? I see lots of programs for 7, 14, or 21 day fasts and cleanses. Why so long? And how do I know when I am finished with the Feast and should break it?

A: Excellent questions. First, it is important to recognize that the health challenges that you are transforming have probably taken years to develop. Hering's Law of Cure states that we heal in the reverse order in which we took on our challenges. That means that the older the challenge, the longer you will need to Juice Feast in order to experience significant or complete healing. On balance, we go back in time 120 days for every day we Juice Feast for programs over 30 days, so you can get some idea by determining how long you have had your challenge.

There are a lot of 7-21 day programs out there, and anyone who tells you that you can completely push the reset button on your physiology in 21 days probably also has a bridge made out of broccoli that they can sell you.

The reason that we have created a 92-Day Program is thanks to John Rose's discovery of two things:

1. Most people need more than 7-21 days to heal their health challenges.

2. Most people can heal their health challenges, provided that they place their body in a cleansing physiology long enough with the right food and lifestyle ingredients added in.

3. You can accomplish this with time and food and lifestyle ingredients by drinking fresh juices for 60-92 days.

We feel that to give you anything less than this information would be to just suggest half-measures when you are looking to heal yourself as completely as possible.

That being said, you may not be looking to transform every last health challenge you have, or may find that juicing for even 30 days is enough for you because you already eat the best diet possible (a live plant-based diet). Don't feel like you need to go for 92 Days just because the Program is that length. You need to assess for yourself how long is appropriate based on your own understanding of Juice Feasting and history with cleansing, your current level of health, how much you weigh, and how long you have had your health challenges.

Let's look at weight as an indicator of your time need. You will lose about 1/4 lb a day on a Juice Feast - more at the beginning, less per day as you go along. This will be determined based on your age, activity level, and whether you are drinking enough juice. People who drink more juice actually return to a healthy physiology and weight than people who drink less juice than they need. Why? Because your metabolism will slow if you drink less than you require for maintenance. The Feaster drinking all the food they need for the day will experience an increase in their metabolism, and thus return to a healthy weight and physiology more efficiently.

If you are Juicing down to your ideal weight, then here is how to calculate that: Give yourself 100 lbs for the first 5 feet of height. For every inch over 5 feet, you can add 5 lbs. So, a person who is 5 foot 7 inches is looking at a ballpark ideal weight of 135, or 100 lbs for the first 5 feet and 35 lbs (7x5=35) for the seven inches.

I would like to add this beautiful and wise blog post from the juicy Hanlie about the choice to Juice Feast:

I love juice feasting! It is transforming my life from the inside out. I would like to see every person on the planet Juice Feasting, healing their bodies and wounded spirits, stabilizing their weight and experiencing the abundant energy and vitality that juice feasting brings.

Yet, I have been hesitant to encourage people to juice feast. My reasons are two-fold. I want to “protect” the concept of juice feasting, and I want to protect the individual.

Juice feasting is not a diet. It’s an aspect of a philosophy about health and nutrition. In order for you to get value out of juice feasting, you need to understand, and embrace the following truths:

* animal flesh is bad for your health and you don’t need it
* dairy is bad for your health and you don’t need it
* sugar is a drug and bad for your health
* caffeine, in all its forms, is a drug and bad for your health
* alcohol and nicotine are drugs and bad for your health
* food additives are bad for your health
* articial sweeteners are bad for your health
* processed, refined food is bad for your health
* your body is designed to function on a wide variety of raw, unprocessed plant foods
* the key to weight loss is not counting calories, but balancing the endocrine system which controls all bodily functions
* when fed optimally, the body is able to heal itself from any just about anything - degenerative diseases, auto-immune diseases, obesity, niggly complaints, etc
* medicine, prescription or OTC, cause problems in your body and cannot heal you - they only suppress symptoms

You need to ”take the red pill” (it’s all natural!) and realize that food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, the fast food industry, the diet industry, and the media do not have your best interest at heart - it’s all about making money! They want to keep you sick and alive. That’s when they make money out of you. Not when you’re healthy and not when you’re dead.

Unless you are clear about the above, I believe that juice feasting is not for you. If all you want to accomplish out of juice feasting is shedding a large amount of weight in a short period of time, I urge you not to do it. Yes you will lose weight! Yes, you will detoxify! But unless you live the above principles after your juice feast, the pounds will pile back on, and they’ll bring a whole lot of new friends with them. Eating unhealthy food after a juice feast is like throwing mud at a bride dressed in virginal white silk.

