Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 67!

I Love The Gift of Clean Drinking Water!

Juice Feast Day 67

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning we made 4 quarts of GVJ with cucumber, celery, romaine, dinosaur kale, red lettuce, green lettuce, parsley, cilantro, lemon, carrots, yam, and apple. We also made 4 quarts of orange and pineapple.







Added to juices: Vitamineral Green, maca, kelp, hemp oil, and bee pollen

Also taken: Vitalzym, NCD, Max Stress B, Internal Parasite Formula, herbal tea with honey, and water.

Your Questions:

Thanks so much for diligently answering everyones queries :-)
I have a couple more for you!
1. I'm on Day 60 today, and I'm now a month overdue for my period. Is this normal?
2. My I'm loosing more hair than I'm used to! Noticeable when showering etc. Why is this? A particular deficiency?
Any insight/help will be MUCH appreciated.
Best wishes

We Say:

Hello Lisa!

Congratulations on Day 60! (though it is probably Day 67 by now☺)

1. We recently answered this question, so here it is again!
This is a common experience for women on a Juice Feast, and it can be quite disconcerting. For those of us who do not experience a complete disappearance of our period, we will often experience a shift in our cycle. Sometimes women will have heavier bleeding than usual due to the body using this time of month to detox as much a possible. Some women will have very short, light periods, for me this has been the case. Some women, like yourself, will miss their period all together.

In our experience this is all a part of cleansing, healing, re-building, and re-structuring your body. Every single one of us will respond differently to this process.

The biggest reason that women miss their cycle (besides being pregnant) is due to being underweight. The women's body says "if I don't have enough body mass to make a baby, I'm going to make sure that I'm not going to get pregnant" Any animal in the wild will not get pregnant unless there is enough food around to nourish a new, growing baby.

Other reasons for missing your moon can be vigorous exercise or athletic training, emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, malnourishment, if you are breast feeding, chronic illness, and/or thyroid imbalance.

We know of several women who have missed their period for times up to as long as five months, and then had it return once things balanced out again for them.

Other signs to watch for WHILE also missing your period that can signal a potential problem are hair loss, changes in vision, headaches, and breast secretions and/or milk production.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms along with the loss of your period, please consult your health professional.

Because we are not doctors, and we are also not working with you personally, we can’t answer your questions with certainty. Please do work with your health professional on these health challenges.

2. We recently answered the hair loss question too, so here it is again!:
Here is what we know about hair loss and Juice Feasting/transitioning to a live food diet. We know that people may loose hair when they move to a plant based diet at first due to the change in protein source. If your body has been used to getting its protein from animal products, until it re-leans to use the protein in plants you may experience hair loss. Your body is adapting to a new source of protein. This is very common among people moving towards a plant based diet. David lost loads of hair in the first two months of eating raw foods, and he now has a beautiful, full head of hair.

If you are overly concerned about it, please consult your health care professional to omit any chance that your hair loss if for another reason that needs to be addressed.

I hope some of this is useful and sheds some light!

With peaceful steps,


Personal Journal:

Hello Dear Friends!

Back on the blogging bandwagon, I am! Spent Day 65 in Tucson, and Day 66 re-hydrating….”Re-hydrating!!??” you say, “after 66 Days of Juice Feasting!!??”

As some of you may know, David has been feeling very on again off again since around Day 30, and we just couldn’t figure out why. Then things just kept getting worse and worse until on the morning of Day 65 he had his morning water, and then up it all came again. Ah Ha! We had been told last time we went to get our water, from a “filtered” source that we trusted, that the TDS levels were really high, which means that the filtration system just wasn’t working. He said it had been that way for about a month as far as they could tell. We had considered the water as the cause of David’s not feeling well, but because I felt ok we passed it off. Until his body gave us a very clear message that it REALLY wasn’t happy with the water! So, we made an emergency trip into Tucson for water.

The shift has been immense, for both of us, and the water now tastes like nectar from the gods! We both found ourselves feeling crazy thirst and a desire to do nothing but drink water all day yesterday. All of David’s symptoms can be traced to dehydration, and are slowly disappearing as he re-hydrates with GOOD water! I could see him shifting as he drank, and it was like the lights came back on! Thank goodness! He wasn’t even wanting green juice, which is very rare for him, and we figure now it was because our green juice had bad water in it. So the message to us is, good water is very important, and if you have a hunch that something might be the cause of your malaise, it is worth changing that thing just to check and be sure. It reminds me of taking the pill, and turning into a different (very depressed) person, but thinking “surely it can’t be from that tiny little pill!’ Sure enough though, as soon as I stopped taking it, my real, happy self came back. Tiny things can make huge differences.

Well, water isn’t a tiny thing, it just seemed too simple at the time! But no, clean, clear, drinking water is vital, and I am ever grateful to have access to it. One day, may all beings again have clean, clear, beautiful water to drink every day!

See you to-more-oh!!


Katrina and David


Birch Center said...

I'm juice feasting now, too! Having a bit of trouble with constipation... and questions about this lack of bowel movement and overall health (I do my daily enema, though!)
I'm on Day 11 and keeping track on Melissa's Juice Journal.

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Oh that is scary! I'm glad you figured it out and got some good water!
Pixy Lisa

Penni said...

I am so glad you all figured out it was the water that was causing the problem. David's so clean and his cells must be so tight because of all the juicing and other work he's done through the past few years. It make sense that his radar would go off in that way.

On to Day 68!


S. said...

This is an incredible post. Although I am not currently feasting, I drink Philadelphia tap water. Un-filtered. And I've notice that in the past year that I have been doing so, I've begun to experience ailments that I have never had before and I suffer from horrendous PMS and anxiety. I'm now thinking that I might need to change my water source. Thank you so so so much!

MARYYX said...

I'm so glad you resolved the issue with the water. It must have been quite frightening when all David was get down was water, and that was coming back up.

FYI, I am back actively juice feasting again. On Day 8.


Michelle said...

Hanlie and I both stopped out feasts on the same day and we are both overdue for our cycles. I am at least 6 weeks and I'm not sure about her. Is this the same type of thing you talked about here, a normal reaction from the feast? Thanks.

Glad you got the water situation figured out. Much love