Sunday, March 9, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day Nine

I LOVE Oranges!! (I really do, I am mad for them right now!)
Juice Feast Day 9

The Daily Juice Journal:


MORNING WATER: 1 quart water with lemon, 1 TBS MSM with 1 capsule Vitalzym

JUICE # 1 : 9:00 AM 1 QUART GVJ
with romaine, spinach, kale, parsley, celery, cucumber, ginger, apple, carrot, yam, and cilantro.

JUICE # 2: 11:30: 1 QUART
orange, blood orange, grapefruit, lemon and pineapple with 1 TBS Chlorella, and 1 TBS bee pollen.

JUICE # 3: 1:30 1 PINT
orange, blood orange, grapefruit, lemon and pineapple with 1 TBS Chlorella.

JUICE #4: 3:30 1 QUART GVJ
(same as above)

JUICE # 5: 6:45 1 QUART GVJ
(same as above)

JUICE #6: 8:00 1 PINT
Watermelemonaide with watermelon, lemon, and orange. I should perhaps take this moment to explain that David has been testing his Fasting Blood Sugar while we have been juicing, and it is still beautifully low!! This despite sometimes drinking fruit juice late at night (due to very busy days, so much to do!) and he also has had no trouble sleeping. Please try not to drink your juice this late!!


Detox helpers: morning enema, skin brushing, hot/cool shower, tongue scraping

Exercise: 20 minutes resistance training.


1 quart water with lemon, 1 TBS MSM with 1 capsule Vitalzym

JUICE # 1 : 9:00 AM 1 QUART GVJ
with romaine, spinach, kale, parsley, celery, cucumber, ginger, apple, carrot, yam, and cilantro.

JUICE # 2: 10:30: 1 QUART GVJ
(same as above) with 1 TBS hemp oil, 1 TBS Spirulina, and ¼ tsp kelp (YUMMY!!) I am really loving spirulina in my juice!

JUICE #3: 12:30 1 QUART
orange, blood orange, grapefruit, lemon and pineapple

JUICE # 4: 1:30: 1 PINT
orange, blood orange, grapefruit, lemon and pineapple

16 oz water with 1TBS Vitamineral Green

JUICE #5: 4:00: 1 QUART GVJ
(same as above)

JUICE # 6: 6:45: 1 PINT
Watermelemonaide with watermelon, lemon, and orange


Detox helpers: Morning enema, skin brushing, hot/cool shower, tongue scraping, rebounding, yoga

Exercise: 20 minutes rebounding, 30 minutes yoga

Rainoshek’s Daily Tips:

Have you tried Watermelemonaide yet?
If not, try it!! I just made some with ½ a big watermelon, two big lemons, and three oranges. Yummy nectar.

Watermelon juice is the most alkaline of any fruit or vegetable! Because of this, it can help overcome acidic conditions of the body. It is rich in protein, A,B, and C vitamins, enzymes and chlorophyll, and easily digested by most people- even those with poor digestive systems. Watermelon juice help to eliminate uric acid and dissolve accumulated deposits from a poor diet, making it ideal for those with arthritis, gout, and Uremic poisoning, which are all caused by an excess accumulation of uric acid. Watermelon juice flushes a lot of acid from the system and renews the blood. When this happens, the skin starts looking and feeling better! If you feel that watermelon juice is too sweet for you, you can dilute it with water.

Your Questions:

I have been doing the enemas every morning and they always make me feel better, but yesterday I couldn't get the water to go in. I tried twice but before I did the enema I had a bowel movement. Last night I ordered the intestinal movement formula online. Then today, I tried to do the enema and had the same thing happen, it was in, but no water entered me. I tried 3 times and it was as if there was something in the way. Today my eliminations were small, minute and marble-like but only one at each sitting. I don''t know what to do in the meantime while I wait for the intestinal movement formula. Should I try a colonic? This is day 5 for me and I hope to do at least 30 days but I'm thinking I have years and years of literal crap inside me and the enema is not getting it out. Any suggestions?

We Say:

You are most likely right about fecal matter blocking the water from entering. I have had a similar experience when my bowel was full and not emptying on its own after traveling in the truck all day. I just waited and waited for a little water to go in, and then I had to release RIGHT AWAY. Then, I tried again and it all flowed in nicely. There are a few things that you can try to move it out:

1. cascara sagrada: start with 1 capsule in the morning and see if this works to get things moving. If nothing happens by the evening, take a second one. This should get things flowing for you by the next morning, and you should naturally have a BM. Follow it up with your morning enema.
2. You could definitely go for a colonic. If your hunch is that you are releasing lots of old waste matter, a colonic will help to speed up the process. You can also try doing more than one enema! I have heard of people who, while healing from cancer using live foods and juices, do up to four enemas in a row while they were healing their health challenge.
3. Vitamin C will also cause your bowel to move. Try starting with 500 mg, and have about 1,500 mg through out the day. You can’t hurt yourself with too much Vitamin C, it will just give you the runs, which in your case will be wonderful!
4. Spinach-apple juice! Try this baby to get things out!
5. Be sure that you are drinking enough water and to remain well hydrated. I know it can feel like we are drinking loads of liquids with all of our juices, but the body uses a lot of water while it is detoxing to flush toxins out. A good rule of thumb is if you are peeing every hour, you are probably drinking enough (right now I think I am going every half hour!!)

Another possibility is that you are tensing up if you are feeling stressed. I doubt that this is the case for you, as you have been doing them for several days now, but for others reading: Make sure that you are nice and relaxed, and in the “flow” of enema. Think about the healing you are getting from your enemas, and this will help you to enjoy them rather than dread them!

Personal Journal:

Phew! Did I really just write about enemas again? Sorry about that, but they really are so very important, and we keep getting questions, so there you have it.

Lets see, the days are all melting together in my mind right now. I gave David a hair cut this afternoon, outside in the sunshine. I always love cutting his hair, having never cut anyone's hair before...there is such a sweet level of trust in this hair cutting. The first time I was set to cut it, I questioned his trust in me, making sure he knew that I did not know how to cut hair, and that it might turn out to be a cosmetic disaster. His reply was purely David, "I don't mind what it looks like, what matters to me is that it is my love that cut it." So, if his hair looks kind of funny on Day 9, you can relax, he doesn't mind!

It is late, we are a day behind on our videos (meaning Day 7 is still up for Day 9!), it has been a busy Sunday, and I am so ready for B-E-D!!

See you tomorrow,

With peaceful steps,

David and Katrina


Penni said...

Hello! I am so happy because I found a nice watermelon yesterday! I can't wait to try watermelonaide!! That just sounds so refreshing.
Sending Love...Penni

Pippa said...

Oh, I am SO having a love affair with watermelon, too! Today I discovered that adding celery and chard to watermelon, with a bit of ginger ... wow, it is absolute magic!

Thank you so much for the info on watermelon, sweet juicy guys. I was delighted to learn this.


Ben Kaelan said...

Hehehe :) Now after seeing my little video, can you imagine how jealous I was when I saw that video of you and David riding along on your bikes to the health food store? :P *giggles*

I CAN'T wait to get on my bike again! :)

- Ben

Ben Kaelan said...

Hey David and Katrina.

A co-worker brought this article to my attention today and I thought I would share it with you since David has been doing a lot of work with diabetes.... This seems to weird to me.... I've heard of raw food diets curing diabetes but this is just odd! I'm curious to hear your take on it.

- Ben

Ben Kaelan said...

crap... did I post the link? I forget...