Juice feasting takes commitment. If you work, you have to get up about 90 minutes earlier in the morning to make all your juice for the day, skin brush, have an enema, etc. You will be criticized. You will go through periods of very low energy levels and physical discomfort. You may have intense emotional issues that you will have to deal with because you cannot medicate them with food, drugs or alcohol.

Juice Feasting is about removing toxins from the body and healing. I’ll say it again: IT IS NOT A DIET! I would hate for people to try it, give up and add it to a list of The 20 Craziest Diets In The World, alongside KimKims, and ingesting parasites! This just creates more problems for the serious Juice Feasters, who then have to defend themselves against their well-meaning and concerned friends, family and colleagues. Furthermore, I’m afraid that your self-respect will take another knock if you “fail” at juice feasting. Unless you buy into the concept completely, failure is unfortunately the likely outcome.

Of course, I’m the first one to admit that Juice Feasting is a life changing experience and you will learn a lot. Your attitude to food will change. It is not about deprivation, it’s about nature’s abundance, connecting to the earth and your body.

In an upcoming post, I will give you some tips on preparing for a juice feast, should you still be interested in doing one, point you at some resources, and share some other ways of implementing healthier food into your life (i.e. green smoothies, etc).

Thank you Hanlie!!

Another Question:

Quick question; I picked up some snow peas yesterday and I *almost* put them in my juice this morning until it dawned on me that these were borderline legumes... What do you think? Can I stick these in my green juice or not? :) Thanks! :) Hugs!!

We Say:

Hi Ben,

According to Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Healing Juices, pea juice is a go. He says “when shopping for fresh peas the color is most important, and that color is green. Look for glossy, bright green, smooth-skinned pods.” Pea juice is very good for clearing up blood clots, alleviating symptoms of celiac disease (pea juice helps to mend the fingerlike projections called villi and the absorptive cells lining the small intestine, which have been damaged by gluten), and with irritable bowel syndrome (for this it is best to warm the pea juice (but you don’t want to do this on your Juice Feast!), and add a pinch of powdered cardamom and ground ginger root!!)

So, there you have it, enjoy your pea juice!!

Another Question:

I have yet another question. Ever since the day I watched the video where David drank the juice which Katrina made - with tomatoes and basil and garlic, etc.. the 'soup' juice, I have been making it EVERY DAY... and drinking like 2 liters of it each time... enjoying EVERY single drop of it... And today I realised that not only I stopped craving sweets - juices and honey, but I started to crave basil!!! Why basil? If we crave what our body needs... what is it in basil that my body would need? ... I googled basil - and found it is high in vitamin K, and has anti-inflamatory and anti bacterial properties. That's all quite general - and parsley has those properties as well... but it is basil that I crave... why? Thank you.

We Say:

What a wonderful thing to crave!! You were right to do some research, and our guess would be that the properties in Basil are addressing some condition of your body. You are most likely craving Basil over parsley due to its taste, I LOVE basil too!

Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Healing Herbs and Spices also says that basil is an excellent nightcap for restlessness and migraines, can be used to promote more milk in nursing mothers, and is good for counteracting yeast infections. It may be that you have a candida overgrowth and this is why your body is requesting basil.

Another Question:

Hey you two,
Hope it is sunshiney inside and out for you today.
I have not had Psoriasis ON MY KNEES since 15 yrs ago, though I have had it consistently on the back of my head since 16 yrs old (21 yrs- hope this makes it go; Ontario Ben is my fearless virtual friend!).
So, during this feast it reappeared on my knees and my lovely actual friend Stephanie (with a rash now) here with me in LA, wondered if maybe that means bowel elimination ain't working so perfectly, that toxins are pushing through the skin. Or is this the right exit plan for my disease maybe?
Any thoughts?
Gratefully (and doing pretty super!),

We Say:

Hello Mish!

Excellent question. We were watching an amazing talk by David Wolfe last night that you will want to check out. What he says about detox is that it is like stirring up the mud in the pond, and before stuff is detoxed, things are going to look and feel pretty muddy! This would be our guess about your re-appearing psoriasis. Because you are giving your body a chance to cleanse, old stuff is coming up from the depths, and you are experiencing a worsening of symptoms before things clear. This is perfectly normal.

