Monday, March 17, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day Seventeen!

I Love Growing Things! (and I Love David!) My dream husband in my dream greenhouse.
Juice Feast Day 17

The Daily Juice Journal:





Keeping it simple on the Daily Juice Journal. We seem to be having the same juices every day, so unless that changes, I will let you know what our total juices for the day are! We have daily been making 6 quarts of GVJ most of the time with the following: romaine, spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro, carrot, yam, apple and basil. Then we also have 4 quarts of fruit juice, making it around 5 quarts of juice each!! I have been feeling REALLY hungry, and like I need lots of juice, so sometimes I’ll make an extra quart or so of my favorite tomato juice, which David does not like so I get to indulge in the whole thing!!

We are also adding in Vitamineral Green, Spirulina, Chlorella, Vitamineral Earth, Hemp Oil, Bee Pollen, Kelp, and once in awhile a pinch of Himalayan sea salt.

Our supplements have been sporadic, accept for MSM which we do every morning, but we have also been getting in Zeolites, Max Stress B, Vitalzym, Phenalmin, and sunlight ☺ when we remember.

Your Questions:

Hi David and Katrina,

Thank you for making the GJF possible and for all your inspiring videos. Watching you both is the highlight of my day!

I have a question about coffee enemas. I have been on the GJF since March 1 and have been looking through the info on liver cleansing. If you do coffee enemas, do you have to also drink something like psyllium and bentonite shakes to get the toxins out of the bowel, as it says in the Gerson Therapy information? Or can you just put the coffee in and let it out again after the time suggested, like an ordinary enema? I am in the UK and can't find anyone selling the Intestinal Drawing Formula.

Thanks again. I'm really enjoying the GJF and all the great people on here.

Love Christine xx

We Say:

Hello Christine!

We are so glad you are enjoying the videos! The have been a blast for us to put together.

Because of all the green juice you are doing on the Juice Feast, you don’t need to do the psyllium and bentonite shakes when you do your coffee enema. Of course, you can if you want to, but it is not necessary. Yes, you can just put the coffee into your kit and use it like a regular enema, hold it for 10-15 minutes, and then release.

For the rest reading, we add in coffee enemas on Day 30, along with the use of Chanca Piedra aka Breakstone Tea to further cleanse the liver and gallbladder! More to come on this later.

Another Question:

Hi David and Katrina, can you tell me is it normal to lose a lot of hair on a juice feast? I have done 14 days juice feasting and have now stopped as I was getting a little fearful over the amount of extra hair I was losing. Am I missing something or is this normal? Thanks and keep up the great work, Rachel

We Say:

Hello Rachel!!

Here is what we know about hair loss and Juice Feasting and/or transitioning to a live food diet. We know that people may loose hair when they move to a plant based diet at first due to the change in protein source. If your body has been used to getting its protein from animal products, until it re-leans to use the protein in plants you may experience hair loss. Your body is adapting to a new source of protein. This is very common among people moving towards a plant based diet. David lost loads of hair in the first two months of eating raw foods, and he now has a beautiful, full head of hair.

If you are overly concerned about it, please consult your health care professional to omit any chance that your hair loss if for another reason that needs to be addressed.

Personal Journal:

The temperature has dropped quite suddenly here in Patagonia. Just the other day I was out in shorts and a tank top, flip flops and all, and today we had hail and it is COLD!! Winter’s last love note perhaps?

We will be driving out to LA for the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival at the end of the week, and in preparation for the thick smoke, smoggy city we went to the Tree today to stock up on vitamin C (Pure Radiance C, a food based vit C) and some Antioxidant Extreme. Last time we were in LA David experienced pretty tough pollution poisoning (he could hardly breath for about six hours, until we got far enough out of the city), and so we are going to do our best this time to have him covered. It will be interesting though, he will most likely be even more sensitive to the air quality while on a Juice Feast. We are keeping our fingers crossed for relatively clear skies while we are there!

I am really excited about going, it will be so nice to see everyone, and if we weren’t Juice Feasting I would be really excited about all the Raw Food Restaurants in the area! As it is, we are very blessed to be “sponsored” by Izo Cleanse, and Tim is going to supply these two Global Juice Feasters with their Juice Feasting juice while we are in LA. Thank you Tim! We will let you know what the Izo experience is like.

Penni asked the other day if we have a place to grow things. Excellent question, and we really wish we could say “YES!!!” We do plan on growing things in pots as the weather warms up, a little kitchen herb garden, and I would really love to have pots and pots of tomatoes. I had a big garden before I came to Arizona and I do miss it very much. One of the main reasons that we will not be putting down roots here is that we want to homestead one of these days soon, raw homesteading is one of our biggest dreams! The terrain here is just not quite right for it, it is very rocky soil that does well with grasses and cactus, beautiful, beautiful high mountain desert but not quite the lush farm land we have in our dreams. Fruit trees get sunburned here, and I know there is an apple orchard somewhere in my future!! Where? That has yet to be seen, but I know the place is out there right now, just waiting for us to come and love it, have babies, plant trees, grow a big garden, and kiss the earth with our bare feet!

Juicy love,

Katrina and David


stephanie said...

Hey it's Stephanie once again with yet another question!
I'm starting to notice my skin getting a little orangy...from all that beta carotene I suppose! I'm only doing green juices so my greens are def high. Are you guys experiencing this? One of my neighbors noticed today as well and said it in front of others, another said, "oh yeah, I thought you were just tan." Then I felt a little self-conscious. i have also experienced this before, it has come and gone a few times over the past couple years.
Whats your take on this?
thanks again

Penni said...

I had a strong wave of the most wonderful goosebumps when I read your words about your home/land/garden that is just out there waiting for have an apple orchard, garden and babies running around. I see that for the two of beautiful!