Saturday, March 29, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day Twenty Nine!

I Love Spinach!!

Juice Feast Day 29

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning we got up and made six quarts of GVJ with cilantro, parsley, cucumber, celery, bok choy, romaine, red leaf lettuce, carrot and ginger. We also made two quarts of orange and pineapple, and two quarts of orange, watermelon, lemon and cherry! You should see the color of this baby!







Added to juices: MSM, bee pollen, Vitamineral Green, Spirulina, Hemp Oil, Kelp Granules, and maca.

Also taken: NCD, Vitalzym, MSM, Antioxidant Extreme, and water.

Rainoshek’s Daily Tips:

Bill Maher says “the answer is spinach” Add spinach to your juices, yum yum yum. John Heinerman says: “Worried about wrinkles? Try this Elixir” He also shares about this dark leafy green that Fran R., a midwife who has a practice based on a lifetime of experience, says that she recommends spinach and spinach juice to newly pregnant moms to help them minimize the risks attached to child birth. She has discovered that both spinach and its juice helps to reduce the incidence of birth defects and miscarriages dramatically. Fran says “All I know is that the spinach works. Those who take the spinach regularly have more normal births, less problems you know.” Fran recommends three to four helpings of spinach or 3 glasses of spinach juice a week “is what seems to do the trick in preventing them birth accidents.”

Spinach juice is also good for:
Anemia (it has adequate levels of iron which can help alleviate some of the problems associated with anemia),
Fatigue (after a woman’s period, her iron levels drop which can lead to fatigue. Spinach juice diluted with an equal amount of carrot or tomato will provide sufficient iron to boost women’s energy levels)
and Wrinkles! (OK, so this isn’t a juice to drink but see if you are inspired to give this Heinerman trick a try. Soak some cotton balls or a cotton cloth in spinach juice, and rub in a circular motion around the corners of the eyes, across the forehead, around the corners of the mouth, and down the chin. Do this for five minutes upon getting up in the morning and before retiring at night. Afterwards, rinse the face with cold water and then rub in some persimmon or pomegranate juice using the same technique. According to Heinerman, this procedure will help to tighten the skin and get rid of about 40-60% of existing wrinkles!)

Personal Journal:

I am so in love with my juices!! I love making them, the meditation of chopping, blending, squeezing, and then the glowing jars of vibrating juices, so alive with goodness. I love drinking them, and look forward to each swallow, I anticipate my juice with excitement!

I should let you know that yesterday wound down to being a difficult yet transformative day for both David and I. We wore brave faces until around 3 o’clock when we both admitted that the day was feeling very tough, and that we were both craving food like MAD! We both also had very powerful emotional breakthroughs and by night fall did not feel hungry any more, and felt at peace once again.

We received the news of a death of someone we both knew, a very beautiful and strong soul who had battled cancer for almost 9 years when he discovered Juice Feasting. He gave it a very dedicated effort last year, and two months ago, after almost 10 years of living with cancer, he passed away. We send his family our deepest blessings and love.

We came face to face with the fact that there is not always "the solution" for each and every one of us. Sometimes the solution is to love what is. We all come from different pathways, and our pathways all lead different directions, sometimes we have to embrace death and flow into that final walk of life.

I also had yet another transformation of my personal past, shedding layers one by one, they are falling away like gauze peeled away from a wound slowly healing, and almost ready to see the sunshine. Sometimes I think the layers are all gone, and I think indeed we do experience a freedom from layers at times as they get burned away in our brightest moments of joy and bliss. Then they seem to recover, and re-bury the gold of our pure heart again, calling for action to mindfully peal them away again, putting them aside.

It can be such a delicate balance of acknowledging the shadow and filling the mind with beautiful thoughts. On the one had we don’t want to bury the sadness by ignoring it and pushing it deeper, and we also don’t want to indulge the pain body by dwelling in thoughts that cause us pain. Sometimes I get lost in how to do it all, but it all seems to come out clean and sparkling in the end!! Oh happy day! I spent a good hour journaling last night, and find such amazing answers there in my black book. Not only cathartic, but my writing seems to take the tangle of thoughts and smooth them out into a nice even thread, like taking a mess of fleece and creating not only the spool of wool, but then weaving it into a beautiful tapestry!

I have also been re-inspired to get more intimate with my dumbbells, both by Terilynn and Tony Kay. Muscle is magical. For those of you worried about how your body is going to act post-Juice Feast please please get serious about exercise! I have never really been a serious as I could be about this important nutrient since going raw, and I think now is the time. Exercise is the golden key. As Happy Oasis says, we are “EXERCISEARIANS” and it is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself! Muscle is the tissue of youth, it burns calories, it is spiritual baby!

Have a beautiful evening dear juicies,


Katrina and David Rain

And here are some Day 29 Photos, we are on the eve of our 1 month Juice Feasting anniversary!!

Happy Katrina about to have some juice.
MMMMmmmm the amazing orange, watermelon, lemon and cherry juice! (I just did a workout so I am allowed to have it with out greens...I think!)
I think I like it!
Want some?
It is really good!
OK, I'll drink it myself then!


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Beautiful post. You guys are beautiful too.

Michelle said...

Wow, Katrina. You look amazing! It is wonderful just to look at the glow that is coming from you!

Jenna said...

Katrina and David,
Blessings to you both! Katrina you are looking amaazzinngg :o) You too David.
What you say about finding balance between shadow expression and positive intention really resonates. I'm finding the need increasingly to remain present with myself and experience everything on a moment-to-moment basis. Some moments I feel fear&panic that I only remember from dreams; other times, I could cry from the joy overflowing from within. In every case, I seem to vibrate on some high juice frequency (shall we coin it--HJF?) and eventually find a way to love what's happening. (Huge thanks to Byron Katie :o) )
Happy April and one-month JF anniversary to you both!
With love, Jenna x