Please, please do watch this nanobacteria video by David Wolfe, (there are 7 parts, make sure you watch them all!) as he has very good information on psoriasis and things we can be doing about it. In short, every health challenge we have in our bodies is anchored into our bodies through nanobacteria, aka calcium deposits, aka “coral reefs.” There are four essential things we can do to eliminate these coral reefs, and therefore eliminate the “houses” of our illness (he mentioned that psoriasis is “anchored” near the skin by these nanobacteria, and then causes the skin inflammation) 1. MSM, breaks down calcium deposits 2. DMSO 3. The Zapper 4. Zeolites. Sorry if I didn’t get all this information just right, please do check out his video, I am just trying to give a general over view of what I remember. Very exciting stuff! I know that Ben has been trying out The Zapper, we will have to ask him what his experience has been, Ben?
Beyond that, keep up with your enemas, avoid night shades, try using MSM topically (you can mix MSM powder in with some aloe vera gelly or with coconut oil and use it like a salve), and drink your juice!!! The muddy waters will settle!!

Personal Journal:

A reader asked if we have been accessing the Oprah and Eckhart conversations. YES!! We watched one before bed last night, and we are so excited by the implications of Tolle on It really denotes a positive shift, and I think we are in for some good times!! Please do meander on over to and take advantage of this wonderful event.

The Rainoshek roles have been reversed today, with me feeling good again, and David feeling not so hot.

I am feeling really fluid and strong today, sending my body lots of love. I think it can be really easy to get caught up in the cleanse, in a way that takes you out of how amazing, wonderful, and strong your body is RIGHT NOW because you are thinking of all the things you want to see shifting and different. I am trying to remember to love my body just as it is, and tell it that I trust its wisdom to hold me in just the right ways.

HMmmmmmm, that feels good! My legs are so wonderful at taking me beautiful places, so strong, I have always been able to carry children around for hours on my hips, run joyfully through the woods and fields, ride my bike FAST, hike for hours, and they are just right for me!! Dear thighs and dear butt, I love you just the way you are!!

What part of YOU needs a love letter today?

When you think about the fact that our bodies are on average 70% water, and then think about water responding with beautiful, crystalline structures to words of love, how well your body will respond to thoughts of love!!

I have had direct experience with this and my thighs…all throughout my late teens, and into my late 20’s I had feelings of dislike and disgust towards my beautiful, strong legs. I am 6’1, so they are big enough to support me, yet I always felt that they should be different. In my mid 20’s they really began to show the effect of all these bad thoughts, and started to get pouchy, fat, and cellulite ridden. I believe that because I was thinking evil thoughts towards them, I also started eating in a way that would not be loving, and so they reacted in kind, of course! Then, I started to shift my thoughts. I learned about Masaru Emoto’s Hidden Messages in Water, and immediately made the connection between my thoughts and my body. Sure enough, when I began to send more love to my legs, I stated to eat more like I loved them, I started to use them as though I loved them, and once again they have responded! I am still making up for about ten years of not very nice thoughts, but they are getting there!!

The other wonderful piece of the puzzle is that when love is present, all is beautiful as it is!!

Water flows from high in the mountains.
Water runs deep in the Earth.
Miraculously, water comes to us,
and sustains all life.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Enjoy your evening dear beautiful reader!!

Katrina and David


MARYYX said...

Between the blog, and the website, there is SO much amazing information available! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am honored. I was excited to find out that the global juice feast is just on day 14 - which puts me in the ball park of doing this along with you. Blessings to you both. Keep up the good work.
Mary Wykes

RAW FOOD R&R: Rations & Rational said...

Your writing that generous reply is greatly appreciated. I'm off to watch the David Wolfe videos right now! Thanks for the new info...mish (oh, and I aready up'd my MSM cause of your vid where you two spoke of David's student who believed 4 Tbs/day helped to heal psoriasis). Ciao, no chow.

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Thanks so much for answering all those questions! Could you please post the Tomato "Soup" recipe with the basil? I wrote it down but missed a few ingredients.

Hanlie said...

Very informative post! I love the part about words of love to the body. I have been doing my skin brushing in front of the mirror and I bless and thank each body part while brushing. It makes me feel so connected to my body and my body is rewarding me by being incredibly responsive on my juice feast.

And at Day 42 I finally had enough courage to start doing enemas. It was not such a big deal after all! From now on I'll be doing them daily!

Thank you for publishing my post here. I belong to a weight loss forum and a lot of people have noted my fantastic loss so far and have expressed interest. I wanted to be sure that they understand what it's all about, so I wrote that post.

Penni said...

So happy you're feeing great Katrina! Hopefully David is back to feeling like a champ today. Love reading your words, thoughts and everyone's questions....very informative and helpful.

Chaitanya Dasa said...